How Much Does It Cost to Build a Porch On a Mobile Home?

Porches are some of the most sought-after ways to improve the appearance of homes.

In 2010, slightly over 100K homes in America had a porch in front of them.

Fast forward a decade later – in 2020 – that number had increased to 171K.

As the benefits of porches become obvious, some homeowners aren’t sure of the true cost of the investment.

So, How Much Does It Cost to Build a Porch On a Mobile Home?

It will depend on a number of factors. In the roughest estimation, be prepared to spend anything between $5,000 – $10,000. However, if you get your planning right, you might build one for less.

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The Size Factor

Large structures cost more to build whereas small structures cost less.

According to the figures from Homeadvisor, a 200 sq. ft. porch will cost you $10,500 on average. A porch slightly bigger or smaller than 200 will cost anything within $4,600 – $22,000 depending on the quality of material.

Simply put, expect to spend $20 – $110 per sq. ft. on materials only.

This cost is inclusive of flooring, the accompanying flooring and roof, railing, and everything else that makes up a porch.

When it comes to labor, we’re looking at $11 – $70 per sq. ft.

Breakdown Of The Extra Cost

Few components are common in virtually all kinds of porches.

Things like flooring, columns, and stairs accompany every porch regardless of the type.

The amount of material used on these components can vary. This creates the need to focus our scope on the cost of each component.

Let’s use the usual 12 X 16-foot porch as an example”

The breakdown below is based on the traditional 12 X 16-foot porch in the usual elevated style with wood-based decking, built with the most basic materials available.

The cost is inclusive of labor and materials.


Roof $3,200 – $6,000

Column / Posts $350 – $4,000

Railing $400 – $1,200

Flooring $500 – $10,500

Steps $500 – $2,000

Skirt $200 – $5,000

Foundation $1,000 – $3,000

Permit $100 – $500

Source: Fixr, Homeadvisor

The Seven Porch Building Considerations

1. Railing

For maximum safety, the porch has to have a railing more so if it’s elevated (if it’s at ground-level, you’ll most likely screen it).

Very much like columns, railings can be made in more than one style and from several materials.

Be prepared to spend anything within $15 – $600 on each linear foot although that’s going to depend on material (check table below).

Match And Mix

It’s pretty standard to match your railing with the surrounding – if the rest of the porch is wooden, then the railing should be wooden.

If the siding or fence is vinyl, then the railing needs to be vinyl a well.

However, matching the material can obscure the view. To create distinction, you might want to go for a glass/wire railing for a wooden porch.

Practicality Over Appearance

Sometimes appearance isn’t the only factor when selecting the right material.

Wood, for example, is costlier to maintain compared to vinyl or metal.

Of course, the type of railing (decorative or plain) and the style of your home will influence your choice of material and style.

Here are cost ranges of different materials for your railing:


Wood $40 – $50

Vinyl $15 – $50

Aluminium $30 – $120

Wrought iron $40 – $60

Wire $90 – $120

Glass $150 – 600

Composite $15 – $30

Trex $2 – $35

Cable $50 – $200

Stainless $30 – $80

Poly/Plastic $25 – $70

Wrought Iron $25 – $70

Source: Homeadvisor, Fixr

2. Columns (Posts)

Simple columns are referred to as posts. There are several types of posts, the simplest being the “farmhouse style”.

While choosing the style, consider whether the posts will be load-bearing or not.

Depending on the material of choice, be prepared to spend anything between $20 – $120 (all posts).

Be certain with the number of posts you need for your project – the larger the project the more posts you will need.

The Style Of The Column Has A Bigger Say

The more decorative the columns are – or the fancier the style – the more expensive they’ll be.

However, unless your home has some striking architectural elements, there’s no point in going for eye-arresting columns.

So, for a mobile home, instead of adopting Craftsman, Colonial or Victorian styles, you will most likely go for simple posts.

Anyway, let’s take a glance at the cost of each style:

Farmhouse $175 – $900

Colonial $175 – $900

Victorian $175 – $1,000

Decorative $275 – $1,000

Craftsman $275 – $1,000

Source: Fixr

3. Roof

A basic roof (on a standard porch) will cost you about $16 – $30 per sq. ft.

However, certain aspects like whether the roof has steep slopes, radical layout, or gable roof can increase the cost quite considerably.

As such, for your typical 200 sq. ft. structure, be prepared to spend anything between $3,200 – $5,000 on the roof inclusive of every other related item.

If you move away from simple designs to styles like Portico, Gable, Hip, Shed, or Retractable, your expenditure could surpass $10,000.

The Material Decides Everything

Your choice of material, again, will decide your expenditure on the roof. Of course, the material has to match the rest of the porch (and house).

Ave. Cost / sq. ft.

Shingle $3.50 – $5.50

Aluminium $4 – $15

Wood $4 – $30

Metal $4.50 – $13.50

Glass $22 – $75

Asphalt $5 – $6

Clay tile $8 – $10

Frame $6 – $9

Decking / building materials $5 – $7

Glass $22 – $75

Source: Fixr, Homeadvisor

4. Skirt

A skirt isn’t a necessity unless the porch is elevated.

Still, even if it’s elevated, you can do away with it if the ground is flat, concrete, and well-tended.

The whole point of having a skirt in place is to prevent encroachment by small animals but can be decorative.

The Type Matters

Lattice skirts are more affordable.

Skirts are traditionally wooden but can be made from most other common construction materials.

If you don’t plan to paint your skirt, go for Vinyl. The best thing about Vinyl is that it’s available in both lattice and solid construction.

Brick Is Expensive But Low Maintenance Once Installed

If you are building a porch on budget, you might want to weigh on settling for brick/faux-stone skirting.

While the cost of these two materials is high, they are cheaper to maintain. They are also more permanent and more decorative.

If good looks are your priority, go for Victorian skirts. They are both low maintenance and more decorative.

5. Foundation

The type of porch can have a say on whether the foundation must be concrete or not.

The whole point of a concrete foundation is to boost the durability of the structure.

Expect to spend anything between $3 – $8 per sq. ft.

Here is the cost range of some commonly used materials:

Price / sq. ft.

Aluminium $5 – $16

Composite $5 – $13

Wood $5 – $32

Concrete $3 – $10

Source: Fixr, Homeadvisor

Flooring cost falls anywhere between $2 – $30 per sq. ft. exclusive of substructures and labor.

Treated wood and concrete are cheaper than composite materials or hardwood like mahogany.

6. Outdoor Stairs

You will spend between $100 – $700 on stairs alone, but that’s going to depend on the material. Here are estimates:

Cost / 4-ft Step (labor inclusive)

Concrete $100 – $350

Wood $150 – $300

Composite $250 – $700

Source: Fixr

7. Permit

Most jurisdictions require you get a permit for the construction of a porch. You might need more than one permit but the rest are outside the scope of this post.

In a small town, you will pay anything in the region of $150 to get a building permit.

However, the national average is about $1,307, meaning you should brace yourself to spend anything between $437 – $2,244.

Note that larger porch projects may require a slightly costlier permit.

How about labor?

Labor is the second biggest factor after materials of construction. It’s tricky to estimate more precise labor costs as they are determined by the location. Here are national ranges though:

Price / sq. ft.

Flooring $3 – $13

Steps $6 – $16

Posts $10 – $75 on every post

Railing $10 – $13

Roof $3 – $10

Source: Fixr, Homeadvisor


To summarize everything, a porch will cost you anything between $5000 and $10,000.

This range is inclusive of the cost of labor, cost of materials, and extra items.

And since the cost of materials and labor varies between locations, don’t be surprised if you end up spending far much or less than this range.