Should The Shed Be The Same Color As Your House?

Building a shed in the backyard can create extra storage space for several items.

This shed should be considered part of the homestead and not just some standalone structure away from the house.

To make it complement your entire home aesthetics and landscape, you need to consider the shed’s color theme.

So, Should The Shed Be The Same Color As Your House?

When painting a shed, choose a color that corresponds with the house. Whether you choose the same color or not, try to ensure your house paint color and backyard are within the same color scheme. You can also choose a color scheme that aligns with your landscape. Generally, painting the shed the same color as the house can be a definite YES or NO.

One of the biggest challenges you will face when building a new shed is the choice of the paint color.

Literally, the color is the first thing that most people notice and can draw substantial attention from people visiting you or just passing by.

You need to make at least sure that you don’t make mistakes.

This article will guide you on how.

Make choices for your shed color and how to paint it in a way that will make it rhyme with your landscape and backyard color theme.

Four Shed Paint Color Ideas

No one color fits all solutions when it comes to a backyard shed.

For this reason, it is important to generate several options and only pick one that you think is the best and most appealing.

Whether you opt for custom or the popular colors, make sure it rhymes with your home color theme unless you want to make it stand out and outshine other things in the yard.

Here are a few ideas for shed paint colors.

1. Neutral Colors

Neutral colors are the best overall paint colors for a shed that will help rhyme it to your house.

Using a neutral color, your shed will not sound like a focal point in the yard but rather a part of the entire backyard. You can choose gray, light blue, soft green, or any other natural color.

All of these can easily blend with any landscape and the natural greenery without extremely standing out.

2. Bold colors

If you are bold enough to love bold colors, choosing one for your shed may not be hard.

Probably, you want to make your shed elegantly stand out.

You can also use bold color paint on your shed if your house walls are painted in similar or rhyming bold colors.

Most people who paint their sheds with bold colors use the approach of rhyming it with some colorful blooms.

3. Accent Colors

Some homeowners choose one color for all their property.

From the bigger house, interior and exterior walls, the patio, outdoor furniture and cushions, and all other items in the yard have the same color.

In such a case, choosing the same color for your shed can be very easy. It will help tie various parts of the compound or yard together.

4. Subdued Colors

Subdued colors are also a good option for painting the shed.

For starters, a subdued color will tend to weather over time, and eventually, the bright color will start fading. If you love classic things, a subdued color can be elegant.

For example, the white sheds are quite trendy as they look sharper from a distance.

However, you need to prepare to frequently clean the shed because of how fast it will show leaves and dirt around it.

Six House And Shed Color Correlation Tips

To match your house with your shed, you can do several other things, apart from focusing on the color.

Even though the color theme is an important aspect of matching the structures in your property, you can also consider the tips below and effectively match your shed with the house.

1. Add A Front Porch

A front porch is a popular structure added to a property and identified by many architectural styles.

Apart from extending the living space, a porch inter coordinated with the shed to give your home a sense of completeness.

Both structures can give you more storage space and a beautiful playhouse for your babies.

2. Deck it out

A platform deck serves almost the same function as a backyard shed or a porch but is raised from the ground.

You can also add a platform deck to your shed, just like the one on your house, which will greatly help balance out the design and appearance of the structures.

If you are a proficient DIYer, you can add a 2×6 treated lumber and top it up with a double-sided frame.

It is also wise to make a shed deck that extends out by about 2 feet to create a sensible visual appeal.

You can add a few chairs to the deck if you have the shed for relaxing and enjoying a fresh breeze.

3. Add An Awning

Most houses have verandas or well-roofed extensions outside the house.

For a shed, you can put an awning to make it rhyme with the design of your house.

Additionally, it will shield you from sun and rain when moving items inside the shed. Such an addition works in tandem with the other items in the shed.

You can roof with silver tech to keep the interior comfortable.

You can also install overhangs at the windows to help reduce the amount of sunlight getting inside your shed space.

4. Match Your Siding Choices

When planning for the outdoor shed, it is important to consider the siding choices.

For example, if your home is brick, it would appear disconnected if your shed was T1- 11. Such details count to improving the look of your outdoor structure.

When the shed is built to match the look of your home, it feels like an extension to your home and can increase the entire value of the home.

5. Coordinate The Colors

Painting your outdoor shed to match that of your house is a great step in unifying the entire look of your outdoor structure.

While matching the colors, consider both the exterior color, trim color, door, and even windows.

With coordinated colors, the shed looks like an extension of the house and creates a unified look.

6. Install Unique Hardware

There are some unique hardware pieces like windows that can improve the entire backyard look.

Matching your backyard shed to your home can improve the details of your backyard shed and home.

Your backyard sheds hardware like the handles, hinges, latches, and locks of the door and windows should at least match those on your door.

Most people prefer using wrought iron for the additional hardware as it has a colonial look that perfectly fits on carriage-style doors.


The paint you choose for the structure of your compound can determine whether it will be appealing or not.

If you wish to rhyme the color of your shed with that of the house, then you should consider the color themes that you had used on your house.

You can consider the tips above to make sure your house and she’d appear to be of the same style both in appearance and design.