What Should You Do If Your Garage Door Remote Is Stolen?

Your home security is of utmost importance.

And your garage, where you park your vehicle and keep other valuable possessions, is one of the most vulnerable areas.

When your garage door remote is lost or stolen, it skyrockets the vulnerability and leaves you uncertain about the safety of your valuables.

Yes, it can be puzzling if you are certain that your remote was under the visor, only to notice it is no longer in its usual spot after pulling into the driveway.

So, What Should You Do If Your Garage Door Remote Is Stolen?

If you suspect that your garage door remote was stolen, inspect to see if there is anything else that was stolen and report to the police any missing items along with the remote. After reporting, disable the stolen garage door remote by deleting it from the opener’s memory. This will prevent the person in control of the remote from operating the garage door. Next, you can buy a replacement remote. It is a pain, but you will need to enjoy the convenience of opening your garage door automatically in the future.

Stealing garage door openers is a common trick used by burglars looking for easy access to homes.

This post will cover more about garage door openers, emphasizing what to do when your garage door remote is lost or stolen.

FOUR Things To Do If Your Garage Door Remote Is Stolen

Garage security has become a serious concern as burglars have discovered stealing a garage door remote can offer easy access to a home.

Here is a series of things you will want to do:

1. Contact The Police

Theft is a crime, so if your garage door remote has been stolen, you should immediately contact the police to report the crime.

It is also imperative to perform a rigorous check to know if other valuables are missing.

Sometimes, depending on what items have been stolen, you may want to contact your insurer to file a claim.

Reporting the crime can initiate the process of hunting down the suspects and help deter similar crimes.

2. Disable The Stolen Remote

Once you have notified the police, change the codes on the garage opener so that it cannot receive a signal from the missing remote.

This will prevent potential burglars (anyone with the missing remote) from operating the door and accessing the garage.

Thankfully, most garage doors come with an easy way to disable remotes.

To disable a garage door remote, locate the Smart Button on the OPENER’s motor, then press and hold it for several seconds.

This should void all remotes connected to the garage door.

3. Reprogram The Unit

Garage door openers are different, and so are the approaches to reprogramming them.

Either refer to the garage door manual or you can call your garage door contractor to help you.

4. Purchase A Replacement

Being able to open your door automatically in the future is convenient.

While you can shift to the old way – manually opening your garage door, you will ultimately want to replace the remote.

When purchasing a replacement remote, remember to compare prices from different stores to land a better deal.

You can then program your new remote so that you can open your door remotely.

A Great Time To Upgrade Your Technology

A garage door remote makes opening and locking of the garage quick and easy. However, sometimes your remote will go missing.

If your garage door remote is missing, and you suspect it has been stolen, it is perhaps the best time for you to upgrade your technology.

Nowadays, most garage door openers come with an intuitive control feature called MyQ system, which allows you to operate your garage door remotely from your phone or tablet.

You can as well add MyQ to your existing garage door opener.

MyQ technology gives you control over your garage door anytime, anywhere.

You don’t have to worry even when you leave your garage door open; you can access the wireless system remotely and lock your garage from your phone.

The most exciting thing about MyQ technology is that you don’t need to reprogram your phone.

SIX Ways To Preventing Garage Theft In The Future

As garages continue to be the preferred entry point by burglars, you can protect yourself from future thefts.

This is regardless of whether you have had your garage door remote stolen.

You can proactively prevent theft by:

  1. Avoiding putting your remote in plain sight. If you normally clip your garage door remote to the visor, you may want to change its location
  2. Connecting your garage door opener to your smartphone so that you don’t necessarily need a remote.
  3. Fitting a mini remote on your keychain so that the remote is always with you
  4. Using a deadbolt to secure your garage door
  5. Always locking your car doors
  6. Taking the remote with you whenever parking in a sketchy area.

One More Tip….

Another useful tip, particularly when moving into a new house that has a garage door opener, is deactivating the existing system or replacing it entirely.

It may cost you a few hundred dollars, but it is worth it. It will ensure no one else has access to your garage, not even the previous homeowners.

Remember, your garage is where you park your car and other valuables., and you don’t want anyone to access it without your knowledge.


Your garage is an extension of your home that serves an indispensable role in protecting your car and other valuables from environmental elements.

As a result, ensuring it is always safe is of supreme importance.

If your garage door remote has been stolen, hopefully, you will find this post helpful.