What Should Be Done with Your Kids’ Bedroom When They Move Out? (TEN OPTIONS)

Children grow up so fast. One minute you are teaching them to ride a bike the next, they are moving out.

Although this can be the proudest moment of any parent, it can also be scary.

So, What Should Be Done with Your Kids’ Bedroom When They Move Out?

Many parents struggle with how to use their new bedrooms once their children move out. But, even if you have no idea how to transform this space, the last thing you should do is to leave it the way it is. Remember that you want to deal with the emotions that come with your child moving out, and leaving their bedroom as it is will only make things worse.

Thankfully, there are many things to do with your kids’ room once they move out, including turning it into an office, a guest room, a storage room, etc.

Let’s look at how you can transform this space into functional and attractive.

10 Things to Do with Your Children’s Former Bedroom

1. Turn It into a Guest Bedroom

A good step will be to transform your child’s old room into a guest room.

This way, your visitors will have somewhere warm and cozy to rest when they visit you.

First, start by taking down all the posters, sports memorabilia, and trophies.

Then decorate this space into a tranquil, inviting room where your guests (including your children when they visit) will feel welcomed.

You can include an alarm clock, a TV, a calendar, a nightstand, and a lamp.

If you have several empty rooms, transform the one farthest from the master bedroom to allow you and your guests more privacy.

2. Transform It into a Space for Visiting Children

A lovely guest room is an excellent way to use the spare bedroom.

But it’s not the only way.

At some point, your children’s will return for a visit.

For this reason, making them feel welcomed every time they visit is essential.

You can change the space into a grown-up version that matches their new life status.

You don’t have to clear everything out.

You can leave behind some books and furniture they left behind.

But get rid of old posters, trophies, and school-related odds and ends.

Change the wall’s paint color.

New color adds some pop to the room and is an inexpensive way of transforming it.

Additionally, replace old posters with new graphic prints and buy unique hangings.

The room can still be used by other guests staying for a few days. But mostly this room is for your children visiting during breaks and vacations.

3. Tribute Room

Start by deep cleaning the room to remove old elementary school art paintings and projects.

Then frame photos and certificates. Also, look for other things in the closet that warm your heart to display.

Once you’ve collected these things, create a shadow box.

This will serve as a tribute to your child and can be an excellent way of remembering them when they are far away.

4. Convert It into a Library

Do you always fantasize about having a great library in your house?

Books dominating the décor have become one of the most explored styles of today.

You can build a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf.

Then add leather chairs, reading lamps, and a small ladder on the runner to allow you to reach high shelves.

Thankfully, this is easier and inexpensive than it looks.

Remember that you need more books than furniture in a library. So, your project will not be as expensive or complicated as you think.

5. Design a Hobby Room

Sometimes we don’t think we need a particular room to do our hobbies.

But as it turns out, this space is essential in improving your concentration and productivity.

And since you already have an empty bedroom, you only need to buy several supplies that will allow you to work on your hobbies.

These include a chair or stool, storage boxes, lamps, counter space, chalk or whiteboard, peg board, shelving, and cabinets.

What’s essential is to ensure you have every important thing you need for your hobby.

6. Turn it into a Home Office

If you work remotely or want an organized place for when the days you bring your office work at home, you need an office in your house.

An empty bedroom left behind when your child moves out can offer an excellent to build your office.

You’ll be more comfortable working from this room than in the kitchen counter or living room. Plus, more space to remain proactive with little to no disturbances.

7. Transform it Into a Nursery

If your last born has just moved out, chances are that their older siblings have started or are starting their own families.

If you are about to be called a grandparent, you must prepare for this room.

One good start is setting your home to be friendly and welcoming to grandbabies.

Having a small room with a changing table and several toys will make it easier for you and your child to bond with the new family member.

Plus, your child will appreciate this extra effort.

8. Design a Den

Bedrooms are meant for sleeping, and it is better to use them that way. You can have your den in this room.

Add a sofa bed and a comfortable chair to this room.

But ensure that you change the wall paint first. We recommend neutral colors as they will make your den more adaptable.

Then, remove everything that can interfere with your sleep, including TVs, smartphones, and laptops, from your bedroom into your den.

The aim is to design a beautiful place where you can watch, socialize on Facebook or read a book without any disturbances.

Additionally, you may want to include furniture, but remember that less is more.

You can opt for a daybed and add many oversized pillows.

9. Change into a Home Gym

A home gym can be challenging if you don’t have a specific room to practice your workouts.

But now that your child has moved out and you have an empty bedroom, you can use this space for your home exercises.

You’ll be motivated to work out quickly when you can see your gym equipment. Depending on your finances, you can make a simple or an advanced gym.

10. A Man Cave

Fathers, like everyone, need a place they can go to unwind time and again.

Transforming the new empty kid’s bedroom into a man cave is an excellent way of using this space.

You can think of decorating it with leather and dark wood. But it isn’t a must.

Additionally, you also do not need cigars.

It can just be a simple room with comfortable seating and serves as an entertainment room.

So you can fill it with a foosball/pool table game or a video game unit to make it more entertaining.

Final Thoughts

There are many ways to make use of this empty kid’s bedroom.

However, regardless of the idea you opt for, ensure to transform the room to meet your wants and needs.

Also, it is wise to consider your child, especially if they’ve moved out for college.

It can be heartbreaking to come back home and see their childhood home changes.

So, involve them in the repurposing to make the transition easier for them.