Can You Put an Electrical Outlet in A Closet? (FIVE REASONS!)

If there’s a lack of space in your home, installing an outlet in one of your closets could be a viable solution to the lack of outlets in your home.

That is why anyone considering implementing this idea probably has to ask whether it is okay.

One thing about electrical outlets is that accessibility and location go hand in. You want to achieve convenience and maximum security.

So, Can You Put an Electrical Outlet in A Closet?

Yes. Provided you have adhered to installation and safety procedures and measures, there is no problem with having an electrical outlet in the closet. All that you need is accessibility to it.

This article has all the answers that you seek about installing an electrical outlet in a closet and much more. Find out!

Is It Against the Law For an Electrical Outlet To Be In The Closet?

No law prohibits the installation of an electrical outlet in the closet.

One of the reasons why you rarely see them in the closets is because most home builders question the convenience of having them there.

Nothing more. You will find it cumbersome connecting it with your devices and appliances unless you have an extension cord to the floor.

Even though no law prohibits the installation of electrical outlets in the closet, there are some local regulations worth abiding by.

You will need to check these local guidelines because they are as important.

Your safety is their key concern. Beware of what might cause accidents and harm in the home.

Luckily, many of the local guidelines are adjusting their regulations to allow homeowners to install electrical outlets in their home closets.

They are beginning to realize that it can be an ideal spot for connecting and charging many devices including mobile phones. More on this in the next section.

Five Reasons Why It Is A Good Idea to Install Electrical Outlets in The Closet

There are a plethora of good reasons why you should install electrical outlets in your closets these days.

So, if you are having a dilemma thinking about why you might need one in your closet, here are five good reasons.

1. Your Closet Is A Strategic Location for Charging Batteries

Be it AA batteries that need to be charged or your kid’s Xbox controllers, charging them in the closet hides them away.

This way, they will charge undisturbed and will be out of reach of kids. We all put the safety of our appliances and devices first. In return, our safety is even more guaranteed.

2. It Is an Ideal Sport for Smart Devices

Some modern smart devices need a concealed spot that is devoid of interference.

A good example is the well-known Amazon Echo which is used for a variety of purposes like turning off lights and playing music.

Inside your closet, this smart device can operate undisturbed.

As we mentioned, modern homes are becoming smarter than we ever imagined.

Most of these smart technologies and devices are voice-controlled.

You, therefore, realize that having such devices in the closets allows you to effectively customize your home and free up other outlets so they can be used for purposes like connecting home appliances to electricity.

3. Closets Can Be Used for Emergency Flashlights

Emergencies are unpredictable. But we can conceive and device means to let us know when they knock.

Emergency flashlights are some of the most effective emergency alerts you can have in the home.

So, in case you live in a storm-prone zone, having emergency flashlights can help alert you of the impending danger.

Your closet is a suitable place for such lights.

That is why you need to have an electrical outlet in there where these flashlights can be connected to a power source. Many hotels these days prefer to have them installed in the closets.

4. Your Closet Is A Good Place to Put a Roomba

It is amazing what technology can do for us. We have made several strides towards achieving an automated world where technological devices and appliances work at our command.

Roombas and automated vacuums, for instance, can execute housework while you’re away.

Such appliances and devices, just like all the others, need to charge. And it seems there is no safer and better place for them to charge than in the closets.

5. It Is A Nice Place to Put Security Systems

Whether cameras, sounds, or alarms, your home security systems need the power to operate. The hallways have always been the best places to install such devices.

Well, a closet can equally serve you well and help avoid making the hallways crowded with devices.

Additionally, a closet will conceal these devices even more and therefore adds to the function they were primarily designed to do.

7 Easy Steps to Put Electrical Outlets in The Closet

This is perhaps the big reason why you came here to read this article.

Stay put as we take you through 7 easy to follow steps to get an electrical outlet installed in the best place inside your closet.

1. Choose A Suitable Spot

You want to ensure the outlet is convenient for use. So, choose a nice spot in the closet for your outlet.

2. Turn Off the Main Power

Every assignment that involves electricity requires you to put off the main power supply.

Electricity is lethal if not handled with ultimate care.

If you are having trouble distinguishing between the neutral and hot wire, you can use a voltmeter to rule the case.

Proceed to turn off the main power supply so that you do to get shocked.

3. Locate the Space Between the Studs

To locate studs, use a stud finder.

This will provide a location of where you want to put the outlet.

4. Tap Power from Another Outlet

Of course, you will need to get power from another outlet to the news outlet in the closet.

Do the necessary connections using a wire to redirect power to the closet.

5. Cut the Hole for The Placement of The Electrical Outlet

Cut a hole on the dry way where you will fix the outlet.

6. Install the New Outlet Box

With all the prior steps out of the way, it is time to get the outlet fixed on the closet. Attach the wires to the outlet and install the outlet plate.

7. Repair Any Damaged Caused to The Closet

Finally, you may want to repair the drywall depending on the size of cutting that you had done and the extent of damaged that was caused.

This is inevitable and helps you restore an ambient look in the closet.

Calling A Certified Electrician

Alternatively, you can hire a certified electrician to d the installation for you.

However, you’ll need to come up with the money to cover labor costs.

All the same, if you can trust your skills, both ways (DIY, hire professional) can lead to a well-installed electrical outlet in the closet.


When it comes to installing electrical outlets, convenience is paramount.

You want to put it in a spot where you can access it with ease.

Your closet is seeming one of the most suitable and secure places to charge and connect small devices and appliances to electricity.

Hopefully, this article has given you full reassurance on the right way to install an electrical outlet in the closet.