What Are The Pros And Cons Of Baby Monitors? (10 Pros, 6 Cons)

Parents are literally up on their toes trying to catch up on opportunities that will increase their income and have very minimal time to stay with their little babies.

However, as a parent, you may still want to know what your baby is doing every time you are away from home.

This is where baby monitors get handy, but first, you need to ask….

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Baby Monitors?

Like most modern products, baby monitors have several pros, like the ability to watch your child’s safety while away, and several cons, like causing unnecessary anxiety. You can choose to either buy a standard baby monitor or a smart baby monitor to help you check on your baby’s activities and ensure they are safe, even in your absence.

This article broadly covers the pros and cons of a baby monitor to help you make sound baby care decisions.

The Ten Pros Of Baby Monitors

When shopping for your first child, there are some things that you may find more necessary than others.

However, as time goes by, you may realize the need to advance the way in which you care for your baby, especially if you are planning to spend less time with the baby.

A baby monitor is undoubtedly a nice thing to have in the nursery, but it is not always necessary.

Here are some of the pros of a baby monitor that may make you choose to buy one and use it to check on your small baby as you partake in other daily chores and duties.

1. You Can Check On Your Baby Without On The Lights

There are days when you wish to check on your sleeping baby at night without distracting their sleep.

Most baby video monitors have a night vision that allows you to check on your baby without necessarily switching on lights.

Unlike in the olden days when you could tiptoe to the nursery to check on a baby and accidentally wake them up, all you need now is a baby monitor with the vision night feature.

2. Monitor Older Children

Introducing your baby to a big kid bed can be fun and satisfying but having them stay in bed is quite challenging.

Some kids may adapt well to the new bed, while some may need more time to get used to such a ‘big’ bed.

A video baby monitor helps you check on your baby and how they are coping with the new bed.

At this time, a baby might have realized that they have more potential and wish to take car chances swinging on the bed, jumping up and down, and even worse, jumping through the windows.

If you realize that the child is trying to do something unpleasant, you can talk to them and stop them or simply rush to the room to check on the kid.

3. It Allows You To Take Peaceful Naps

If you are constantly listening to your baby, you may find it very difficult to take a 20-minute nap. However, with a baby monitor by your side, you can easily get a peaceful nap because you can easily get notified of noises when your child needs attention.

4. Check On A Child With Health Issues

If you have a child with health issues like epilepsy, seizures, or allergies, you can use a video baby monitor to check their progress when away from their room.

You can easily detect dangerous positions or situations and try to help them out.

5. Help In Sleep Training

With a video baby monitor, you can easily check on your baby and make sound judgments on when they need to sleep.

You can easily train your child to sleep even in your absence or when there is noise.

With effective sleep training, a baby will be able to sleep at a certain time, every day, despite the surrounding condition.

You can also plan to focus more on your duties during such times.

6. You Can Remotely Talk To Your Baby

Some modern baby monitors have a two-way talk feature and enable video communication.

When your child is able to utter a few words, you can remotely talk to the baby so they don’t feel bored every time.

The child can also tell you what they expect from you once you come back.

7. Gives You Peace Of Mind

With a baby monitor, you will have peace of mind because you are already aware that your baby is safe, and in case of anything, you will know through the monitor.

Therefore, you can concentrate on other important things without having to peep into your baby’s nursery to check on them

8. Gives Parent Reassurance

As a parent, a video monitor gives you convenient reassurance that your baby is safe and sound.

Every time you feel worried about the baby you left alone, you can just make a simple one-click on the monitor and check if your child is safe.

9. You Can Take A Relaxing Shower

Taking a shower while your baby is sleeping is an extreme sport. You have to do it hurriedly to get back to your baby on time before it wakes up and starts crying.

With a baby monitor, you can peacefully take your shower and enjoy the relaxing feel you actually need from a shower.

10. Controlled Movements

With a baby monitor, you will get alarms or notifications only when the baby’s comfort is being distracted.

Therefore you will have reduced the frequent movements to your baby’s place but only go there when there is a need or when you have finished other duties.

The Six Baby Monitor Cons

1. Prone To Hacking

There are many stories of baby monitors being hacked.

In many scenarios, parents may forget the passwords and choose to work with a default password making it easy for hackers to tamper with the device.

Always remember to change the default passcode and choose a passcode that is unique but simple to be remembered.

2. Signal Interference

If you have a wireless baby monitor, you may notice that some home appliances may interfere with its signal.

Make sure you check the signal strength of the monitor to be sure of how far you can receive the signals.

3. False Sense Of Security

Relying on baby monitors gives a baby a false sense of security.

You may perceive that your child is always safe by looking at the child and forgetting to give them the desired parental care.

4. Increased Anxiety

Even though a baby monitor allows you to check on the baby every time, it may increase your anxiety to look at the baby now and then instead of leaving the child to freely explore and have peaceful sleeping time.

5. They Can Fail To Function

Just like any other device, a baby monitor may fail to function.

You might relax thinking that your baby is safe, yet the monitor has malfunctioned.

You should, therefore, not always depend on the signals sent by the baby monitor.

6. Too Many Wires

A baby monitor has several wires that should be clumped carefully and positioned where the child will not easily access and disconnect the appliance.


Baby monitors are generally becoming a solution for parents who wish to check on their babies regularly but still be able to carry out their other tasks.

If you are contemplating buying a baby monitor, this article outlines the pros and cons of the device to help you make a sound decision over the same.