What Should You Do If Someone Rings Your Doorbell Late At Night?

After a long day of numerous activities, most people prefer finding somewhere to rest or sleep at night.

With the dense darkness and empty streets, you obviously do not expect to hear doorbells at night, especially when you are not expecting anyone.

However, there are times when you might hear the doorbell ring late in the night when you expect that everyone is asleep.

You may be confused and left wondering how to respond to some rare but fearful occasions like having your doorbell ring in the middle of the night.

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So, What Should You Do If Someone Rings Your Doorbell Late At Night?

Well, the best thing is to alert the police by calling 911. You may not know the intentions of whoever is knocking on your door. If you opt to open for them, they might just be some thieves or armed men trying to attack you.

For the sake of your safety and the people in your home, you should never open a door for someone late at night unless you know their intentions. However, if you were expecting someone, or maybe your spouse delayed coming back and has just arrived at 2 am, you can open the door for them, but first confirm that they are the exact person you were waiting for.

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Eleven Things To Do For Late Night Doorbell Rings

Some of the things you can do when you hear your doorbell ring late in the night.

Even though all these options may not work for you, you can try one that you feel more secure with or the best that comes to your mind while trying to control the panic state.

1. Call 911

911 is an option for those late night disruptions.

From your knowledge, you might not know whether the stranger has bad intentions or needs help.

When the police come, they will help handle the stranger and get to know the exact intentions.

If they were burglars, they would be chased or arrested, and if someone needed help, they would also figure out a way of helping them.

One good thing about calling 911 is that they respond very fast to ensure your safety.

2. Open The Door

Though not the best idea, you can opt to open the door. However, it is advisable that you first confirm who is at the door.

Never open the door blindly to know who is there.

3. Use An Intercom Doorbell

You can use the intercom doorbell if you have installed one on your door.

Once mounted outside the front door, it uses a push-to-talk feature that asks, “Who is there” whenever the door is pushed.

The intercom with a 2- way communication is the best as it allows you to communicate with the stranger at the door without even opening the door.

4. Question The Stranger Through The Door

Talk to the stranger through the (closed) door to know who they are and what they want.

If you have an additional storm door to your front door, you can slightly open it to speak to the stranger but still be secure inside. Ensure the door foot is set on a chain guard before opening it.

5. Use The Video Door bell Security Camera

Several video security cameras are available in stores that you can purchase and install on your doors.

Connecting to wi-fi enables you to see, hear, and speak to visitors on your PC, tablet, or phone.

You can easily check who is at the door and can easily deter burglars who will also see it there.

If you can’t afford the real video cameras, you can opt for the cheap dummy security cameras, which also work well in deterring burglars, thieves, and solicitors.

6. Look Through A Window

Look from an adjacent window, if there is one, to see who is outside.

If your door has a window, do not use it because it might be risky as the outside person will also see you. The adjacent window is safer because the one outside might not see you check on them.

If you don’t recognize the person outside by checking them through the window, you can also ask who they are and what they want.

If you find them innocent and that they are giving a genuine reason, you can go ahead and open the door.

7. Set The Door On A Chain Lock

With a strong and perfectly mounted door chain lock, you can simply open a small space and use it to speak with a late-night stranger.

Before opening the small door space, ensure the chain mountings are perfectly attached.

Use 3-inch long screws to mount the door, so it can be stable enough to resist push-in.

If possible, avoid the screws that come with the door lock because they are too short to give the door and chain a good and secure grip.

Consider investing in a good door chain because the cheap ones usually break easily if the intruder slams it with a lot of weight.

8. Tell Them That You Are Not Alone

When someone knocks on the door at night, and you are at home alone, you might panic, especially if you are a woman.

Most women are not as strong as men, and the late-night visitor might use this as a chance to break in easily.

You can tell the intruder that your husband, father, or brother is at home fixing something. These few words can scare away anyone who has bad intentions.

9. Ignore The Doorbell

If you panic from the late-night doorbell sound, you can also console yourself, find peace, and get back to bed by ignoring the doorbell.

No specific law says you must open a door when you hear the bell ring or it being knocked.

As much as this action may sound good, it can give potential burgers a reason to break in as they will assume that there is no one inside.

10. Take A Defensive Posture

When you can’t recognize the stranger or trust their explanations, there is no offense in keeping yourself armed.

If you suspect that anything bad might happen because of the strange night occurrences, you can take anything available and be ready to defend yourself in case the intruder manages to break in.

11. Put Large Dog Bowls At The Front Door

Whether you have a dog or not, putting a large dog bowl at the door will imply that you have some sods around.

When someone with bad intent knocks at the door and eventually sees a dog bowl, they will fear and can run away.

Some solicitors may be scared by barking dogs and will obviously prefer to go away than wait for the dog to chase them.

Therefore, training your dog to bark whenever the doorbell rings can help scare away any midnight stranger from ringing your doorbell.

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Doorbells are meant to alert you that someone is at the door and needs your attention.

However, when it rings late at night, there might be burglars or someone in dire need of help.

If you are unsure what the person at your door late in the night is up to, you can consider the tips above to handle and manage the situation.