How To Clean The Outside Of A Mobile Home

How To Clean The Outside Of A Mobile Home – Two Methods

Cleaning the outside of your mobile home regularly is a broad step towards ensuring that your property stays new and at the same time is well kept. In fact, the entire cleaning process does not necessarily need the services of a professional cleaning company or the acquisition of expensive tools. Instead, you will only be required to have some few basic tools and some house-hold equipment, and you are set to go. For more information and guidelines on how to clean the outside of a mobile home, just read the rest of this article:

Cleaning The Outside Of A Mobile Home With A Vinyl Siding

One of the easiest ways to clean the exterior of a mobile home is to clean it using a pressure washer. The recommended types of pressure washers for this purpose are those that come with chemical injectors. The chemical injector can pull soap from a container and mix the soap solution with water before spraying the soapy water. Additionally, some few cleaning products like detergents, bleach and liquid soap are generally used in the cleaning process, and you will be required to get them before the you can proceed with the cleaning. You can also decide to shop around for vinyl-specific cleaning products at your local-home-improvement-store to improve the looks of the vinyl siding even further. You can now proceed and clean your vinyl siding using the steps shown below:

– Start by covering the flowers bed, the garden or the shrubs around your home using plastic papers to avoid contaminating them with the cleaning chemicals.

– Mix the water in the pressure washer with soap and the other chemicals, and set it at a low pressure before spraying it on your vinyl siding. The spraying should be done from the bottom on your way up. You are, however, warned against shooting the water underneath the siding as this might spur some mold and mildew growth over time.

– After you are done with spraying your entire home, you can go ahead and rinse the home from the starting point. The rinsing should be done from the top as you head downwards until you get to the other end. If the plants or flowers around your garden contact the soapy water and the chemicals, rinse them thoroughly.

– You can repeat the procedure until you’re fully satisfied with the final results.

Cleaning A Mobile Home With A Metal Siding

Just like a mobile home with a vinyl siding, a home with a metal siding is also cleaned using a pressure washer. You are, however, cautioned against using too much pressure as this might damage your metal siding. It is also advisable to have a spread spray than a concentrated one. The wand should also be kept at a distance from the siding to avoid damaging it. Here are the steps to follow while cleaning your metal siding:

– Start by covering the flowerbeds, the garden or any plant around your home to avoid contaminating them with the chemicals.

– If your home is too dirty, use a scrub brush to remove the dirt first before you can proceed with the spraying. You may use the pressure washer to wet the siding before scrubbing it using the brush.

– After scrubbing, you can proceed with the pressure washing from the bottom to the top and from side-to-side. Wash your entire home completely before rinsing and be cautious enough to ensure that the water doesn’t get underneath the siding. The rinsing should be done from the top to the bottom to avoid staining the already cleaned spot.

– You can inspect your house after the cleaning process for any missed spot and to ensure that you are fully satisfied with the cleaning results. If you are not satisfied with the overall results, you can repeat the entire process until you are fully satisfied. The entire cleaning process should only take only a few of your hours. You can now enjoy having a clean mobile home.

Before you can go ahead and clean the exterior of your mobile home, remember to first read all the instructions on the cleaning chemicals that you are about to use. Follow all the instructions carefully and remember to put on an eye protection to prevent the splattering chemicals from getting into your eye. Clean all the surfaces, including the windows and trims. In addition to that, ensure that the chemical you use is environmentally friendly since it will be flowing on the ground surface.

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