How Do You Clean The Outside Of A Mobile Home?

Homes do get wet and dirty. Mobile homes are no exception.

Aside from compromising with the physical structure of the home, dirt and moisture create an awful scene in your home.

Just not to mention that it attracts infestation by rodents and other unwelcomed strangers.

Cleaning your mobile home is, therefore, an important undertaking.

So, What Can You Use To Clean The Outside Of A Mobile Home?

Detergents like soap, soda water, and chlorine are two major cleaning agents used to clean the outside of mobile.

In this article, we will take a keen look at the cleaning agents, tools, steps, and methods of getting this job done. It is in our best interest to help you create an appealing outlook in your mobile home. 

What You Need To Clean the Outside of a Mobile Home

  • Mob bucket
  • Soap, detergents,
  • Step stool
  • Garden hose with a spraying nozzle
  • Pressure Washer
  • Deck brushes
  • Water supply

How Can You Clean The Outside Of A Mobile Home With Metal Siding?

There is not much difference between cleaning a metal siding and vinyl siding of a mobile home.

However, it is important to use low pressure when dealing with metal sidings.

Too much pressure may damage the metal.

Besides, it is highly advisable to apply a spread spray.

Do not use a concentrated one. Also, keep the home’s wand at a distance to minimize potential damage.

Follow These Tips When Dealing With Metal Siding

1. Any plant of flower life must be covered with plastic to avoid any chemical contact.

2. Use a scrub to brush away any dirt from the structure. A pressure washer can be used to wet sections of the room before scrubbing them with a brush.

3. Once you are satisfied that all parts with heavy dirt have been scrubbed, use a pressure washer to clear it from the bottom upwards. Thoroughly wash the entire home before rinsing it. You should always be cautious with rinsing to ensure that no water leaks underneath. Remember that rinsing must be done from the top downwards. This prevents the development of stains on the already washed sections.

Carry out a keen inspection to assess the quality of work done. The overall process can be repeated if you feel that some parts are still dirty.

How Can You Clean The Outside Of A Mobile Home With Aluminum Siding?

Aluminum siding is becoming common in mobile homes.

1. Cleaning aluminum sidings are not much different from other sidings.

2. Perhaps only the chemicals used will change slightly depending on the nature of the material. Mildew can cause oxidation on aluminum siding.

3. The fastest and most efficient way of cleaning off dirt is by using a power washer (pressure washer)

4. Like the previous steps, use a brush to scrub off primary dirt then use a pressure washer to clean the siding.

5. Rinsing is the final step.

Note that you can rent a pressure washer if you do not own one.

They come in different sizes and they are easy to operate.

To prevent any damage to the aluminum siding, use less pressure and move some distance away from the wall.

How Can You Remove Mildew From Your Mobile Home Siding?

One problem with mildew developments on a mobile homes is that they are often unsightly.

With some effort and simple household items, however, you can figure out a way to clean them away and maintain your structure strongly and durably.

Besides, it will save you the expenses of having to call experts.

What You Need

  • Chlorine bleach
  • Laundry detergent

Simple Steps to Remove Mildew

1. Wear cleaning gloves.

2. Mix 1/3 household detergent with ¼ chlorine bleach in a large container

3. Add hot water to the brim and make sure that it is well stirred. The mixture can cause serious irritations on the skin. So you should be careful not to do it with exposed skin.

4. Add half a cup of washing soda. It aggravates the cleaning power. It makes the mildew easy to wash away by softening it.

5. Using a brush, scrub the siding especially on sites where you think mildew is highly concentrated. The most stubborn mildew can be removed easily using elbow grease.

6. Finally, rinse the outside of your mobile home with plenty of clean water. It is okay to use a low-pressure power washer. All residues in the solutions should be removed. Otherwise, they may pose potential damage to your containers. They should be properly disposed of.


Vinegar can be used as a substitute for chlorine.

Vinegar has acetic acid and is, thus, an ideal agent for removing mold developments on structures.

It also inhibits any future growth.

Like other detergents, washing soda can be obtained easily from any nearby store or supermarket.

Final Words

Tidying your mobile home is not as complicated as you might think.

It is time to dismiss your fears and embark on this simple and worthwhile task of cleaning up your home.

You can get the job done efficiently in a very short time.

It is important to carry out any repairs before doing this.

Water can be a great destroyer if any of it leaks in. It should be contained as soon as possible.