Is It Tacky To Throw Your Own Baby Shower? (SEVEN REASONS)

A baby shower  is an exciting opportunity for loved ones to share in the joy of a new baby.

Some people are against throwing your own baby shower but modern moms do it anyway.

So, Is It Tacky To Throw Your Own Baby Shower?

No, it is not tacky. The main reason why some parents-to-be don’t organize their own baby showers is that it is against etiquette rules. Some fellows will interpret it as asking for gifts, which is not polite. But if there is no one close to you that can take charge of your baby shower, you can always step up for yourself. 

Seven Reasons Why You Should Throw Your Own Baby Shower

There are awesome reasons why you might want to plan your own baby shower. It totally makes sense and it is easier when you are in control of your event.

1. You Want To Take Charge Of Your Baby Shower

If you want to take control of your own baby shower, it makes sense to organize one yourself than someone else planning it for you.

If it is important to you to customize your event in the best way that is meaningful to you, you’ve got to take control.

You can plan your own menu and pick your own décor instead of leaving it to somebody else.

You know how hard it is to organize an event so don’t fumble by leaving it to someone.

2. You Want To Avoid Typical Baby Showers

Traditional baby shower etiquette can hold you back from having your ultimate shower.

These etiquettes dictate that you shouldn’t hold your own shower.

That means you wouldn’t have the opportunity to make the most out of your event.

When you throw your own shower, you can choose what special elements to feature in your event irrespective of the tradition.

3. You Don’t Want To Burden Anyone

If you don’t want to cause a lot of financial strain on your family and friends, you can throw your own shower. Some parents are fond of overspending on their children.

If you know you’re your friends or relatives are likely to throw you a lavish, you can save them the costs by being your own host.

Alternatively, you can offer to co-organize and share the cost.

4. No One Has Stepped Up To Organize Your Baby Shower

Maybe no one has mentioned or offered to throw you a baby shower.

Or perhaps your circle of friends doesn’t have kids and they don’t know how to organize a baby shower.

Rather than asking them to host your baby shower, the most convenient thing to do is to plan your own event.

5. To Avoid The Uncertainty Of A Surprise Baby Shower

Perhaps you are wondering if someone is planning a surprise baby shower and has not notified you yet.

So, instead of waiting in uncertainty, you better start planning your own shower before your due date arrives.

You will be prepared whether someone has a surprise shower for you or not. Furthermore, if someone is planning to surprise you, they will be notified of your plans.

6. You Don’t Want An Extravagant Baby Shower

Baby showers cost a lot and may consume a lumpsum of your saving if you don’t have limits on your spending.

Therefore, it is practical to host your own lowkey shower where you decide how fancy it will be.

You can actually decide to pay attention to details that are important to you instead of throwing a blanket party.

For instance, the type and level of decorations you want, the theme of your event, and what to include on your menu.

7. Your Loved Ones Are Far Away

Maybe your family and friend would like to host your baby shower but can’t because of distance and travel issues.

And perhaps your local besties are new mums with busy schedules. In this case, the best option is to throw your own shower.

And in this digital era, you can even combine physical attendance with a virtual option so that no one is left out.

There are free virtual venues like Zoom, Skype, and Google Hangouts that offer cool ways to celebrate with your loved ones. You are sure they won’t miss a thing.

How To Throw Your Own Baby Shower

Before you welcome your little champ, there is a lot to plan which includes your baby shower.

Planning a baby shower should be a stress-free and enjoyable process. Here is a handy plan to guide you:

1. Choose Your Baby Shower Location

There are lots of options to pick from but you should consider the places that you love most.

Of course, other factors play an important role in the choice of location such as the expected number of guests, your budget, and even the weather.

Consider the following options:

Your Home

The home of the mom-to-be is an excellent choice. It is comfortable and it offers some privacy.

You have total control over your home.

The guests are comfortable knowing that you are in control. There is no confusion as to where the bathroom is or who has access to the kitchen.


If you fancy going out a lot, you can decide to book space at your favorite café or restaurant.


if you are a devout Christian, a church is an amazing venue.

Most churches are willing to rent out their space for baby shower events.


Holding a party outdoors can be thrilling.

If you know of an epic scenery nearby, that could be an awesome option. For instance, a beach or a beautiful park.

2. Set The Theme For Your Baby Shower

The choice of a theme should reflect the personality of the host (mom-to-be).

You can also set the theme in line with the gender of the new baby yet to arrive.

For example, if you are expecting a baby boy, have a lot of blue colors at the event. And if it is a girl, choose pretty pink colors.

But if you don’t know the gender, you can go easy on the choice of colors.

3. Come Up With A Guest List

You can now settle on who and the number of guests to invite.

Don’t create a long list you cannot afford to host. The number of guests depends on your budget and the choice of venue.

4. Choose Your Menu

Come up with your favorite savory menu and don’t forget the refreshments.

You can work with a caterer if you need a little bit of expert input to guarantee success.

Ask the guests in advance if they are on a special diet to help you in picking the best menu.

If your choice of venue is a restaurant, the guests can select from the hotel menu or you can order a special menu.

Don’t forget the cake. It is a tradition to have a cake at a baby shower. Be creative around the cake decoration and make it the center of the event. If you are not experienced in cake decoration, you can simply order one from your favorite bakery.

Since you won’t be serving alcoholic drinks, think of exciting alternative drinks that match your event.

5. Baby Shower Activities

To make your baby shower memorable, wrap it up with an exciting host of activities.

Baby showers usually don’t last the whole day, so allocate reasonable time for games. Also, make sure that you bring all the supplies that you will need for every activity.

To make it more fun, include prizes for winners.


Traditionally, moms-to-be do not organize their baby showers instead it is up to friends or family members to step up and host.

But now, times have changed. You can throw your own baby shower regardless of the tradition.

So, if you are thinking of hosting one, you can go ahead and throw an amazing bash to express your joy at your expectancy.