Should You Leave Your Outdoor Garbage Cans In The Garage Or In The Yard?

Garbage cans can be a bit stinky, making most people prefer putting them far from their houses.

The more you add garbage to the bin, the more it stinks, and this makes perfect sense for you not to have it near the home or in the front yard.

So, where should you keep the garbage can?

(You may be wondering), Should You Leave Your Garbage Cans In The Garage Or Outside?

Basically, garbage cans can be placed anywhere in the home, as long as the place is easily accessible for you to dump the garbage you collect daily from your home. Keeping garbage cans in the garage deters animals and rodents from getting into the can and spilling out the garbage. Even though a garage sounds like a safe place to keep a garbage can, you may experience a few small challenges in the garage while working in it or during the summer if you keep the garbage can there.

Naturally, a garbage can produces a bad smell which is worsened by warm or hot temperatures.

If you have a garbage can in the garage, you need to improvise means of ensuring that the other items in the garage are not affected by the smell.

You should also try to ensure that your few hours stay in the garage is conducive and free from the bad smell.

In this article, you will find more insights on how to handle your garbage cans to ensure the garage is safe and free from the bad smell.

Two Garbage Can Placement Considerations

When it comes to positioning a garbage can, there are several considerations to help you ensure that you are not regretting your action or negatively affecting those around you.

You should not just move into a home and decide to keep a garbage can anywhere without minding the consequences.

However much you may think that putting your garbage cans outside, you will realize that there are several reasons why you shouldn’t place them outside.

Here are a few factors to consider before placing a garbage bin anywhere in the home.

1. Animals Nearby

The garbage from home consists of several unwanted and spoilt things and bad foodstuff that later attracts animals, pests, and rodents.

If you choose to keep your garbage outside, pests will easily access the cans and later spread to your house.

Rodents, too, may visit your home, and if they get open garbage bins, they will make it a habitat and later move near your home.

Bigger rodents and other animals like racoons can open the garbage can and scatter dirt all over your lawn.

This could otherwise not happen if you had kept your garbage bins inside the garage.

2. Be Compliant With HOA Regulations

Most Homeowners Associations have regulations on how an individual should handle trash cans and their visibility rules. The main aim is to keep the neighborhood clean and appealing.

In most cases, keeping your garbage can in a hidden place is among such HOA regulations. Some homeowners build a shield to cover the trash bins and prevent them from being spotted from far.

However, some who may not be able to get materials for building the shield opt to store the bins inside a garage.

Why Should You Avoid Putting The Garbage Can Inside The Garage?

Even though there are viable reasons to make you put a garbage can in the garage, there are some drawbacks to keeping the can in the garage.

1. Pests

Some pests enjoy feeding in dirty places, and whenever they notice a garbage bin, they will easily find their way to the bin.

The pest may spread all over the garage and damage the other property you had stored in the same garage.

Some can even hide in your clothes and move with you to the house, where they will likely find more food.

2. Garage Can Equals Garage Space

Basically, a garage is meant to shed cars, rarely used machines, farm tools, and other old items in a home.

When you introduce a garbage bin, it occupies space that would otherwise have been used to store more important items.

The space occupied by the garbage bin could also be used as a working area or could be blocking adequate space for your car to pass to and from the garage.

3. Bad Smell

Garbage cans are known to stink, and having one in the garage makes it an uncomfortable place to sit, relax or even work.

If you spend a lot of time in the garage, you will not enjoy your stay there with the pungent smell of decomposing and rotting garbage.

However, some remedies keep your garage clean and non-stinky, even when having a garbage can within.

Most of the remedies are meant to neutralize the bad smell and make the garage a comfortable place to work from or just enter to store or pick anything.

Reduce The Amount Of Waste

Food remains rot within a short time and is the major cause of smelling garbage cans. If you have a tendency of dumping a lot of food, composting may be a better solution. Otherwise, you can keep food remains in plastic bags or store them in freezers until the day when garbage is picked up.

Regularly Use Bleach To Clean The Can

After garbage has been collected, use a bleaching detergent to clean the can and let them dry off for some time to kill the bacteria. This way, you will reduce the smell in the garage for some days before new bacteria develops.

Use Deodorizer

Put chunks of charcoal, a few dryer sheets, cat litter, or baking soda at the bottom of your garbage can help in absorbing the bad smell.

Clean The Garage Drain

If there is a drain in the garage, remember to clean it regularly with bleach and baking soda to help kill bacteria.

Use Garbage Bags

Put all your garbage in sturdy garbage bags which close tightly, leaving no space for leakages or air escape.

Install A Ceiling Fan Or Use A Portable One

A fan will help increase airflow in the garage, thus neutralizing the bad smell.


Garbage cans are essential equipment to help you keep your home tidy.

Where you put this equipment will determine if your home is attractive or not.

Most visitors may not enjoy a 10-minute stay in a dirty place, and thus, having your garbage bin placed in the right place is key.

It is mostly advisable to keep the can in a garage and follow the above tips to help maintain a comfortable garage even with garbage bins in it.