Should You Keep The Nursery Door Open Or Closed? (READ THIS!)

Every parent desires to see their babies safe and healthy, and that is why they will always strive to ensure the baby nursery remains a safe place to stay always.

In most cases, the baby stays in the nursery alone, and everything should be put in place to ensure the child’s safety.

While planning to enhance the baby’s nursery safety, you may ask yourself….

Should You Keep The Nursery Door Open Or Closed?

For safety, it is advisable always to keep the nursery door closed. Closing the nursery door keeps the baby safe from intruding pets, older kids, and unknown visitors, and In case of a fire outbreak, the child will be easily saved. However, most babies do not like it when the door is closed. Some will yell loudly just for you to open the door because they feel more secure and attended to when the door is open.

However, you always have to find a means of keeping the door closed without making your little one scream.

You can practice this by locking the nursery door, whether you are in the nursery with the baby, when the baby is alone, or when there is no one in the nursery.

Always make sure the door is locked. You can also close the door once the baby is deeply asleep.

No child finds it comfortable to stay in a dark, locked room; therefore, when you close the nursery door, ensure adequate light gets in the nursery to keep promising your child enough safety even though you are not near them.

This article will cover extensively why you should always keep a nursery door open and more safety tips for a baby while in the nursery.

Why Do You Need To Close The Nursery Door?

1. Prevent Pets From Getting To The Nursery

Some pets make fun of visiting every room in the house, and your baby nursery might just be a favorite spot because of the toys.

Pets too like toys, and when they get new baby toys, they enjoy playing with such toys.

However, most babies will be terrified at the sight of a mere pet and might scream out very loudly.

Other pets are very aggressive and will easily attack your baby when the baby tries to defend its toys.

To avoid all this drama, you better leave the doors closed and prevent pets from visiting the toddler.

2. Enhance Safety In Case Of A Fire Outbreak

Firefighters advise that the nursery door should always be closed. In case of a fire outbreak, your baby can be saved easily if the nursery door is closed.

A closed door protects the items inside a nursery from getting burned by preventing them from getting inside the room.

Basically, for the room to get burned, the door will start burning, and by the time fire penetrates a closed-door, fire firefighters will have controlled or even stopped the fire and saved the child.

An open door is hazardous in case there is fire because the baby will try escaping and, in the process, might get badly injured.

3. Helps Protect The Baby From Noise

Closing a nursery door helps parents protect their little ones from noises in the neighborhood.

Your child will get more peaceful sleep when the nursery is closed than when there is noise getting into the room.

4. To Enhance A Toddler’s Safety When Moving Them To A New Bed

There is a point when you will move your child to a larger open bed. At this time, you should keep the door locked to prevent your baby from leaving the nursery.

Babies are usually anxious about new things, and if they find your bed uncomfortable, there are high chances that they will attempt to move out of bed.

When the door is locked, the child will find something to do in the nursery or just cry out to be checked on.

5. Allow Your Child To Develop Independently

When you lock the baby in a nursery, they will develop a sense of self-dependence and reliance.

They are free to decide what to play with and how to play and thus become more creative.

With an open nursery, the baby will always call for help, even with the smallest tasks.

Six Benefits Of Having A Baby Nursery

For many people, the idea of creating a nursery is only given priority when they are expecting to receive a precious bundle of joy in their lives.

If you are not yet decided on when and why you should build a nursery, here are the benefits of having one.

1. To Give Your Child Their Own Space

While you can stay with the child in your room for some months, it will come to a time when you wish to have the entire room all to yourself.

You will need adequate privacy and freedom to comfortably relax without being distracted by other people, not even your lovely child.

A nursery will not only give you your free space, but your baby too will have somewhere to call their own. Babies enjoy best when in their nursery because they feel free to do anything while inside.

The nursery will transform to become the child’s bedroom as time goes by.

2. A Nursery Helps Keep The House Tidy

When you have a nursery, you can put everything the child needs in one room.

All the toys, cots, baby seats, change tables, and anything that your baby loves playing with can be kept inside the nursery.

In the long run, the mess that usually appears in a home due to scattered toys will not be there.

You can dedicate some space in the nursery for toys and save yourself from the hard task of picking up baby things every time scattered in the house.

3. You Feed The Baby Privately

Whether you breastfeed your baby or bottle-feed them, you will always want to have a peaceful and private place to feed your baby.

A nursery offers the best option for you to feed your baby effectively without being distracted.

4. You Can Organize The Room

One good thing about having a nursery is organizing and styling it how you wish it best.

You have all the freedom to add your taste and vibe to the style of your toddler’s space.

When the child grows up, they can reorganize their now new bedroom in their best way if they are not pleased with what is in existence.

5. A Nursery Is Safer

Many authorities strongly recommend that babies have their nursery separate from other rooms. Co-sleeping with a baby can be risky, especially when the baby rolls on the bed and falls.

6. It Doesn’t Have To Remain A Nursery Forever

It is not a must that the nursery will become a child’s bedroom.

When the child grows up, you can move them to new rooms and use the nursery room for something else. You can make it a home library or anything you desire.


For your child’s safety, it is always advisable for you to close the nursery door.

Even though there are some situations where you will be tempted to leave the door open.

This article has better explanations of why you need to close the nursery door and the benefits of having one.