What Should You Store in Your Kitchen Drawers?!? (EIGHT TIPS)

The kitchen is the one room in the house that you spend time in several times a day, throughout the day.

You can clean and organize your kitchen in a way that will make it functional and attractive.

But, What Should You Store in Your Kitchen Drawers?

Kitchen drawers offer maximum storage space.  You can store just about anything in your kitchen drawers, including kitchen towels, spoons and forks, cups, cooking sticks, spices, knives, plates and anything you want to store. The secret is to know how to keep these things organized.

What Exactly Should You Store In The Cabinets And Drawers?

Well, technically, this should be up to you to decide.

But if you are looking for some ideas, we can recommend

  • you put napkins, flatware, knives, utensils, tools, and mats in small cabinets.
  • Then, store spices, mixing bowls, pots or pans and dishes in the medium ones.
  • In large cabinets, place small appliances, coffee mugs, water bottles, large odd-shaped pots or pans, and cereal or snacks.
  • Additionally, consider storing cutting boards, cooking oils and glasses in the upper drawers and reserve the low cabinets for holding vases.

How Can You Organize Your Kitchen Drawers And Cabinets?

More and more people are using kitchen drawers instead of the traditional kitchen cabinets.

It has therefore become essential to organize them.

Being organized makes the kitchen remain functional and enjoyable to work in.

Here’s some advice to help ensure that this happens.

1. Find Space for Every Item

The first step toward having an organized kitchen is to create a home for every item.

You aren’t organizing your space well if you usually pull things from the dishwasher and wonder where they go.

You can use this time to get rid of or donate items you’re not using.

When everything has a place you put it into, you can easily find it when you need it.

2. Consider Your Handedness

Many people don’t think that their handedness matters when organizing kitchen cabinets.

But it plays a huge role when planning your cabinet organization.

For instance, if you are right-handed, put your cooking tools in the drawer on the right next to your stove. But if you are left-handed, place them in the left drawer.

Take the same approach when storing pots and pans to allow more efficiency and accessibility.

3. Organize Snacks Vertically

Vertically arranging snacks like chocolate bars, chip bags, etc., is an excellent way to save and maximize space.

Additionally, doing that will help you know the snacks you’re left with and whether you are running low.

4. Put Knives Inside of Drawers

Storing knives in the inside of the drawer frees up counter space.

Plus, it puts them away from children, reducing the risk of injury.

You can still get them out quickly when you need them while keeping your kitchen organized.

And, since your counter space is clutter-free, you can work freely and conveniently.

5. Buy a Spice Drawer Liner

If you love spices in food, chances are that you have several different ones.

Instead of just throwing them in your kitchen drawers, think of using a spice liner.

This will help keep your kitchen neat.

A spice liner keeps the spice jars separately and prevents them from rolling around when you open or close the drawer.

Therefore, it keeps the labels upright, allowing you to grab what you want quickly.

6. Invest in Drawer Organizers

If you want help creating order in a chaotic drawer, purchase a drawer organizer.

Thankfully, they come in various materials, styles and pricing.

So you can mix and match inexpensive drawers to create a unique configuration for your kitchen drawers.

7. Use Clear Storage Cubbies

Storage compartments of different sizes can help declutter your drawers and keep them organized.

The clear options are more practical as you can see everything clearly without pulling the bins out.

Also, if you have drawers in the cabinets, you can stack the cubies vertically and save space.

8. Fold Your Kitchen Towels

Rolling kitchen towels is mainly done in hotels. But it can also work for your kitchen drawer.

It makes it easy to reach and take out a towel without disarranging or dirtying the other towels in your drawer.

Plus, this arrangement makes a towel less likely to slip off from the top of a stack and slide behind the drawer. Therefore, you can forget the drawer jams.

Tips for Storing Items in Your Kitchen Drawers

Before deciding what to put in your kitchen drawers, take everything from your storage.

Some things in your cabinets and cupboards are better stored in the drawers.

Then, determine the size range of your drawers and dedicate items correctly.

Cutlery, napkins, utensils and table linens can be stored in slim drawers.

Then you can store spice jars, foils and films in small drawers.

Leave deep drawers for large items like chinaware, pans and pots and electrical cooking appliances like blenders and smoothie makers.

To maximize the space, you can store baking trays, casserole dishes, and chopping boards vertically between dividers.

If you stack your items, make sure not to go past three.

Again, take advantage of drawer dividers to help you keep things organized.

Such dividers help you create sections within your drawers. Therefore, you can allocate each space for different items.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, you can store just about anything in your kitchen drawers.

You just need to ensure that you keep them organized so that you can maximize the space.