How Much Should You Spend on Patio Furniture?

Building a beautiful and functional patio requires time, effort, and money.

But, once you start the journey, you will discover it is a worthwhile investment. Many property owners know that patio furniture is a crucial step.

However, many aren’t sure of how much to spend on it.

So, How Much Should You Spend on Patio Furniture?

The amount you spend varies depending on various factors. For instance, if you plan to buy premium furniture, you’ll need to dig deep in your pockets. But don’t worry yourself so much.

These days, quality furniture costs much less than we think. However, don’t buy entry-level furniture. Instead, opt for items in the middle. A three-piece patio furniture costs around $300. But be ready to spend over $600 for a larger set.

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Two Factors Influencing the Cost of Patio Furniture

How much you’ll spend purchasing patio furniture is influenced by several factors.

But you should expect to spend the same amount or slightly more of what you used when buying indoor furniture.

Remember that outdoor furniture undergoes various preparations to make it able to withstand inclement weather.

Because of this, the price will always be a bit higher, if at all.

That said, here are the factors influencing how much patio furniture costs.

1. The Furniture Material

There are several materials available you can pick from.

So before you start shopping around for the furniture, ensure that you know the material suitable for your space, budget, and style.

The materials to choose from include:


This is an affordable material recommended for those who prefer a casual style.

It is woven to offer a fantastic look that includes a bohemian edge.

Although it is a fashionable material, it isn’t as durable, and the slightest moisture can quickly damage it.

Therefore, if you choose it, be ready to transport your furniture inside anytime dark clouds begin forming.


There is something inviting and alluring about wooden furniture.

The price of this furniture depends on the type of wood used.

But, all in all, wood is affordable and charming. The only challenge is that you must be ready to devote yourself to frequent maintenance.

It would be best to stain your furniture frequently over the year.

Otherwise, it may fade, rot or crack.

Alternatively, you can invest in pressure-treated wood that’s also affordable and rot resistant.

However, since it undergoes chemical treatment, it makes the wood susceptible to warping.


It is yet another affordable material mostly found in modern dining areas.

It comes in various styles and features a weather-resistant property.

The material doesn’t corrode or rust. However, since it is conductive and lightweight, it shouldn’t be used in too hot or windy areas.

HDPE Recycled Lumber

The material is made from recycled plastics and is suitable for places that experience inclement weather. It doesn’t break, rot, or heat.

Therefore, it can withstand strong winds, heavy rains, and sun.

It is a low-maintenance material that doesn’t chip or stain. But because of this property, it is costly.

However, choosing furniture pieces made of HDPE can last as long as 20 years. Therefore, it is worth the price.

2. The Size of Your Patio

Is your patio compact, or is it big, extending to several meters?

Your patio size influences the furniture you need, which influences the amount you spend.

Someone with a large deck who hosts guests frequently will need more seating options.

Because the patio doesn’t have walls to help you partition the space, you can use several rugs to separate the “rooms.”

You will need a dining set and a conversation area.

If there is a lot of blank space remaining, add a rocking chair or several chaise lounges to make the space look full.

Decorating a small patio is a bit easy. But make sure you aim at versatility when choosing furniture. Remember that the space is limited, so make proper use of the available space.

Opt for deep seating to act as the focal point and place plush sofas or armchairs.

You can also choose to include several end tables for snacking and drinking.

The other factor influencing the price is the foam used when making the cushion and the cushion’s outer fabric.

These include

  • Phifertex
  • Olefin
  • Sunbella
  • etc.

You will also pay more for a thicker frame and if the metal parts are applied with multiple colors and feature multiple layers.

Additionally, if the furniture was labor-intensive, expect to spend more.

How to Save Money On Patio Furniture

The thing with outdoor furniture is that you pay for what you get.

If it is cheap, it will always be expensive in the long run and vice versa.

The materials used and how the furniture is made add to the total price.

For instance, in furniture made with composite recycled plastic, how many composite ounces are used in making the piece influences the price.

If the ounces are more, the furniture prices will be high.

Bear in mind that manufacturers have to first mold the material into lumber and then make furniture from it.

All the plastic pieces used in the lumber determine the final price.

However, you can save some money by relying on discount offers or membership clubs’ prices.

This way, you can find patio furniture at low prices. For instance, you can get a dining set with four chairs for approximately $99.

But remember that sometimes cheap furniture may not be that cheap.

Stores may use cheap, inexpensive materials to reduce the prices of their items.

Sadly, most times, these aren’t long-lasting, and you will find yourself needing to replace your furniture sooner than expected.

Sometimes, setting a huge budget on a high-quality item that will last for years is better than saving now and spending that money within a short time buying the same thing.

What Are the Rough Estimates for Patio Furniture?

Most retailers sell a cushioned chair for $800-$2000.

If you want a quality sofa, expect to pay between $1800-$3000.

A good dining set goes for $900-$2000.

If it has stone tops, you will pay more. Also, expect to spend $300-$600 more on dining chairs with no or thin cushions.

Three Tips to Help You Shop For Patio Furniture

1. Know What Your Patio Furniture Needs

Envision how you’d like your patio to function.

Are you planning to host a party, or do you only want a quiet ambiance to relax?

The activities you’re planning to do in your space determine the right furniture for you.

For instance, if planning to host evening cocktails only, you don’t need a dining table. Instead, buy comfortable seats and some side tables.

2. Consider Environmental Factors

What is the climate you live in? Does it get extremely hot or windy?

How much is the average rain per year?

The weather conditions determine the chairs and tables suitable for your space.

You may find some materials better than others depending on where you live.

For example, if your climate is mainly rainy, you need furniture that can withstand moisture while resisting rust.

3. Opt for Furniture That’s Easy to Care For

You need to spend more time relaxing and enjoying and not maintaining the furniture in your outdoor space.

So, search for chairs, sofas, and tables that don’t need much upkeep.

Metal, cedar, and teak materials can withstand nature’s challenges.

You only need to clean them regularly to keep them looking their best.

Final Thoughts

Patio furniture prices may surprise most first-timers since they vary widely.

The best thing is to do some research and explore all your options.

Then, you can budget correctly for the best patio furniture for you.