Electric Drain Cleaners

Electric Drain Cleaners and How They Can Make Your Life Easier

Most people do not realize that their drains are clogged up until it’s too late. Wait until it gets to a point where you’re unable to use the kitchen sink, shower or the toilet. This is where we panic and reach out to a nearby plumber. However, most clogged drains can be easily fixed. There are so many methods of drain cleaning, from the use of vacuum suckers to the use of chemicals. Truth be told; manual vacuum suckers may sometimes get messy if not stress you up. On the other hand, not all the chemicals used to clear clogged drains may be environmentally friendly. Some of them can even cause injury when they accidentally spill on your skin. If you’re a happy pet parent, you have an additional hazard to worry about. This is exactly where we’re at… where electric drain cleaners come in handy. Let’s look at electric drain cleaners, what they are, and how they work to make your life easier.

What’s An Electric Drain Cleaner?

The electric drain cleaner is a simple piece of equipment basically consisting of an electric motor and a cable reel. Just like the name tells it all, it is powered by electricity and is used to clean the drain. Considering that cleaning is a top priority of every homeowner, electric drain cleaners are quite important pieces of household equipment. In addition to the motor and cable reel, the unit also consists of other important parts. These include a safety foot pedal, a switch to forward or reverse, and assorted bits or adaptors for the drain. But what’s even more important is how they work.

How an Electric Drain Cleaner Operates

The electric motor is basically the driving force behind how electrically-powered drain cleaners work. This force rotates the bit at the end of the unit’s cable. When the bit is attached at the end of the cable, the bit is then inserted into the clogged drain. Also known as the plumber’s snakes, the mechanical force from the motor twists the flexible cable in a clockwise rotation. The rotation drives the bit in a circular motion. You may have guessed right, the rotation rids the drain of all the debris, roots, hair, and other solid objects. Most electric drain cleaners have a cable length that ranges from 40m to 80m and can bend at 90 degrees while maintaining optimal effectiveness.

How to Operate an Electric Drain Cleaner

• After locating the drain that is clogged, select the bit or adaptor that best fits the diameter of the drain.

• After this, fasten the bit at the end of your cable.

• Pull a bit of length from the reel and drive it into the drain.

• Turn the switch on and ensure that it is in the forward position: The foot pedal is what turns the motor on, in case you were wondering. The motor coordinates with the reel, turning it and in return feeding the cable into the drain.

• When you’re certain that the cable has reached the drain’s end, switch to reverse, and release the foot pedal. This will change the direction of the rotation from clockwise to anti-clockwise and the reel will start to pull the cable.

• Once all the cable is out of the drain, run water into the drain to remove any residue.

• You can repeat the process if not satisfied with the result.

Maintenance and Safety

For your drain cleaner to stand the best of time with maximum effectiveness, regular maintenance is recommended, at least monthly. This will help minimize the costs of repairing drain pipes while saving you time.

Whenever you use the drain snake, be sure to observe safety precautions. Always wear protective rubber gloves especially when handling the returning cable. To protect your eyes from the sewage discharges, wear safety glasses.

Electric drain cleaners obviously have numerous benefits over other alternatives. With the use of chemical drain cleaners, for instance, it’s not always certain that the entire drain will be unclogged. The electrically powered drain cleaners will cover very long sections of the drains. They also have the ability to remove the solid objects that stick inside the drain.

Electric Drain Cleaners  – Recommendations

1: Compact Electric Drain Cleaner – Drum Auger Snake 0.5-inch X 50 ft.

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2: Hydrostar 0.5-inch 50 Ft. Compact Electric Drain Cleaner

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