Do You Need to Wash New Pillows Before Using Them?

Some of us have a habit of washing everything new we buy before using it, from clothes to sheets to curtains.

But, other people just assume that since the item is new, it is already clean.

Today, we look at whether you should wash new pillows or not. Read on to learn more.

So, Do You Need to Wash New Pillows Before Using Them?

It is not mandatory to wash new pillows before using them. Most reputable brands take the extra step to ensure you get clean pillows. And so, you only need to remove them from their bag and use them. However, it is advisable to wash new pillows before you use them. Remember that the human eye cannot see the most troublesome dirt.

Goods usually follow a lengthy process before reaching consumers. These include manufacturing, transporting, and storing. And once they get to the store, they collect dust on the shelves, which can trigger allergic reactions. So, although new pillows are rarely dirty, they may have dust mites, chemicals, and other substances. For this reason, it is wise to wash yours before using them.

Why Should You Wash New Pillows?

Sometimes a product may look clean outside but full of dirt and other harmful particles.

Remember that pillows are usually treated with chemicals to prevent wrinkling and make them look appealing in the store.

Additionally, since they sit on the shelves for a long time, they tend to collect dirt, and dust mites accumulate in them.

Worse is when the pillow is unsealed since it is exposed to everything in the store, like the germs from other consumers touching it.

None of these problems can affect your pillow, but they also can.

However, you cannot tell whether your pillow is sanitized just by visual inspection.

By washing them , you will be assured they are clean and safe to use.

Should You Wash New Pillowcases?

You should also wash new pillowcases since most are coated with a chemical that protects them against water.

While the chemicals are essential for persevering the pillow, they aren’t safe for human beings.

Additionally, you should clean the pillowcases as they may have a fabric dye.

You can simply disinfect the pillowcases (with baking soda and vinegar) if you are out of time.

How Frequently Should You Wash Pillows?

You shouldn’t just wash your new pillows once, and that’s it.

Experts recommend washing the pillowcase once in two weeks and the pillow once yearly.

Bear in mind that pillows can absorb dust, dirt, oil, dead skin, saliva, etc., over time.

So always check to notice when it becomes funky.

How Do You Machine Wash Yours Pillows?

Thankfully, pillows are not hard to wash.

Read the manufacturer’s instructions first.

Some manufacturers advise against cleaning the pillows.

If your pillows can be washed, here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Soak Your Pillow in Warm Water

Although this step is optional, it is essential, especially if the pillow is dirty.

Soak it in a tub of warm water with some detergent for 30 minutes to one hour, for some pre-cleaning.

We recommend using an anti-bacterial detergent to remove bacteria or an odor-removing detergent in the case of smelly pillows.

Step 2: Wash in the Washing Machine

If your pillows are machine washable, cleaning them wouldn’t be hard.

Just throw them (two at a time) in your washer with  detergent and run one gentle cycle.

But when doing that, remember to place the pillows standing up and not bent on the agitator, as it can make them lumpy.

Stop your washer occasionally if it is top loading.

Remove the pillows and squeeze excess air from them, then put them back inside and resume the washing cycle.

Step 3: Run the Rinse Cycle

Once your pillows are clean, running another cycle for rinsing is wise.

You only need plain water for this step.

The water will remove any remaining detergent and ensure the dirt is gone.

Step 4: Tumble Dry

You can do this using clean towels to help the pillow dry quickly.

Remember to use low heat or the air dry cycle to ensure your pillows dry completely.

Bear in mind that damp pillows can provide a potential environment for mold growth.

How Do You Hand Wash Your Pillows?

If your pillows are not machine washable or you don’t feel safe using the washer, you can hand wash them. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Prepare Your Tub

The first step is to prepare your tub and ensure it is big enough to fit your pillow.

Then, fill it with lukewarm water and add some detergent.

Remember you are using your hands. So don’t make the water too hot to burn you.

Also, do not add bleach, as it can peel your skin off.

Step 2: Wash the Pillows Manually

Remove the pillowcase and soak your pillow in the bathtub.

Then, gently squeeze the foam to remove the dirt on the pillow.

Please don’t twist the foam with a lot of force. Repeat these processes several times until the pillow is clean.

Step 3: Rinse

Fill the tub with clean, warm water.

Don’t add detergent this time round. Do the soak and squeeze to rinse excess soapy water in the pillow.

Step 4: Dry

Once you are content that all the soap is out, squeeze the pillow and place it on a flat surface to let it dry.

You can also spray some pillow mist or deodorizer, but this is optional.

Please make sure that your pillow is completely dry before you use it. Otherwise, you risk funky smells and mold growth.


Many of us don’t have the time to care for our new pillows.

Our busy lifestyle is partly to blame for this. But, it’s essential to sleep on clean pillows and pillowcases.

So, even if they are new, create time to clean them to ensure their safety.