Should Bedroom Doors Have Locks? (Six Options)

Privacy is of great importance.

This is true especially in private places like your bedroom.

Most people enjoy the security that a locked bedroom offers.

Even if you are the only one in that room, having it locked gives a sense of safety and privacy.

Should Your Bedroom Doors Have Locks?

For security reasons and privacy, you need to have locks on your bedroom doors. This is one of the key things to consider and install in your mobile homes.

Three Reasons You Should Keep Your Door Locked

1. To Ensure Personal Security

If your manufactured home is invaded, your bedroom will serve as a secure place to hide as you take your time to call for help.

Occasionally, it is a beneficial idea to have a selected room in your new home as a secured and safe place just in case an emergency ensues.

A locked bedroom will prove a safe place to retreat to in an event of danger.

For instance, if someone with ill motives breaks into your house, a bedroom door lock will keep you safe as you prepare to counter the encroaching danger or raise an alarm and call for help.

2. To Safeguard Your Property

Most people keep valuables in the bedroom including money. To ensure that they are safe, locking your bedroom door is an inevitable option

3. To Guarantee Privacy

Aside from safety issues, a bedroom lock gives you a lot of privacy.

This is especially true if you have roommates with you. Locking your bedroom door gives you confidence and a high sense of privacy.

Most people enjoy the guaranteed privacy that a bedroom lock offers. If you live in a house with a couple of people, a bedroom door lock gives you a lot of privacy.

Which Are The Best Bedroom Door Locks?

Your mobile home will need bedroom door locks. Door locks give you confidence and a high sense of security.

There are different classes and types of bedroom locks from which to choose.

Some are made to be fixed permanently on the door and are, thus, part of the entire door structure.

Others can be used practically on any door, be it the main door of your manufactured home, washroom doors or any other door.

For efficient use and smartness, you will find that most bedroom doors are fixed into the handle of the door. Explore the types of locks you can fix on your bedroom door:

1. Knob Locks

Knob locks are fitted inside a door know. They are usually available in two categories:


They have a smart design where you simply push a button at the center of the knob. It unlocks from the inside.


Button locks are also fitted on other handle knobs. They have a tab that can be turned with ease. The working principle of knob locks is simple. The knob is stopped from engaging when turned from one side. Other knobs work by binding the door to the wall. This one works oppositely.

2. Chain

A chain lock does not need a special installation. Neither does it require a special knob like the other locks.

It is simply a chain linked to the other side of the wall just beside the door to your bedroom.

The end is further attached to the door. It allows your bedroom door to open gently before taking a halt.

3. Deadbolts

Owing to their high security, deadbolts are usually fixed on the outside doors of most homes.

Such locks have a thick bar that slides into the wall keeping the door intact and tightly locked up.

This is one of the strongest door locks that guarantees top security.

4. Jimmy Proof Deadbolts

The main difference between this type and a deadbolt is that it is not fixed inside the door. Just like a chain, it is mounted.

It attaches the door to the wall through mounts making it just as strong as deadbolts. It is a great asset to your manufactured home bedroom door.

5. Hook Locks

Bedroom doors are of varied types and kinds.

Typically, you’ll find hinged doors on most bedrooms.

However, there are other types like a pocketed door that opens up by sliding as opposed to the ones we often swing open.

Locking such sliding doors can be a challenge.

If your home has bedrooms with such doors, hook bolts are the ones you should pick for that case.

Six Way to Make Your Bedroom More Secure

Whether you just want to have a private space away from the disturbances of roommates, you will realize that it is a beneficial idea to reinforce  your bedroom door locks.

Your bedroom door can be secured in a myriad of ways. And this should never be a complicated task. From normal experience, most bedroom doors can be reinforced with ease within a matter of half an hour or even less than that depending on the technique of your choosing.

1. Install A Keyless Door Reinforcement Lock

This is a very simple and smart way to reinforce your manufactured bedroom door and make it more secure.

It is noteworthy that this reinforcement only works for inward opening doors alone. It is also an ideal choice for keeping your bedroom door locked without using the usual standard lock.

Anyone can install it within a few minutes.

All you are required to do is to drill exactly four holes on the jamb of your door and finally get it mounted.

You can use a hardened screw for that job and you’ll be done.

When it comes to using it, you don’t require any keys locking it will require you to swing it towards the door and then the opposite when unlocking.

So if you are afraid of your manufactured home invasion or some unwelcome guests straying into your bedroom, keyless door reinforcement will do a worthy job for you.

It is kick proof, withstanding up to 350kgs of force.

2. Use A Security Bar

This is the smartest way to reinforce your bedroom door if you do not want to make any permanent installations on it.

Besides, it is a cool way to keep your door locked without having to use the traditional lock.

It is adjustable with ease and keeps your door closed from the inside without necessarily having to install it.

How It Works

All you have to do is anchor the top part of the doorknob cup as the padded foot rests on the floor.

Since the device is very adjustable, it practically fits most doors.

It has a pivoting ball joint at the far end which ensures that the foot always comes in contact with the floor.

So with these security bars, which are highly durable, rest assured you’ll keep off unauthorized entries to your bedroom.

3. Install A Door Lock With Keypad To Beef Up Your Bedroom Security Without Keys

This is the best way to secure your door from both the inside and the outside.

Better still, use some kind of deadbolt.

They come in a wide array of models. It is much preferable to opt for those with keypad.


You won’t have to carry your bedroom key with you the time you leave your home.

So when you are away and want your bedroom out of reach of roommates, this is a very ideal way to keep it safe. It will give you peace of mind.

4. Use a Strike Plate Lock

If you want to keep your bedroom locked and safe, a strike plate lock would do an incredible job.

This is one of the newest innovations On how you can use simple techniques to solve problems.

And that goes all the way to keeping your manufactured bedroom door locks secured.

Basically, this is a door chain and can be used to secure your bedroom door from the inside.

It takes only a few minutes to install it.

5. Door Barricade

You may need an emergency lockdown of your bedroom. That calls for a sophisticated device like a door barricade.

It uses the strength of the floor meaning it can bear with immense force applied by any unwelcome guest in your room.

This gives you confidence as far as the security of your bedroom is concerned.

Installation of a door barricade is an easy task that can be done by anyone.

Additionally, they enable you to lock the door to your bedroom with ease.

This is done from the inside just in a situation of an emergency.

If you want to do away with any kick-ins, then this is the right thing for you.

Any intruder is kept at bay making it a very secure way to secure your shelter.

If you experience an overnight home invasion, a door barricade will guarantee a bedroom safety and gives you enough time to counter the invaders as you call for help.

They are available in varieties for both inward and outward opening doors.

Final Words

Keeping your bedroom doors of your manufactured homes locked is a step ahead in ensuring safety and guaranteed security.

But the question of just how to achieve that noble goal may be a challenge.

Apply the techniques in this guide and enjoy optimized security and high levels of privacy in your room.