How Much Does It Cost to Build a Deck Next to a Mobile Home? (Eight Factors)

If you are looking for a little luxury in your mobile home then you should be thinking of building a deck.

A deck is a flat surface extending from a house or adjacent to it usually build from wood and can support the weight.

A deck can be located anywhere in the house structure.

You can build it in your backyard or even on the front side.

However, you have to follow construction and zoning laws before you build one.

So, Home Much Does It Cost to Build a Deck Next to a Mobile Home?

Well, the average cost per kit is between $15 to $30 per square foot. This is for low-cost deck materials. But if you are planning to invest in a high-end material deck, the cost can be as high as $35 per square foot. The total cost typically ranges from $4260 to $ 11257 while the national average cost has been estimated to be $7696.

Eight Deck Building Considerations

1. Foundation Cost

If you are expecting to hold additional weight on the deck, you will need a strong support structure to prevent it from crumbling down.

The footings should include concrete for tight gripping.

If your deck is attached to the house, concrete blocks will provide sufficient support.

But for a raised deck, you will need extra security support.

You should include additional beams and footings for added security of the deck.

For a concrete decking floor, the cost is estimated to be $50 to $75 on average whereas a poured concrete footer is averaging between $200 and $400.

2. Building Permit Cost

You should check with your local construction department if you will require a permit to build a deck.

But if a building permit is required, it typically revolves around $500 depending on the state you live in.

3. Labor Cost

Labor is an important factor when it comes to building a deck.

A professional will do the job perfectly for you if do not have enough expertise in woodwork.

So, to hire one will cost you up to $10,000.

Professionals charge between $8 to $22 per square foot of a deck.

Of course, these cost estimates depend on some factors such as the area you are living in, the size of the deck, and the choice of materials.

But if you are handy and have the required skill, you will only need to buy the required materials and forego the cost of a contractor.

The cost will come down to as low as $2000 to $5000 depending on the type of deck you are constructing.

4. Cost Of a Deck by Size

Generally, a larger deck will require more materials. According to estimates from ‘HomeAdvisor’, a 10X10 100sq. deck feet goes for an average of $1700 to $3500 while a large deck of 20X20 feet will cost between $6100 and $14000

. If you are intending to do flooring, railing, roofing, etc., this cost can jump up to $22000.

5. Cost Of Building a Deck with Stairs

Stairs can add to the beautiful structure of the deck. If the deck is raised some feet above the ground, you will need stairs for easy access from outside the house.

To add stairs, prepare an extra budget of $150 or more depending on the length or the number of steps you need to add.

On average, simple steps beneath the concrete pillars will cost $1 to $2 per sq. foot.

Additionally, adding railings and steps will cost an average of $30 to 35$ per square foot. you can estimate the final price on the upper lime at $40 per sq foot.

6. Estimated Cost Based on Materials

wood is the main material for building a deck. However, you will concrete for making a foundation. let’s check cost estimates based on the types of wood chosen.

Pressure-treated wood

A pressure-treated deck goes for an average of $6 per sq foot but if you are including the cost of labor then it is about $12.

This type of material is a popular choice among mobile homeowners.

The wood is fabricated therefore it is resistant to molds and insects. This is a great choice for a deck.

Natural wood

There are different types of wood available for selection.

On average, building a deck with natural wood will cost $3 to $15.

Bamboo is the cheapest and most effective. The downside is that it requires yearly maintenance to keep it in shape.

Bamboo cost about $3. Redwood is another option but it is susceptible to sun damage and molds.

You will be apt in maintaining it annually. Other wood materials include cedar, and tigerwood.

Composite deck

A composite deck is made of recycled plastic. It is now gaining popularity among environment-conscious individuals who are choosing to go for recycled materials. So, the composite deck will cost you between $33 and $53 for both the cost of materials and the cost of installation.

7. Cost Of Framing the Deck

The popular choice for framing is pressure-treated wood.

You require framings to support the deck. To estimate the cost of framing the deck, you will consider the height, size, and attachment of the deck to the house.

Framing cost is estimated to be between $85 and $100 per sq foot.

8. Cost Of Flooring the Deck

Again, wood is the right choice of flooring. You can estimate the cost depending on the type of wood you have selected.

For instance, pressure-treated wood is cheaper than hardwood even though it is costly to maintain and is less resistant.

So, the cost of flooring a deck is estimated at $15 to $25 per sq foot but the cost can rise to $40 if you are opting for the hardwood.

Deck Installation Tips

Now that you are armed with the right information on cost estimates of building a deck next to your mobile home, here are a few tips to help plan on the installation.

1. Make A Budget

To start you off, begin by making a list of items you will require giving priority to the most basic must-haves. Draw their prices and see how much you are willing and able to spend.

2. Consider The Size Of The Deck

You should match this with the value of your home to see if it is worth installing a deck.

You should also think of how long you are planning to live there.

3. Find The Right Contractor

Compare cost quotations from at least three contractors to ensure you get a fair price. You can check reviews from potential contractors including pictorial testimonies of the past work.

4. Cost Benefit Analysis

Compare the cost of the deck and the comfort you are deriving from it.

If you are planning on selling your mobile home, will the deck add to the marketability of the house?

Will it improve the market value of the house? And if you are selling after installing a deck, will you be able to recoup the expenses? You can recoup up to 67% of the cost.

Wrapping Up

Well, installing a deck next to a mobile home is not cheap. It requires proper budgeting and planning to get the right materials and the right contractors to do the work.

Although professionals have the right workmanship, you can reduce the cost of the deck by doing some tasks by yourself such as picking permits, interpreting codes, applying wood preservatives, and installing support foundations.

In addition, as you do budget for the deck, remember to plan for the cost of repair and maintenance.