Are Towel Bars Outdated? (Seven Ideas!)

When designing a bathroom, you have to think of where you will hang your towel as you shower.

Previously, towel bars used to be the only option among homeowners.

So, you could find them in many homes. But recently, the market has expanded the options like hooks, rings, or racks.

So, Are Towel Bars Outdated?

Towel bars will never run out of style since they provide a space to hang the towel. Other than that, they also keep the towels together and make them more accessible. For these reasons, towel bars remain an excellent choice for many homeowners. If you are worried that a towel bar may be outdated, don’t be. It is still trendy and looks beautiful. So, you can install it in your bathroom, regardless of its size.

Why Use a Towel Bar?

Towel bars offer various benefits that you should not miss out on. These include:

1. Allows Your Towels to Dry

After showering, most people wipe themselves with a towel to dry excess moisture.

While you dry your body, you make the towel wet. So, it means that you need a place to dry your towel, preferably an open spot.

If your setup is traditional, air-drying the towel is certainly an option. But, it is not realistic and practical in modern homes.

The best and easier option, in this case, would be using a towel bar.

It creates an open place that allows lots of air which helps the towels to dry quickly. Therefore, it prevents bard odor from damp towels from spreading.

Please remember that it is essential to dry the towel after use.

Since a towel bar allows the towel to dry completely, you will never have a towel that’s still wet from the last time it was used.

Plus, the bathroom will not feel stuffy or have an odor from undried towels.

When setting a towel bar, pick a spot that will allow your towels to dry completely. You can choose an open area not hindered by other bathroom essentials.

2. Saves Space

If your space is limited, you will want to explore all the ways that allow you to save on it.

Installing a towel bar might be just an excellent way.

No one wants their little space to be occupied by a non-fitting towel bar or one that looks odd.

Bear in mind that your bathroom should always be functional. Otherwise, it will lose its purpose.

A towel bar will not get in your way of showering or doing other things in the bathroom. You only need to identify a good spot for it, and that’s it.

3. Keeps All Towels in One Place

Many people still prefer using a towel bar as it allows them to hang all their towels.

Therefore, it makes the bathroom look organized.

Remember that tossing different towels around creates a messy situation. But you can avoid it by installing a towel bar, especially if your bathroom is small or average,

Many people find it essential compared to other towel hanging options.

You can consider using a hook. However, you may need several of them, which can make things look disorganized.

Instead, get the right towel bar size, and you will be sure of where your towels are in the bathroom.

4. Accessibility

Towel bars offer accessibility which is among the reasons they are still trending.

Since it is fixed in one spot, you can access your towels anytime using the bathroom.

It should be like a treasure hunt where you look for towels to dry yourself. It’s always advisable to set towel bars to a chest height in an easily accessible spot.

Seven Bathroom Towel Bar Ideas

Many people don’t give too much thought when installing a towel bar. And it’s understandable because all they do is hang towels.

However, there are several ways you can use them to make your space look more beautiful. Here are some suggestions:

1. A Towel Bar from a Log

If you want to stand out, you need to think outside the box.

And a log towel bar is among the ways you can make your bathroom unique.

You can pick a polished log and place it between wooden hooks. If you want the log to stay still, glue or bolt it in place.

2. Form a Towel Rail with Several Towel Bars

Why have one towel bar when you can have more?

Create a rail of three or more towel bars to give your bathroom a modern look.

The rail will look stylish and offer more functionality.

It is an inexpensive way to give your space a new look.

3. Use Behind the Door Towel Rack

Behind the door towel rack design is still underutilized.

But it’s an effective spot for your towel bars, especially if your space is limited.

4. Consider A Towel Bar Set

One towel bar may not be enough. In that case, consider having several bars or accessories.

Pick one color like golden so that they complement each other when you fit them on a wall. This set makes your bathroom look luxurious and adds some royalty.

5. Create a Heated Towel Rack

It’s difficult to step out of your bathtub or hot shower because of the cold.

But, you can ease things by using a warm towel.

In that instance, a heated towel rack would be appropriate.

Install it a few inches above your ordinary towel bar.

Remember to arrange towels on the rack in a zigzag pattern. Then the rack will warm them up.

6. Use a Wooden Towel Bar

We are so used to seeing metallic bars. But you can make your space unique by using a wooden bar with several shelves. Besides hanging your towel, you can also put other stuff on the shelves like toilet paper.

7. Consider a Triangle Towel Bar

A triangle towel bar makes the place look fantastic.

But it also offers more storage. You can store your toilet paper rolls and a houseplant in the available section. And the bar below will hold your towels.

What Are Some Towel Bar Alternatives?

If you’re not comfortable with a towel bar, all is not lost. There are still other options you can explore, including;

1. Baskets

Having a basket in the bathroom sounds odd at first.

But, it can be very helpful, especially if space is an issue.

But you will need to keep two towels; one to hold wet towels and the other dry ones.

2. Hooks

Hooks are very convenient and suitable for people who don’t love folding clothes.

Instead of leaving them in a chair, you can hang them on your hooks.

But, we must mention that wet towels will take longer to dry on hooks.

So, please consider this before buying them.

3. Towel Stands

Towel strands are still in fashion and are suitable for hanging wet towels.

If your bathroom is small, consider these strands since they go vertically instead of horizontally.

So it leaves some space to move around in the bathroom.

4. Towel Rings

These are mostly used for hand towels, but you can also hang larger towels on them.

You can put one in your sink to hold a hand towel. But, you might also need a small basket to complement it.

You can put a wet towel in a basket and hang the dry ones on the towel rings.