How Can You Prevent Your Patio Furniture from Being Stolen?

Lots of us have spent time and money getting our patios just how we want them.

Your furniture is probably the priciest investment in the patio, and you’d do anything to keep them where they are safe.

Not only could thieves steal them, but burglars could also use them to break into your home.

So, How Can You Prevent Your Patio Furniture from Being Stolen?

Letting the dog roam the compound is the most obvious thing. Moving the furniture indoors after use sounds like common sense, but it’s unrealistic. A realistic and convenient protective measure is necessary to keep your patio furniture safe.

With these little extra efforts, hopefully, you will stop thieves from stealing your patio furniture:

1. Get Started with The Cheapest and Simplest Solution: The Steel Cable!

You don’t need to think long and hard for a solution.

Galvanized steel cable from Amazon offers a cheap and straightforward way to secure your furniture where they are.

You may have realized that many commercial establishments prefer steel cables to noisy, heavy chains.

The affordable price tag aside, steel wire cables, unlike chains, blends with the furniture, making it hard to notice they are there. The thinner the cable, the more concealed it would be.

You can add a padlock to enhance the protection. Regarding padlocks, the advice is simple: the bigger, the better!

As aesthetically pleasing as they may be, steel cables are easy to cut with cutter pliers.

Therefore, they are perfect for budget patio dining sets costing between $500 and $1,500. Consider a better preventive measure that ma for pricier sets that match the set’s price tag.

2. For Better Protection, Think of Security Cameras and Motion Sensor Alarms

Thieves hate being seen. CCTV cameras are your best chance of catching the thieves if they strike.

The mere presence of security cameras can deter thieves as they may abandon their plans if they realize they are being watched.

They also know that video evidence can be hard to refute in court.

According to HomeAdvisor, a decent security camera system costs anything in the neighborhood of $1,370 to install.

You can complement your security system with a floodlight to keep the patio well-lit at night.

Motion sensor alarms are just as good as security cameras, if not better.

Depending on the settings, they may notify your phone or set off the alarm if movements are detected on the patio.

Anyone at home can immediately get out to confront the intruder.

If your patio is located in hard-to-light areas with no lighting switches, motion sensor alarms can be the best option because they operate in darkness.

Some motion sensor alarms are 2-in-1 devices, combining a lighting bulb and motion sensor on a single board.

Besides keeping thieves at bay, the system will alert you of trespassing coyotes and other dangerous animals lurking on your patio.

3. Invest in A Lockable Cushion Storage Box

Get a decent outdoor storage box and keep your cushions and pillows there.

Most of these boxes are designed to withstand rain and extreme sun and can be locked to restrict access.

Remember that thieves aren’t just after the furniture but also your expensive pillows and cushions.

4. Out of Sights, Out of Mind! – The Best Protection Is to Keep the Space Off-Limits

The worst mistake you could make in the design phase of your patio is to build it so that it permits a backstreet view.

While you might be tempted to build it that way to have an unrestricted view of the walkway or the backstreet, this design could be better for the safety of your property.

The furniture becomes easy to steal when the patio is visible to passersby.

Consider moving the patio away from the fence and high-traffic areas. Adding bushes or shrubs can obscure the view if you can’t move it.

5. Hire A House Sitter

Are you going to be away from home for a long time, and you’re worried about the safety of your furniture?

In that case, or if you are seldom at home, you can employ a house sitter to come over occasionally to ensure everything in your home is on order.


A steel cable is the most straightforward and cheapest way to protect your outdoor furniture.

Since burglars sometimes come armed with cutter pliers, and some furniture can be costly to replace, investing in an advanced protection method such as a CCTV system and motion sensor alarms makes sense.

Anchoring your furniture on the ground using specialized anchoring is the best way to protect the furniture from both stormy weather and thieves.