Should You Leave The Dishwasher Door Open When Not In Use?

Home appliances require a lot of care, handling, and maintenance.

A dishwasher is an important element of kitchen appliances.

It is one of those things you want to keep tidy and in proper condition.

The way you normally clean a refrigerator before going out on a daily errand, your dishwasher might need some thought as well.

So, Should You Leave The Dishwasher Door Open When Not In Use?

It is a prudent idea to leave your dishwasher’s door slightly open if you are going out of home for a long time. The main reason for doing this is to allow any moisture in it to clear away. And there is much more. A dry dishwasher cannot be infested by random bacteria. Besides, the dry appliance makes it impossible for lime and mold deposits to develop and thrive.

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Why Should You Leave Your Dishwasher Door Open?

1. To Eradicate Moisture And Heat

Leaving your dishwasher door open ensures that any lingering moisture and heat are driven away.

Moisture and heat can be a dangerous combination of elements with the potential to ruin the conditions of the home environment.

Even if you are not going to leave your home for a long time, it is equally advisable to leave the door slightly open.

Aside from securing parts of the machine, it also ensures that dishes placed in it are in pristine and dry conditions.

2. It Helps To Curb Potential Lime Scale Developments

Have you ever noticed a whitish coating on fixtures when exposed to water?

That is the timescale we are talking about here and it can be disastrous to your appliance.

Lime develops due to excess calcium that builds up in the water.

Lime may block water pathways out of the dishwasher and compromise its efficiency.

Lime can also become potential thriving spots for bacteria.

It is, therefore, very necessary to leave your dishwasher door open to drive out moisture that could lead to the development of lime.

3. It Helps To Prevent Bacterial Development

Bacteria grow and thrive in moist conditions. Massive bacterial growth exposes you and the occupants of your rooms to grave health risks.

When you leave the dishwasher door open, you are reducing bacterial populations to meager colonies. Bacterial may not survive for long under dry conditions.

In this case, it is also important to make sure that your dishwasher is properly cleaned. Bacteria like hanging on dirty spots.

4. It Keeps Molds At Bay

Just like bacterial growths, mold is something you want to avoid in your machine as much as possible.

Mold and mildew can build up to extreme levels in your dishwasher if left with moisture.

Molds are known to release spores once they develop to further their multiplication.

These spores are dangerous allergens and greatly affect people with asthmatic and hypersensitive conditions in the home.

The surest solution to keeping mold and mildew away is to ensure that no moisture and heat hang around the dishwasher.

Periodic cleaning of the machine is also strongly recommended to wash out any growths.

5. To Clear Away Any Standing Water

All the preceding problems are directly linked to water stagnating in parts of the dishwasher.

Therefore, once you are capable of removing this element from the dishwasher, you can prevent all the other problems from showing up.

Also, mosquitoes breed and thrive in stagnant water.

Rest assured, leaving your dishwasher with water creates a habitat for them to breed and invade your home.

You know how many mosquitoes can be dangerous and a nuisance to live in a home.

How Should You Leave Your Dishwasher When Going Out For Months At A Time?

1. Thoroughly Clean The Dishwasher Parts

The first thing you want to do if you will be away, say for months is to clean it thoroughly.

Every part of the machine from seals, racks, and sprayers should be scrubbed to ensure that no dirt remains in them.

The external parts of the machine should be cleaned as thoroughly as you did the inside.

Also, ensure that hose pipes and other connections to the dishwasher should be cleaned very well.

You can use strong detergents to guarantee great results.

2. Allow It Time To Dry Out

The next thing is to leave the cleaned dishwasher to dry out for some hours.

And do not just crack the door. Leave it open entirely.

After it has dried out fully, do not close the dishwasher door when leaving.

Slightly leave it a little cracked to ensure that any remaining moisture and heat moves out in the course of your absence.

How Long Can Your Dishwasher Remain Unused?

A dishwasher should not be left unused for more than three weeks. The longer you leave it, the more thorough you should clean it before leaving.

Another idea to safeguard your dishwasher is to leave some bleach water in it.

Bleach maintains a moist environment in the dishwasher.

This prevents the machine’s rubber seals from drying out. If you apply bleach water, make sure it is only for a short time. if left for long, the integrity of the machine is jeopardized.

How Can You Clean A Dishwasher That Has Not Been Used For A Long Time?

So after spending your long vacation away from home, you have no idea where to start cleaning up your dishwasher.

You want to get things in your kitchen going and you should clean your dishwasher first. How exactly can you do that?

The first thing is to apply solvent in your cleaning to rid the machine of any mold, mildew, and bacterial developments that have grown in it. You can create a solvent locally at your home.

Strong detergents can also do the job quite well. You can use bleach solutions or white vinegar to ensure a thorough cleaning.

However, it is not recommended to use bleach solution off the inside of the dishwasher is made of stainless steel. Such parts can be cleaned with vinegar.

Any gunk deposited in corners and small fixtures can be removed using a toothbrush.

The rest of the parts can be wiped clean using a sponge or a piece of cloth.

Dishwasher cleaners are also available for you to easily sanitize the inside of the machine and rid it of any growths and dirt.

For optimum results, you can clean it a second time. Then leave it to dry out before use.

Final Words

Preparation work is vital. Organize everything before leaving out on an errand or a vacation.

Clean up your dishwasher and leave the door slightly to dry out.

When you come back, you will not have to worry about the integrity of the machine.

Apart from keeping your family and you healthy, such simple steps and measures can help increase the longevity of your machine and keep it in pristine conditions.


The Essentials Of Dishwasher Maintenance