Is Your Yard Too Small For A Riding Mower? (FIVE CONSIDERATIONS!)

A lawn mower is essential in keeping your lawn tidy and the grasses perfectly maintained.

The lawn mower makes it easy for you to cut and levelize the grasses in the yard, thus keeping your lawn healthy.

Before buying a lawn mower, it is wise to consider the available types to choose one that fits your lawn size easily.

In this regard, Is Your Yard Too Small For A Riding Mower?

Well, professionals recommend the use of a riding mower on at least three-quarter-acre pieces of lawn. However, you can use the smallest riding mower on a small yard with slightly short grasses. A riding lawn mower needs sufficient space to maneuver. Using it on a small lawn can easily damage the grass and nearby pathways as it lacks adequate turning space.

However, the size of your lawn should not discourage you from using a riding mower as long as you can operate it on that small or large lawn. If you want to mow your lawn for the first time, you must be careful with the type of riding mower you choose. 

What Is A Riding Mower?

As the name suggests, a riding lawn mower is a type of mower that the user sits on and rides on a lawn while operating it.

It is also referred to as a lawn tractor, ride-on mower, or tractor mower.

Riding lawn mowers are great for cutting grasses on large open areas.

Some of the large tractor mowers have blades positioned at the center, while other small ride-on mowers have their blades slightly off the center.

The mowers have a small turning radius making them good to use on landscapes with obstacles, while others can even go under items like picnic tables and benches.

The Three Types Of Riding Mowers

There are different types of lawn mowers in terms of size and navigation mechanism, but they all serve the same function.

1. Sit On Tractors

This mower looks more like a small tractor with its engine positioned at the front while the mowing deck is under the belly.

You can also find other large tractor mowers fitted with mounts where you can attach a wagon, scrape blade, a rototiller, or a mowing deck.

The mounting feature makes it suitable for gardening, lawn maintenance, and general grass mowing.

The price of this mower depends on the engine size and the width of the cutter blades.

Before you purchase, check on the size of your lawn, compare its value to the cost of a ride-on tractor and make a sound purchasing decision.

2. Rear Engine Ride On Mowers

The rear engine ride-on mowers have a motor mounted behind the seat and have a narrow footprint that enables them to navigate in small places.

Its price depends on the size of the mower and the availability of additional features like baggers.

3. Zero-Turn Riding Mowers

Zero-turn riding mowers are specially designed to cut down the amount of necessary grass trimming.

It comes in sizes ranging from 32 inches to 12 feet wide that are incredibly suitable for commercial and homeowners with large lawns to maintain.

The smallest zero-turn mowers are suitable for maintaining small yards.

You can also use the small zero-turn mower on a large track of grass, but you will take more time to finish mowing.

The engine is positioned at the back of the mower seat, making it easy for you to determine the frost wheels and trim your yard with high precision.

You can also find a battery-powered zero-turn mower that functions like the fuel engine-powered mower.

The price is dependent upon on the mowing width, engine size, and brand.

The Five Things To Consider Before Buying A Riding Lawn Mower

Buying a riding lawn mower is a big investment for lawn owners. Before you purchase one, consider the following:

1. Size Of Your Lawn

The size of your lawn is a vital factor when choosing a lawn mower.

If you have a large lawn, you will need a large mower, too, with all the chops to easily handle the task while saving time.

The best way to determine the mower’s capability is by checking its cut width.

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Is Your Yard Too Small For A Riding Mower?

The cut width indicates how wide the mower can clear a grass strip in a single pass.

If the cut width is large, you will spend less time mowing because a lot of grass will be cut at once.

30 to 42 inches cutting width can do well for a lawn measuring less than one acre, while a lawn of more than 5 acres requires at least a 54 inches width mower.

2. Comfort

While mowing, you will need to stay in a comfortable posture to perform the task effectively.

You can check for some comfort features in a ride-on mower, such as seats.

The sitting position is a basic point of focus, especially when you are riding on a mower for several hours.

It is advisable to pick a mower with high back seats, armrest, and lumbar support to keep you comfortable for the long working hours.

3. The Terrain Of Your Lawn

Check the terrain of your lawn to help you choose a reliable mower that you can freely navigate while working.

If your terrain has many obstacles, consider a mower with a tight turning radius that is helpful for steering and navigating tight corners.

A tight turning radius ensures smooth handling and a smooth and uniform cut. The turn radius is indicated in inches, and the lower the radius, the tighter the turns.

If your lawn has several shrubs or flower beds, a zero-turn mower is the best as it can use a pair of levers to maneuver.

It spins on a dime with exactly a zero turning radius.

Additionally, the zero-turn mowers have a higher forward speed that enables them to whip around tight edges as it provides smooth cuts.

4. Cart And Attachments

Good riding mowers come with mounts, making the mower do more than just cutting grass.

You can attach a dump cart on the mounts to help you easily move lawn debris.

You can also attach a snow plow or snow blower to deal with the effect of tough winters on your lawn.

5. Other Capabilities

While shopping for a ride-on mower, check for extra features and capabilities like engine design and power.

Single engines are cheap and can work perfectly in small yards.

V twin engines are suitable for several acres of lawns because they are designed to run for several hours continuously.

The v-twin engines also mow faster and easily navigate uneven terrain.

Other specially designed mowers can mow in a reverse direction. Reverse mowing also helps smoothen out the spots on hilly terrains.

These mowers are very helpful, especially when mowing on a lawn with many obstacles.


The size of your lawn can, in some way, help you determine the type of mower to purchase or hire whenever you want to mow the lawn.

Consider the other factors for purchasing a mower in this article and decide to buy one among the three main types of ride-on mowers.