Can You Wash Dog Towels with Towels Used by Humans?

You already know how important hygiene is to your pet if you own a dog.

But taking your dog to a groomer can be pretty expensive.

Thankfully, you can groom your pet at home and save some money. But, you need to keep in mind certain things when doing so.

Should Towels Used By Dogs Be Washed With Towels Used By Humans?

It’s normal to share things with your dog. However, some things should be out of bounds, like a towel. Dogs and humans should not share the same towel. Remember that these animals tend to shed their hair, and even though your pet may not shed that much, sharing your towels with your dogs is a no. It’s also true when it comes to washing. Please wash human towels and dog towels separately.

Why Should You Buy a Separate Towel for Your Dog?

Dogs come in different breeds. So, their size, texture, and shedding habits will also be different.

However, no matter the species you have, you shouldn’t be sharing towels at any point.

Human towels are designed for moisture absorption from the skin. But they also absorb a small amount of hair.

On the other hand, dogs have fur on their skin which holds a lot of water.

Therefore, if you use a human towel to dry them, you may need two or three.

Plus, since the towel scoops out some hair, it may irritate someone allergic to it.

For this reason, it’s always a good idea to buy a towel specially made for dogs to make your cleaning easier.

Human towels are mostly made of cotton. This material is soft and comfortable and absorbs moisture from the skin without scratching it.

But dogs have fur on their skin. So, they need a heavy-duty towel made of microfiber. This material is more absorbent compared to cotton.

By having a separate dog towel, you can increase the lifespan of your bath towels.

What’s the Best Way to Wash Microfiber Dog Towels?

There are many cleaning methods you can utilize for  dog towels.

You can choose one depending on your knowledge and preference.

But, you need to ensure you select the right one to increase the lifespan of your microfiber towel.

Check the label on the towel for washing instructions.

That said, here are three ways to wash your dog towels.

1. Using a Washing Machine

This is the most preferred method of washing towels, whether for dogs or humans.

You only need to throw the towels inside the machine and set the timer, and that’s all.

Easy right? Using a washing machine saves you time and effort.

But please confirm whether the towel can be machine washed to avoid damaging it.

2. Manual Washing

People don’t love this washing method as it is time and effort-consuming.

You soak the towel in a tub of water and soap, squeeze the water out, rub and change the water.

The more you squeeze, the more dirt will come out.

3. Dry Clean

Dry cleaning microfiber towels isn’t a common method.

But it is very effective in removing dirt. You can take the towels to a local dry cleaner that cleans pet items. The process uses a cleaning solvent and not regular soap and detergent.

Therefore, it is more effective.

Steps to Cleaning Dog Towels

We have talked about the methods you can use to clean towels. Let us now talk about the actual process of washing dog towels at home.

The first thing is to separate the towels depending on their use and dirt level.

If you use your dog towels for different purposes, please don’t mix and clean them together to avoid contamination and protect the fabric.

So, sort the towels as per their uses and wash them separately.

Also, don’t mix another fabric with microfiber. This is among the reasons you shouldn’t wash dog towels with human towels.

Remember that human towels are mostly made of cotton. This material has thin fibers.

So mixing it with microfiber can make it tangle and ruin. Therefore, wash microfiber towels on their own.

After sorting, the next step is to choose your washing method.

Even if you are washing manually, you need some heat to break down stains. So use warm water when cleaning.

And remember to rinse your towels at least twice in a rinse cycle. Doing so removes all the dirt, debris, and remains of your cleaning agent.

Please do not forget to check the towel’s cleaning level.

If you do, your dog may develop skin or fur problems due to contamination or remaining soap.

Once your towels are clean, hang them outside to dry or use the machine dryer.

Is Pet Hair Bad for Your Washing Machine?

As much as you can use your washing machine to wash dog towels, it’s not that simple.

Pet hair in your washing machine can quickly damage it.

Professional cleaners agree that dog and cat hair can accumulate in laundry appliances causing immediate or future issues.

Fur from pets tends to react to most fabrics.

Human hair usually brushes off, but fur clings on materials like cotton, microfiber, and synthetics.

If you put dog towels with fur in the washing machine, the fur forms solid clumps that turn into gummy masses.

These pieces can’t be broken down and hence cannot be cleaned.

Most times, the fur will remain on the towel. So, you will have to peel it off once it is dry.

However, it can also stick to the sides of the washing machine, and some go into the outgoing water pipes.

These fur jumbles will erode and block your washing machine’s drainage system with time.

How to Prevent Dog Towels from Damaging Your Washer?

1. Brush Towels Using A Damp Or Dry Sponge Before Putting Them In The Washer

This will remove excess fur that can damage your washing machine. If the towel is wet, dry it first, then brush it.

2. Use A Lint Roller On Dry Towels

A lint roller is a quick and inexpensive way to get rid of pet hair before throwing the towels in your washing machine.

It helps pick a significant amount of hair, provided the towel is dry.

But it works best if the towel only has a bit of fur instead of loads of fur.

3. Run Towels Covered With Pet Hair Through The Dryer First

Tumble dry your dog’s towel in the dryer with a fabric softening sheet before throwing them in the washing machine.

However, ensure that you set the dryer to no-heat to prevent stains.

Leave the towels in the dryer for about 5-10 minutes first, then take them out and shake them vigorously.

The fur should come off from the towel this way. But if it doesn’t, use a lint roller to pick the remaining strands.

It Is Possible To Boil Microfiber Towels?

It’s always advisable to wash your pet’s towels frequently.

But, most people wait until the towel is completely soiled to start cleaning.

Sadly, at this point, retrieving it to its original condition by washing alone is not possible.

The towel is already discolored, dirty, and smeared with patches.

The best thing in this scenario is to boil the towels instead.

But only if it is a microfiber towel. Confirm with the label instructions about the boiling guidelines.

Also, when boiling, add distilled white vinegar to the water and keep stirring

. Allow at least 60-90 seconds to boil, then remove them with a pair of tongs and rinse with cool water.