Is It Narcissistic To Throw Your Own Birthday Party?

Celebrating your birthday is a special way to get together with friends and family especially if you are acknowledging important milestones in your life.

However, conformists believe that throwing your birthday as an adult is insolent.

But, Is It Narcissistic To Throw Your Own Birthday Party?

No, it is not narcissistic to organize your birthday party. It is totally normal and polite except if you make your birthday party impolite.

The reason why old-school etiquette folks consider throwing your birthday party rude is that guests are expected to bring birthday presents. And if you are organizing your party, then you are technically asking for gifts, which is unmannerly. Adult birthday party naysayers contend that having your birthday party is all about massaging your esteem and less about entertaining your guests. However, society is drifting away from these etiquettes due to different social norms.

General Birthday Party Throwing Guidelines

Your birth is indeed worth celebrating. But some things will make your birthday celebration impolite that you should avoid when organizing your birthday party.

So, as you throw that memorable birthday party, here are the general guidelines you should remember:

1. Birthday Presents

Avoid any mention of presents on your birthday party invitations, not even saying no gifts.

It is better not to mention presents on the invitations but if someone shows up with gifts, you graciously accept them with a smile and a word of gratitude and tuck them away quickly for later perusal.

In line with this, don’t be so enthusiastic about making and distributing a registry. It is hypocrisy to not expect birthday gifts while distributing a registry.

2. Choosing A Venue

Pick a venue that is suitable for the circle of people you want to invite.

If you are planning to invite a small clique of close friends and family members, perhaps a dinner at a restaurant will suffice.

The idea is to erase the notion that you are inviting people to help you foot the restaurant bill.

On the contrary, if you plan to have a grand birthday party, a bar or your old folks’ house will be better options.

3. Sharing The Bill

If it is a common thing for you and your social circle to share each other’s birthday bills, then don’t quarrel a lot when it comes to honoring the check.

Just be grateful for what has been extended to you. It is your birthday party so you should always be ready to settle your bills. Having said that, don’t pick an eatery that is out of your social range.

Choose a restaurant that is affordable to your social circle.

3. Phrasing Your Invitation

Be keen on how you word your invitations. Be polite and careful to convey the correct message to avoid any misinterpretations.

For instance, instead of saying, “kindly join me for my birthday celebration at Norfolk,” which sounds like you have catered for everything, you could rather phrase it as, “I am having my birthday party at Norfolk and I would be glad if you can come.”

4. Posting On Social Media Pages

There is no denying that we are living in an era of social media where information can be broadcasted to the entire world by a simple “Tweet” or a “Facebook” post.

More so, these social media apps have changed the whole birthday game altogether.

Facebook doesn’t hesitate to notify your friends that you have an upcoming birthday even if you are not sure you are going to celebrate anyway.

So, should you post your birthday party invitation on your Facebook wall? Well, you should understand your birthday party is not for everyone.

5. What Drinks To Serve

Avail a variety of drinks for your guests to choose from. It would be impolite to serve alcoholic beverages to your chastened friends.

So, serve both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and let your guests pick their choices. It is prudent to involve them when you are planning your menu so you don’t put yourself in an awkward dilemma.

6. Thank you notes

Sending out cards of appreciation is a nice touch but it is not a must. If you can manage to send them, it is well and good.

Your guests will be glad to know that you value their presence.

However, taking time to write to every guest can be tedious and time-consuming. Just make sure that at some point in the course of your celebration, grab a mic and let your guests know how appreciative you are.

But whatever the means you choose, it’s alright.

Six Essential Steps for Planning Your Birthday Party

You need plenty of time to organize a good birthday bash. As such, the best way to guarantee success is to start preparing a month before the party. Here are key steps to follow:

1. Choose The Date

The best day to host a party is over the weekend. If your actual birthday falls on the weekend, then it is perfect for you.

Otherwise, you can choose a weekend preceding or succeeding your actual birthday.

Weekends are ideal to ensure that you get good attendance.

2. Set The budget

The best way to plan your birthday party is to have a budget.

Give yourself limits to avoid spending more than you can afford.

This will help you have control over how much to spend on drinks, food, decoration, and any other miscellaneous spending that may arise.

3. Guest list

Understandably, you want to have a lot of fun by inviting everyone you know.

Well, a big party is fun for sure, but having it small can be more meaningful and just as fun as a big one. Settle on the guest list beforehand. Just know that you don’t have to invite everyone.

There is always a chance next time to advance your list.

4. Pick The Venue

Now, search for your favorite birthday party venue. Your budget will guide you on where to begin.

If you are planning an intimate birthday party with just family and friends, then the best choice will be your home.

A hotel or restaurant will offer an intimate yet formal choice. Also, consider the type of guests that you are planning to invite. Are they all adults or do they include kids?

Don’t forget the kind of activities you are planning to have at your birthday party.

5. Birthday Party Ideas

This is the most fun part of your birthday party planning. In this step, you get to shop for amazing ideas for your birthday party decorations, birthday cake ideas, and birthday balloons.

The easiest way to do it is to have a theme from which you can draw your ideas. Match party decorations to suit the theme you have picked.

As you brainstorm for the best ideas, be mindful of your budget.

6. Food And Entertainment

You can start planning for the menu three weeks before the party. The easiest pick for a birthday party is a buffet. It is a popular choice among many revelers.

It is relatively cheaper and easy to serve. In the choice of your menu, include some snacks for your guests to bite at while waiting for the main meal to be served.

The fun will not be complete without some games and activities to keep the guests entertained. Be it music or some outdoor activities, tie them to your birthday theme.


A birthday celebration is a happy occasion that is meant to bring friends and family together to honor your achievements.

You don’t have to do it in a particular way or in conformity with some social etiquette to be contented. In your truest way, you can mark your milestones without being narcissistic.