Should You Display Wedding Photos In Your Home?

Should You Display Wedding Photos In Your Home? (Nine Methods)

Your wedding is one of the most photographed days in your life.

After the wedding, you want to plunge into a jovial honeymoon with your loved one.

But perhaps it is also time to start thinking of how you are going to get all those cute images displayed in your home.

So, Should You Display Wedding Photos In Your Home?

Yes. You can display wedding photos in your home to remind you of those memorable times when you decided to walk down the aisle with the love of your life. Many options have been devised over the years on the best ways to get images displayed at homes.

We are going to cover these ideas in this article and much more!

Which Are The Best Ways To Display Wedding Photos In Your Home?

There are over a dozen methods of displaying photographs.

When photograph display is mentioned, people often take everything to the walls.

Well, it seems there is more than meets the eye.

There are other great ways to get your best images displayed on your home.

You want to create an impression and remind yourself and your friends of that eventful wedding day.

Here Are 9 Ways Of Displaying Wedding Photographs At Home:

1. Using a Photo Album

One of the commonest methods of displaying wedding photos is by sticking them into a photo album.

Contrary to what most people think, photo albums are not restricted to cabinets and closets alone.

You can attach your photos to the album and place them at a designated point in your room.

All you need to do is to purchase a sizable photo album and pack all your photos in there.

One cool thing about photo albums is that it allows you to create a stunning flow of events as they unfolded during the wedding day.

And it is one of the best ways to display the largest number of wedding photos in one epic collection.

It is like creating a storyline

When your guests come to visit you, they can always link up the order of events.

It is especially good for anyone who had happened to miss the wedding.

You can ask your photographer to create a cover with your favorite picture of the day.

2. Wall or Framed Display

Although frames and wall displays may not accommodate a large number of your wedding photos, you can select the finest photographs for these display tools.

In as much as you want to have your memories printed on the walls, you want to make sure that you do not overdo it.

Too many frames and displays on the walls can potentially ruin the color themes and decor of your rooms.

Photo frames can be creatively set up in symmetric displays and patterns on the walls.

Some people love stacking photos on an unframed aesthetic. In this case, you can choose to use a canvas print.

There are many styling formats to play around with. Just do something unique and compelling.

3. Shelf Display

Another special way of displaying your wedding photos is the use of a quirky shelf display.

The shelf display is a little different from the wall display since it uses an organized asymmetry.

Your job is to print your wedding photos in a variety of sizes and displays.

You can apply landscape and portray design to organize your images uniquely and compellingly.

And to bring in a quirky and attractive display, you can opt for a mismatch of the frames.

4. Using Cards

After the wedding, you will want to have thank you cards dispatched to your favored and honored friends and guest who had graced the occasion.

It is a good idea to print the pages of these cards with your most outstanding wedding images.

And do not forget to keep one for yourself. You can hang it on the wall or keep it over the fridge.

Just being creative! A good designer will help you size the wedding photo of your choice into the thank you cards.

5. Guest Books

Using guest books to display your wedding photos is a worthwhile idea.

Guest books serve are reservoirs for notes, ideas, advice, and best wishes from your friends, workmates, family, and other invited people.

There is no offense in keeping one for yourself. You can then stack it onto the walls of your home.

When you visit the book, you can always look back with awe and admiration after taking a glance at that favorite photo. It is, indeed, refreshing and satisfying.

Your guest books designers should allow some space for these photos.

You can also allow your guest to leave or suggest the best wedding photos for these sections.

Recommendations from friends and loved ones are equally satisfying.

6. Old Window Frames

Old window frames can also serve as great display sites for your favorite wedding photos.

Select one image for the entire window frame.

Alternatively, you can crop some of the best wedding photos and fix them in place. It will help you accommodate more pictures and create a unique look.

Later on, you may want to carry out some decors and paintings on the frame to fit the color themes in your house.

Another cool idea here is to print the back and white version of your wedding photos.

They add a unique and appealing vintage to the old window frame.

7. Mugs

Because your wedding is, obviously, the jolliest day in your life, you are ready to go any length to print these memories in even crazier ways.

This may include taking your images onto kitchen collections like mugs. It was your unique event after all.

So, throw out the normal and get extra creative. Apply your wedding images on a set of mugs for you and the love of your life.

And there is no better way to marvel at your wedding photos every day than having them printed on your mugs.

8. Beg and Cock Displays

Cock displays are not restricted to the day of the wedding alone.

You can extend them to your bedrooms and even living rooms.

You can even add them in your home office and help create some fun and something to look up to when you are bored.

Besides, beg and clock displays allow you to switch your photos as you please.

9. Photo Collage

There is very little difference between a photo frame and a photo collage.

A photo college is where you mix many photos under one frame.

You can add captions as well on photo collages. This can help you remember particular events as they happened.

After your wedding anniversaries, you can add copies of your photos to this college.

A photo collage allows you to form just anything with colors.

You can even design your photos to form a cute love heart, an animal figure, or anything you feel like designing.

If you bump on a technicality putting up these designs, you can get an expert to do it for you.

Can You Use Your Wedding Photo Displays As Part Of Home Decor?

Yes. The deal here is how smart you are when it comes to photo organization.

If you add just too many photos on the walls, you will ruin the overall look. So, learn to be moderate when displaying your wedding photos in your home.

You may want to add more but consider first if it will ruin your home decor.

Otherwise, your wedding photos can be great decor assets in your home.

Mix them up appropriately. Include the back and white versions to bring in a natural vintage and break coloration.

Final Words

It is not just about the wedding day. Photo display is about your marriage.

The best reminder of those good times is a cute photo you took when you tied knots.

And there is no better way to keep these memories than putting them on display.


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