Are White Bath Towels a Bad Idea? (Six Benefits!)

Choosing a bathroom towel shouldn’t feel like a chore.

Yet, so many people always find it difficult to buy towels.

One superior color available is the color white.

Are White Bath Towels a Bad Idea?

No. White towels do not fade quickly, if at all. The way they are is how they will remain. And even if you decide to change your bathroom décor, you will not be forced to buy new towels as white ones go well with any design. 

What’s So Good About White Towels?

Sure, it’s hard to believe that white towels are the best for your bathroom.

But, if they were not, hotel rooms worldwide would not be giving them to their guests.

Here are the benefits of having a white towel in your bathroom.

1. Easily Blends with Any Color Décor

White towels will be your best bet whether you have a brightly colored or a dull-colored bathroom.

They match both décor styles creating cohesiveness in your bath area.

Fluffy white towels are timeless and blend easily with your bathroom’s setting or style.

2. Never Goes Out of Style

White towels are always trending. They have been used for many years, and many people will continue using them.

The color white itself is attractive and uplifts any dull area.

Paint your bathroom white and see how it will turn into a bright and appealing space.

The same thing happens with using pure white towels. They help make your room relaxing and warm.

3. Durability

Everything fades. So do colors.

When this happens, your towels will look and feel worn out.

If you have used a colored towel, you must have spotted some big blotches after a few washes.

The color starts fading, which is the main drawback of colored towels.

Colored towels use dye to change the color.

Unfortunately, these dyes bleed when the towels are washed, which can even damage other items being washed.

As beautiful as colored towels are, you will have to replace them frequently.

But with white towels, you don’t have to worry about fading. Therefore, you will not need to buy new ones after a short time as with colored towels.

If you must use colored towels, we suggest that you only display them. But use white towels to wipe yourself. This creates a decorated and functional space.

4. They’re Easy to Maintain

Unlike what most people think, white towels don’t require much maintenance compared to colored ones.

Remember that dyes in these towels tend to disperse every time you wash them.

When doing laundry, be sure that white and colored towels are washed separately.

Light-colored and white-colored can pick up the color from dark towels, which damages them.

If you use too much bleach or detergent when washing darker towels, they will fade more.

Colored towels will force you to buy specific detergents, vinegar, and color catcher sheets, unlike white towels, which only need a few products.

5. Easy to Clean

People often buy colored towels since they don’t show stains.

But this should be the reason TO NOT purchase them.

They mask stains and dirt with their color.

Additionally, when washing colored towels, you will need to keep them from Benzoyl Peroxide, a common skincare ingredient.

Benzoyl peroxide in cleaning products is a bleach, meaning it can fade the color of your towels.

White towels show stains immediately after they appear.

Therefore, you will take action to clean it. All you need is hot water to keep your white towel clean.

Plus, you don’t have to keep checking whether your cleaning supplies have benzoyl peroxide as it doesn’t affect them.

6. Save on Cost

White towels are versatile.

Therefore, they help you save money.

Even if you’re prone to changing up your bathroom décor,  you won’t also be forced to change your white towels as they blend perfectly in any space.

So, you don’t have to feel pressured to change your towels, whether you are adding some touch-ups or giving your bathroom a complete makeover.

This saves you the money you’d have otherwise used if you had colored towels.

Do White Towels Get Dirtier?

A popular myth is that white towels attract dirt easily and are difficult to wash.

While you can quickly spot dirt and stains on white towels, it doesn’t make them dirtier or more challenging to wash.

In fact, since they don’t hide grime, they are cleaner than colored towels.

How to Keep White Towels Clean

If you’re avoiding white towels because you think they are difficult to clean, don’t.

They are way easier to clean compared to colored ones.

Use the hottest setting when washing white towels.

Please don’t wash colored towels in this setting, as it can make them fade.

You can use bleach on your white towels as it won’t damage the color and sanitize them.

But if you prefer not to use bleach, add a ½ baking soda with your detergent to help remove stains.

We should also mention that although white towels are easy to clean, they show stains frequently.

Makeup stains will quickly show up on these towels.

Therefore, you should treat any makeup stain immediately to have a good chance of completely getting rid of the blemish.

How Hotels Keep Their Towels White

Well, hotels mostly use commercial washers and pretreat their towels to keep them white.

The only secret is to deal with stains immediately and wash your towels regularly.

Hotels use baking soda, white vinegar, bleach, and heavy-duty detergents. Soak your towels in bleach water for a few minutes first.

Then you can send them to the washing machine to remove stains. Think of using chlorine bleach on white towels.

Again, do not overflow your washer.

Place a few towels at a time to allow enough space to agitate against themselves and get clean.

A rule of the thumb is to leave 15-20% space when loading your washer.

Must You Have White Towels?

No. Not everyone likes white, and if you are not convinced that it is the right color for you, there are still tons of options to choose from.

Bath towels come in various colors.

Therefore, you can pick one that matches your décor.

If the bathroom’s theme is primarily white, think of colored towels to add color.