What is the Difference Between Cheap and Expensive Coffee Makers?

Having a coffee pot that consistently makes high-quality coffee is crucial if you can’t miss a cup in the morning.

Many inexpensive coffee makers can offer this without denting your pocket.

But expensive machines are also available for those who don’t mind spending a bit more.

So, What is the Difference Between Cheap and Expensive Coffee Makers?

There are many distinct differences between cheap and expensive coffee pots. Price is the obvious difference influenced by the coffee maker’s design and quality. But another thing is the level of care and maintenance needed.

Continue reading to learn how expensive coffee pots differ from cheap ones.

How Are Cheap Coffee Makers Different from Expensive Ones?

1. Price

Of course, the main difference is in terms of price. Obviously, cheaper ones are inexpensive compared to expensive models.

The price difference varies depending on which machine you want.

For instance, if you’re buying a drip, be prepared to pay $40-$220.

The prices for French Press, Siphon, Single Serve, and Espresso range from $20-$150, $65-$200, $65-200, and $250-$4000, respectively.

Super automatic espresso is the most expensive, ranging from $900 to $2,200.

2. Quality Of Materials

While not always so, most expensive models have a sturdier build and are made from high-quality materials.

Manufacturers use premium parts to design these coffee makers.

The main material with cheap coffee pots is plastic.

But bear in mind the more plastic a unit has, the higher the likelihood of something going wrong.

Choosing coffee makers with premium parts is always advisable as they are reliable and can withstand heavy daily use.

One part that you shouldn’t overlook is the grinder.

Cheaper models have blades used for grinding coffee beans.

But with premium pots, they mostly have burrs that grind better and finer compared to blades.

We must also mention that plastic use in coffee makers is associated with long-term adverse effects.

It is why you see some companies advertising BPA-free products because of the health risk that plastic carries.

A machine constructed with high-quality material produces better coffee, is durable, and doesn’t put your health at risk.

3. Level Of Maintenance

Another difference is the level of maintenance and serviceability of the two types of machines.

Usually, plastic materials are worth repairing in trying to restore their original glory.

As such, many people replace their cheap models once the machine stops working.

This is why many used cheap coffee pots are being thrown out or donated.

But with premium models, it may take time before your machine needs repair.

And when that happens, the parts are easily available and can be replaced quickly.

Most of these units are built with serviceability in mind. Therefore, when the time comes, you can get your machine serviced easily.

Are Expensive Machines Better?

We often assume that the more expensive something is, the better it is. However, that’s not always the case. All coffee makers are not created equally. So, although some high-end expensive coffee makers certainly will make a great cup of coffee, you can always find a good coffee model at an affordable price.

Obviously, the brand you choose will affect the overall quality of coffee your machine produces.

For this reason, you ought to find the right brand and type of coffee pot for your needs.

Choosing a good brand and the right model is essential regardless of your budget.

So, consider these two factors whether you are thinking of a premium model or a cheap coffee maker.

Why May You Need an Expensive Coffee Maker?

A high-priced coffee machine may be a worthwhile investment for some reasons.

When we are talking about an expensive coffee maker, we are saying the one that costs $200 and above.

While you are not always assured of the right brand of premium coffee makers, you will always get amazing coffee notes and flavor.

Here are the reasons to choose a high-end coffee pot over a low-priced one:

1. You Are Guaranteed of Optimal Temperature

203 degrees Fahrenheit is considered the optimal brewing temperature.

As you can see, it is slightly below that of water.

Unfortunately, many cheaper units do not even get close to this temperature, and most end up burning out.

So if you need your machine to get hot enough, you are better with high-end models.

2. You Get a Large Brew Head

A large brew head on your coffee maker is crucial for even distribution of ground coffee.

As such, you can expect getter extraction and great flavors of the drink.

3. Excellent Bloom and Pulse Function

Expensive coffee makers can help you make coffee like a professional barista.

The bloom feature degases carbon dioxide from your coffee while the pulse adds flavor to your cup.

Is the Quality of Coffee Better For Expensive Coffee Makers?

We have talked about the burr grinder that is included in most premium models.

This feature grinds your coffee beans better than the blade grinder. As a result, your coffee will be finer and better.

Also, we must mention that expensive machines come with a large brew head, allowing the coffee beans to be ground equally. Thus, your coffee will taste better.

However, bear in mind that cheap coffee won’t taste good even when using an expensive machine.

As much as you need a good machine, it would help if you also had good quality coffee beans to make your cup taste good.

How Do You Find a Great Coffee Maker Without Denting Your Pocket?

There are many affordable coffee pots available in the market.

But as mentioned earlier, what really matters is the quality of the coffee beans you are using.

Research different brands and models and decide which one fits your budget and household use.

Remember that if you have many people in your house, you’ll need a larger unit than someone who lives alone.

And if you are forgetful, buying a machine with the auto-shutoff feature is recommended.

How Should You Choose A Quality Coffee Machine?

Do you want your coffee brewed automatically when you wake up from bed? Or do you want to manually brew a pot?

Electric drip coffee makers feature smart technology that doesn’t require users to do anything when it comes to brewing.

They come with customizable options like pour-over devices and French press.

On the other hand, you can set your programmable unit to brew coffee while you are still in bed.

If you have family members that like drinking coffee, opt for a pod machine.

You also need to consider how much coffee is brewed in your house daily.

If your family consumes a lot of coffee, buy a machine with a large carafe instead of the pod styles that suit those drinking coffee in small quantities.

You might also find a thermal carafe unit ideal if your family drinks coffee throughout the day.

But if they only drink coffee in the morning, machines with burners will serve you right.

Final Thoughts

The main difference between a cheap and expensive coffee maker is the price.

In most cases, expensive machines are worth the investment as they are reliable and deliver good quality coffee throughout so long as you support them by using high-quality coffee beans.

But, you can also do well with a low-priced to mid-tier if you choose the right brand and type.

Remember, the brand influences the quality.

So choose from top well-known brands like Keurig, Mr. Coffee, Chemex, and Bodum.