Is It Rude to Lock Your Bedroom Doors When Babysitters Come Over? 

Baby sitters help take care of your children and can do other activities in your house, depending on the agreement. They’re helpful, especially for busy moms.

But since they are strangers, you may wonder whether it is okay to leave your bedroom unlocked when they come to your house.

So, Is It Rude to Lock Your Bedroom Doors When Babysitters Come Over?

For some people, this isn’t a debate. But some may be reluctant to take this step. However, we want to assure you that it’s not rude to lock your bedroom when your babysitter comes over, especially if it is a stranger. It’s understandable that you feel uncomfortable having people you don’t know come into your house. For this reason, you may want to take an extra security step, and locking the door is among those steps.

Why Would You Want To Lock Your Bedroom Door?

Of course, the main reason you will want to lock your door when a nanny comes into your house is to protect your things.

You may have evaluated them and convinced them that they are a good nanny.

But please remember that this is a stranger to you.

So, it is only natural that you want to protect your things.

Truthfully speaking, your babysitter should not be in your personal space.

So, they shouldn’t know whether any room is locked unless you are snooping.

They shouldn’t get in your bedroom. But since people are not trustworthy, it’s safer to lock your doors to prevent theft.

Apart from theft, you can lock your door to prevent snooping.

Your bedroom is a sacred place, and not everyone should enter and leave anyhow they feel.

Some babysitters have a habit of snooping around the house.

In that case, locking can be helpful to prevent them from going through your things.

Additionally, you may want to lock your bedroom door because of your kids.

Let’s be honest.

Kids are ungovernable sometimes, and while your babysitters do everything to contain them, they might still disappear from their view and sneak into your bedroom and mess up things with your clothes, skin products, and other items.

Is There A Drawback To Locking Your Bedroom Door?

While locking your bedroom door will keep your items safe and give you peace of mind, it can present some drawbacks.

For instance, if you’re locking to keep your things private, it may raise suspicion, and the babysitter may be curious to find out what you’re hiding.

Remember that a good babysitter should never enter your bedroom at all times.

But if they find it locked, they may be suspicious of the items you’re keeping behind the locked door.

What about Installing a Nanny Cam?

Parents use the nanny cam as a security measure to monitor the nanny’s activity while in your house.

Now, nanny cameras have elicited strong opinions for quite some time.

Some parents feel they are important to monitor their children’s safety and valuable items. But others feel it is a breach of the babysitter’s privacy.

There’s no problem installing a nanny cam, provided you use it appropriately.

But if you misuse it, you can destroy the relationship between you and the nanny as they’ll feel you’re violating their trust.

Nanny cams give you peace of mind since you can monitor your child’s safety when you are far away.

Therefore, you can tell whether they are being cared for properly. You can also spot any issue you need to address with your bedsitter.

For example, you can notice when the nanny isn’t paying the needed attention to your kids or they are engaging in unacceptable activities or behaviors.

However, as much as they offer benefits, nanny cams aren’t perfect.

Well, it’s not illegal to install a nanny camera in your home.

Plus, you are legally not required to tell them about it. Some states even allow you to record audio.

But, using a nanny cam in private places like their bedroom or bathroom is illegal.

Also, when you don’t inform your nanny about the hidden camera, it can cause ethical issues.

These can strain your relationship with the nanny. Some parents tell their babysitters about the hidden cameras upfront.

They feel like doing so will motivate the nanny to stay on their best behavior since they know they are being watched.

But other people reveal the presence of a hidden camera only because they feel it’s only right.

Informing your nanny about the camera can help prevent embarrassing situations, like when they need to change a shirt while on duty.

You need to assure them that you don’t have suspicions about their actions.

Final Thoughts

It is not rude to lock your bedroom door or take other safety measures for your property and kids.

Please remember that it is your duty to protect your valuables and your kids.

So, if locking the door or installing cameras works for you, don’t feel guilty for doing that.