Should You Put A Trash Can In The Nursery? (Eight Shopping Factors)

Caring for your baby comes with the challenge of making many diaper changes throughout the day.

Dirty diapers can quickly make the baby’s room stink.

So, to contain the smell, you need a good receptacle to dispose of your baby’s diapers.

Hence, Should You Put A Trash Can In The Nursery?

A trash can is a wise investment for parents from the day the baby arrives home to the time they are toddlers. As a result, you should set up the trash can in the  nursery where it is accessible for immediate disposal of used diapers. It will also help you control the spread of foul odors.

Most parents prefer diaper pails to ordinary trash cans for diaper disposal. A diaper pail is a trash can to keep dirty or used diapers. It is easy to use and perfectly controls odors from the diapers until you are ready to take the trash outside for disposal. However, you can always take it out with the regular trash can if the odor becomes too intense to bear.

Eight Diaper Pail Shopping Considerations

After you have worked hard preparing your baby’s nursery, don’t let the bad smell from used diapers ruin all the planning and preparation you have labored to bring to fruition.

This depends on how well your trash can contains odors. So, when shopping for a trash can for diaper disposal, check out the following features:

1. Convenient To Use

This is an essential factor that you should not ignore.

While changing your baby’s diapers, you will need one hand on the baby and the other for undressing the diaper. So, lookout for a hand-free diaper pail that is convenient and easy to use.

If your kid is a curious type, buy a diaper pail with a child locking system to distract them from playing with it.

2. Odor-Blocking

Choose a diaper pail with an odor control system or freshly scented bags that can neutralize the foul smell.

In fact, the main reason to buy a diaper pail is to control the odor from the diapers.

So, it is best to buy a diaper pail with good odor-blocking capacity.

Non-porous steel diaper pails will do better than plastic ones. Plastic diaper pails allow the smell to leak.

3. Ties On Bags

The diaper pail doesn’t make sense if the bags lack tie-offs at the end.

Suppressed whiff of the disposed of diapers will generously spew out of the pail every time you toss a diaper into the pail.

The options available are to choose an eco-friendly pail, a hands-free diaper pail, or buy a separate diaper pail for cloth diapers.

4. The Right Size

Ensure that you choose the correct size diaper pail.

Before you purchase, find out how many diapers it can hold and how frequently you will need to change the baby diapers. Another factor is the available space in the baby nursery.

Ensure that the diaper pail is a good fit and can comfortably accommodate available space. It should not impede the smooth handling of your baby.

5. Special Refill Bags

Some diaper pails require unique diaper pail bags such as deodorizing or scented bags.

Before buying, check the refills cost between different brands before settling in on one.

6. Plastic Or Stainless Steel

Diaper pails made of plastic absorb odor. Most parents prefer stainless steel diaper pails because they are very good at keeping the odor.

7. Trap Door

Most diaper pails have a functional trap door on their lids where you can easily slip the diapers in, and it stays closed to keep the yucky smell out.

8. Color Details

The appearance of the diaper pail should not be an eyesore for the baby. Thankfully, diaper pails come in different colors.

The Four Types Of Trash Cans to Keep The Nursery Smelling Fresh

The baby nursery is incomplete without an odor-eliminating diaper pail.

Whether you are looking for an upgrade or a more color-appealing trash can, the best diaper pail keeps your nursery smelling fresh.

Check out the following types of diaper pails:

1. Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail

This is a fun choice because it comes with design styles and colors to match your baby’s nursery décor.

Contrary to most trash cans, the Ubbi diaper pails are made of steel which does not absorb odor, making them a perfect choice for eliminating the bad smell.

Besides, it has a sliding lid which ensures that a stinking odor doesn’t spread in your baby’s bedroom.

The childproof lock in the sliding lid will come in handy if your baby is a curious type and likes wandering in the room.

2. Skip Hop Nursery Diaper Pail

This type of diaper pail features a dual lock door system.

The push-and-lock clamp prevents the smell from escaping the can, while the lock helps keep cheeky babies from playing with the trash.

The best thing with this trash can is an extra removable storage pin up top.

You can use the extra storage compartment to store diapers, ointments, and wipes to consolidate diaper changing.

This makes diaper changing more effortless than ever. Moreover, its shape and the smooth design make it fit for a small space nursery.

3. Dekor Classic Hands-Free Diaper Pail

This subdued diaper disposal pail features a foot pedal, spacious opening, and childproof trap door.

Its hands-free lid opener makes it easy to dispose of dirty diapers through the trap door.

The rubber seal prevents odor from leaving the can.

The Dekor also offers powder-scented liner bags, so your baby nursery will smell baby powder rather than the stinky baby stuff.

4. Diaper Genie Pail

If you like a customizable trash can for your baby’s nursery, you should go for the Genie pail. It features a hands-free airtight lid to keep undesirable diaper scents inside.

This product can hold up to 50 diapers, so there is no pressure to step outside to empty the pail frequently.

However, it is unnecessary to wait until it is full to start emptying. It is good to learn the habit of constantly cleaning your pail.

Five Safe Ways to Dispose of Dirty Diapers

Perhaps you are used to changing baby diapers but do you dispose of them properly?

Your baby diapers may contain human waste. Fecal matter is a potential public health hazard if not correctly discarded.

Follow the below steps to properly dispose of your baby’s dirty diapers:

1. Discard The Diaper Contents Into The Toilet

The first step you are supposed to dump fecal matter on the diaper into the toilet. Most parents skip this step, but human waste mustn’t end up in landfills for public health reasons.

Gently shake the contents in the diaper into the toilet and flush. Now, rinse the diaper.

2. Fold Your Diaper Into A Tight Ball

Wrap up the diaper to enclose the remaining waste.

Begin folding from the front of the diaper, roll it towards the back, and wrap it with the tabs.

3. Now Slide The Diaper Into The Standby Diaper Pail

Your receptacle should be sealable to trap the odor and keep your baby’s nursery smelling fresh.

4. Dispose Of Your Diaper Appropriately Once It Is Safely Sealed In The Diaper Pail

You can decide when to empty your diaper trash can. You can wait until it is full to start emptying or empty it regularly, following your hygiene habits.

5. Wash Your Hands

Always clean your hands after a diaper change, even if you can’t see residues on your hands.

Human waste can harbor pathogens.

So, always wash your hands with soap and clean water. Ensure your hands are safe and clean.

Wrapping Up

The early months of a baby are all about diapers, and it can be challenging for a new mom to learn how to dispose of dirty diapers properly.

So, putting a trash can in the baby nursery will make it more convenient to change baby diapers. You can quickly dispose of your dirty diapers before the poo smell spread in the room.

Therefore, it is good to have a diaper pail in the baby nursery for convenience.