Are Expensive Beds and Mattresses Worth It? (Fully Explained!)

Mattresses are available at a wide range of prices, from the cheapest to the most expensive mattresses.

However, while some people swear by expensive beds and mattresses, others think that the high bed and mattress price makes no difference.

So, Are Expensive Beds and Mattresses Worth It?

If you can afford it, the answer is yes! Expensive mattresses are worth it, depending on what you are searching for. One of the main features that make an expensive bed and mattress worth it is the high comfort level. If you require extra firmness, adequate pressure relief, or cooling gel technology like the one featured in memory foam, then you require to purchase expensive mattresses. While expensive beds normally rely on dense and thick layers featured in cheaper mattress models, they add comfort by using various velvet materials over the top for more support and comfort.

What Should You Consider When Purchasing an Expensive Mattress?

There are some important factors that you should consider before purchasing expensive mattresses. These include;

1. Comfort Levels

Before buying a costly mattress, you need to know how comfortable you want your mattress to be.

Cheaper beds use several types of velvet material over the top.

However, if you require a more supportive mattress without caring about all the other factors, an expensive mattress might be the right option for you.

2. The Size of The Mattress

Normally, bigger mattresses are more expensive.

The ideal size of your mattress will depend on your personal preference and the number of people sleeping in the bed.

Mattresses are available in standard sizes, including double, twin, king, and queen.

But all do not have a standard length, so ensure to measure your bed frame before buying a new expensive mattress.

Mattress also comes in smaller sizes for bunk beds, loft beds, and trundle beds.

You can also buy all-natural or custom mattresses at various specialty stores that provide custom sizes, such as California king, eight inches wider and five inches longer than the standard king-size bed.

Various specialty mattress retailers also offer children’s mattresses ideal for the growing child that dreams of having a full bed.

3. The Type of Mattress

When buying an expensive mattress, you should know the type of mattress you want, depending on your personal preference.

The three main mattress types include; innerspring, open coil, and air mattress.

Open Coil

Open coil mattresses feature intertwined coils resulting in costly, easily adjustable, springy mattresses.

They have different firmness levels, making them a worthy economic option for people looking for back relief.


Air mattresses use air-filled chambers instead of springs.

As the air goes in and out of the chambers to adjust its shape, it offers more comfort compared to other types.


On the other hand, innerspring mattresses feature flat coils linked up.

Innerspring mattresses come in various types to fit your preference.

They need more care than open care mattresses but offer better support for people with back pain.

When searching for an expensive high-end mattress, you should know the spring mattress you choose and the number of springs.

4. Your Sleeping Position

Another factor to consider is whether you like sleeping on the back, side, or stomach.

According to research, individuals who like sleeping on their back or sides benefit more from firmer mattresses.

If you go for a softer mattress, the ache rises significantly. This means firmer and more expensive mattresses will be worth it.

5. If You Like a Firm or Soft Mattress?

A mattress is one of the vital things for one to purchase. However, it can be challenging to decide the one to get, particularly the expensive models.

While a firm mattress looks like it provides more support, other individuals prefer soft beds. Therefore, what is the best option?

It’s recommendable to get a bed that is neither too soft nor too hard.

According to various studies, medium-firm mattresses are great for your back and remove pressure points on the body than the firmer or softer mattresses.

There were higher satisfaction ratings among people sleeping on medium-firm mattresses than those with firmer or softer surfaces.

Which Is the Costliest Mattress Material Quality?

The costliest mattress material is silk. Initially, silk was used in weaving royal garments, eventually making its way into designing beddings.

Silk bed and pillow help in protecting your hair from breaking and provide high comfort levels.

Even though it is lightweight and smooth, it’s not so stretchy and does not mold perfectly around the facial outlines.

However, it might be good for your skin, especially if you sweat profusely or sleep hot at night.

How Much Should You Spend on A Bed and Mattress?

Today, there are lots of available beds and mattresses options.

With a wide variability in their cost, it can be difficult to decide on the right or reasonable amount to spend on your bed and mattress.

So, what is the average cost of a mattress and bed, and how much should you expect to pay?

The price range goes from $100 to more than $1000 for mattresses that include box-spring foundations situated underneath your mattress and box springs sitting on top of your foundation.

This is only an average range, and you can find some cheaper ones and some more expensive than the range based on the materials used and the foundation type.

Who Requires an Expensive Mattress?

A perfect expensive mattress for any individual should be sufficiently comfortable and readily accommodate various sleeping positions, including; back, side, or stomach positions.

The right mattress choice can ensure the right proper spine alignment, ease the pressure points, and maintain your body in its natural position while sleeping, which will help to eliminate back pain when sleeping.

This will also depend on what type of sleeper you are. Generally, anyone who wants a highly comfortable sleeping mattress requires an expensive mattress.

Are Costly Mattresses A Scam?

While you may think that more costly mattresses are a scam, there is no reason for any mattress manufacturer to overprice a mattress that is not worth the price.

Mattress companies make some of the biggest sales and profit margins on the more expensive mattresses.

Therefore, it is in their best interest to make these mattresses as affordable as possible based on their quality.

If you conduct your research, you will realize that some top mattress brands also produce dressers, box springs, and adjustable bases at low prices.

Therefore, a comfortable mattress is worth the investment regardless of the price.

Bottom Line

Ultimately, expensive beds and mattresses are worth it if you can afford them.

They will give you a better night’s sleep and see you waking up feeling more rested than you have ever felt.

Investing in a high-quality mattress is worth it to provide the ideal type of restorative sleep for your body.

The main thing is finding a mattress that functions well for your spine and back for an optimal sleeping experience.