Can You Hang Pictures in A Mobile Home? (Eight Steps)

Pictures help us to document great memories.

It is not uncommon to find pictures hanging in most homes these days.

If you live in a mobile home, you are probably wondering whether it is good to hang pictures on the walls.

We all love interacting with past events through pictures.

So, Can You Hang Pictures in A Mobile Home?

Yes. You can safely hang pictures in a mobile home to help you reminisce great memories. There are many other cool benefits of hanging pictures in a mobile home. Pictures provide company and add to the decoration of the rooms. Funny enough, even the advent of technology does not seem to do away with putting physical pictures in homes.

An Eight Step Mobile Home Picture Hanging Process

Hanging pictures in a mobile home can be a little tricky given the nature of the materials used to make their walls.

That is why it is important to master exactly how to hang them without causing any damage.

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In this section, we have covered an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide to help you execute the job nicely and effectively.

1. Find the Stud

The wall where the stud lies is formidable enough to hang a picture there.

To find this stud you will need a stud finder.

Once you have located the stud, mark the area with a pencil to determine the exact size of space your picture will cover.

You have to do this with a lot of care and precision since mobile home studs are narrower by default as compared to those in regular homes.

Typically, they are as small as 1 by 2 inches.

That is chiefly the reason why you need a center-finding stud to locate such a small-sized stud on your wall.

Fixing the picture accurately on the wall does not only help to ensure the stability of the picture but also reduces damage caused to the walls.

2. Stand Back from The Wall

This is a good alternative to resort to if the stud placement in the above step does not work with your desired picture location.

You need to start by marking the spot where you want the upper edge of the picture to sit then fix it in place.

3. Measure the Length from The Upper Edge of The Picture Down to The Hanging Hardware

This depends on the nature and material used to make the picture frame.

Measure the distance to the top portion of the picture frame and record the measurements.

4. Measure from The Edge to The Hanging Hardware

Once you have the measures to the hardware on the back, mark the last point with a pencil.

Erase the mark you already made above it in the previous step.

This applies if you decide not to hang the picture directly onto the stud area.

It is important to read the wall anchor packaging before executing this step.

The bit that you make should correspond precisely with the screw that will be used to fit the picture in place.

Then proceed to drill an equally corresponding pilot hole into the wall.

It is advisable to do the drilling with a lot of care because mobile home walls are not thick enough. Any serious drilling can be costly.

6. Squeeze and Push the Prongs Through the Pit Hole

The clips that are designed to anchor the picture in place will expand as soon as they get to the other side of the wall.

Other guides will direct you to screw the anchor in place. Others may require you to push it.

So, make sure that you adhere to these simple rules. In everything, the manufacturer’s directions as equally as important.

7. Fix the Screw to The Wall

The screw should be secured firmly onto the wall where you have the studs.

8. Hang the Picture on The Wall

With everything out of the way, it is finally time to hang the picture onto the wall.

All you need to do is slide the picture frame hanger over the protruding screw head on the wall and adjust it until it is utterly balanced.

Five Additional Picture Hanging Methods

Depending on the size and number of items on the walls already, these tips do not follow strict guidelines as you saw in the previous guide.

They, however, may not guarantee long-term use.

They are temporarily used to display pictures in a mobile home.

A more permanent solution is provided in the previous section of this article.

1. Attach Sticks on Hooks on The Walls

If you find stick-on hooks, you can improvise them for special use. Just be certain that they are firm enough so that your pictures do not fall off the wall and break.

A threat or a strong wire can then be used to hang the picture firmly on the wall.

2. Use Thin-Wall Anchors

There are plenty of thin-wall anchors that can be improvised for hanging photos in a mobile home. invest in a couple of them and enjoy strategic displays of your pictures in a mobile home.

3. Use Strong Wall Putty

If you can find strong wall putty, you can use them to anchor your pictures onto the walls.

Wall putties are attached to the back of the picture frame and fitted against the wall.

Larger wall putties are available for larger pictures. Make that the pictures are anchored firmly on the walls by investing in the appropriate wall putties.

4. Use Interlocking Adhesives

Another cool idea for hanging pictures in a mobile home is by using interlocking adhesives.

These adhesive strips are more like wall putties since they are attached to the back of the picture frames and then fitted against the wall.

5. Using Nails

Even though there are several concerns about safety issues, nails can be used to prop pictures in a mobile home. you must, however, find safer means of driving them into the wall without damaging it.

You will need a threat or a strong wired wrapped somewhere around or on the picture frame so that you can use it to hang the picture on the wall.

If you bump on problems trying to fix the nails on the wall, do not force things as this might lead to serious damage.

Final Words

Just like regular homes, you can hang pictures in a mobile home.

Since pictures are mainly hung on the walls, you must understand how to do it smartly.