Can You Put A Storage Shed Under A Tree? (Seven Considerations!)

Depending on how big your home is, you will at least need somewhere to store certain items.

While some people opt to store everything in the garage or basement, others might prefer to store extra items in a shed.

When contemplating building a storage shed, one of the key considerations is the position of the structure.

So, Can You Put A Storage Shed Under A Tree?

Yes. Building experts can help you build a classic shed under a tree and give you guidelines to help you take good care of the shed so it does not get damaged easily.

Like building other sheds, you need to check if your preferred building area is suitable in regard to the shed’s purpose. Avoid putting it under a tree if you are building a shed to store food items. However, for something like a firewood shade, there is no harm in putting it under a tree.

If your compound has several mature trees that you wouldn’t want to cut down but still need storage space, worry no more. You can put a shed under or near trees. 

Seven Shed Location Considerations

1. Check Local Building Codes

This is the first and most important thing to consider before deciding to have a shed.

You can try checking with your region’s chamber of commerce to see what building regulations you may need to follow when constructing a shade.

Generally, the codes will provide information regarding

  • how the shed should be constructed
  • shed design
  • where it should be placed.

It is easier to check with the principles before building it than to build it and have the local authority destroy the standing shed because it was made against the set regulations.

2. DIY OR Offsite Construction & Delivery?

When adding a shed to your compound, it is not automatic that you will have to build it.

There are some businesses that specialize in constructing sheds and selling the already made sheds.

If you are not a good DIYer or find it hard to hire a qualified person to build your shed, you can buy a ready-made shed and put it on your property.

However, if you prefer building it yourself, you can buy the necessary materials and equipment and commence with the building task.

You can weigh the two options and choose one that fits your budget and all the other shed ownership regulations.

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3. Style And Size

Once you check with the building codes, the next thing is to choose the right style and size for your shed.

When you check out different building plans, you will realize that there are many types and sizes you can choose from regarding what you feel fits you best.

While selecting an option for size and style, you will need to determine the shed’s purpose to ensure that you are not building something that won’t serve you the purpose you had planned for.

The best way to help you get a good shed is to consider the style and size of your land, so you will have to build something in line with the existing structures that fit the available space.

4. Function

What functions do you need the shed to serve you?

This way, you will be able to build a standard shed that can serve you best.

5. Shed Location

After figuring out what purpose your shed will serve, you will need to also check on where it will be placed. It is easy to position a shed in regard to its functionality.

For instance, you can put a shed in the backyard if you want to store firewood or farm equipment.

However, if you need an office shed or a play area shed, you can put it on the front side of the house.

For a storage shed, you may have different sheds, each storing different items.

A firewood shed can be placed under a tree, but a foodstuff storage shed cannot be put under a tree as the conditions can damage the foodstuff.

6. Any Issues With Desired Location?

When choosing a site to construct your shed, you should also consider the possibility of problems arising at that site of your choice.

For example, if you have selected an area with many trees, you can consider the possibility of having tree branches and leaves falling over the shed roof and damaging it.

Also, check on the root system of the trees because some roots can pose a problem to the foundation of the shed.

For such cases, you can consider cutting the tree down before you build a shed or trimming the branches, so they do not overlap and fall on the shed.

Similarly, you can erect the shed some inches high so that its foundation and floor are not affected by the roots’ structure.

Avoid constructing a shed in an area with a lot of water because the water can sip inside the shed and damage whatever you have stored in it.

7. Shed Features

Find some of the features that can improve the function of your shed and incorporate them into your construction process.

You can add features like hanging hooks, shelves, and other storage space for the storage shed. These features will help improve the functionality of your shed while enhancing its effectiveness and efficiency.

You may also want to improve the exterior of your shed to make it look presentable and appealing.

You can add decorative trim, shutters, and good paint for the roof and the sides of the shed.

Even though some people don’t consider the decorative aspects of the shed, it doesn’t mean that you should always avoid them.