Mobile Home Flooring Options

Mobile Home Flooring Options – Buying And Installation Guide

Your floor is one of the most important components of your home. Actually, it’s the foundation of a good design, protecting you and your family from the cold underneath and providing a way to update your home as well. Apparently,  determining one’s mobile home flooring options is a tricky affair, especially if you are in an older home model. Perhaps, you won’t get everything perfectly squared in an older mobile home. Just to be honest with you, you aren’t going to find too many square walls or floors in an older home.

But there are issues that affect mobile home flooring, such as moisture damage, walls separating from the floor, as well as bowing and sagging (moisture being the cause). Thank goodness, we were able to replace sub-flooring in our hallway, cheaply and in a way we felt it was easy.

But there are several mobile home flooring options to choose from. There’s wood flooring, laminate flooring, pink bamboo, dark walnut etc. The list is endless, the decision is almost too much to bare, unless you are an expert in the area of flooring.

You want a tile floor in your bathroom, but which kind exactly? The decision is tough. So you start researching on different tiles to make sure that you only get a tile that fits your family’s lifestyle. Flooring is a sound investment for every home owner, which is why people are always looking for ways to install only the best of floors. So while conducting research, you’ll soon find that tiles are rated from low to high in their ability to wear. So it’s only important that you buy the highest rating of flooring materials, particularly for your bathroom.

On the other hand, ceramic tiles contain fieldspar and clay. Their attractive color is achieved during the glaze used in the firing process. Again, there’s natural clay tile which is also known as Terra-cotta. At this point, your research will reveal to you that naturally unglazed terra-cotta has large spaces in between, so they absorbs water, as opposed to when glaze is applied on the surface so that they become water resistant. The clay itself gives it the reddish brown appearance. But there’s also white clay used in the making of tiles. Ceramic is available in a wide variety to select from. You could go for high gloss, glass or mate.

Porcelain tile is also a type of ceramic tile commonly found in homes. Porcelain contains a mineral known as kaolin. This mineral makes the tile very dense and strong. So it would be a great choice for high traffic areas in your home.

There’s stone tiles too, which are made from either limestone, slate, marble, granite etc. Though natural stones are not perfect, it makes them beautiful in that state. However, when buying stone tiles, it is best that you buy everything you need at once. That way, there’s a better chance of uniformity because they all came from the same seam and the same depth of cut.

The symptoms that your flooring needs repair are quite obvious. For example, particle board floors have a tendency to break down so fast. They are an alternative to plywood. If you’ve ever poured water on it, chances are you’ve noticed how it absorbs water and expands. And if you have kids who like to pour water on the floor regularly, it may not last long.

Because you are reading this article now, chances are that you are looking to fix your floor and so you’d feel cheated if i stopped here, or told you to call someone to have it fixed. Therefore, i’ll walk you through a step by step tutorial that explains how you can fix your mobile home floor. No need to worry because it’s not a complicated process.

Let’s figure out what tools, parts and hardware you’ll need to get the job done once and for all:

1) Safety goggles

2) Claw hammer

3) Pry bar

4) Circular saw

5) Measuring tape

6) Screw driver

7) Marking pencil

8) Measuring tape

9) Wood screws

10) Enough half or three quarter inch plywood to replace the floor in question


The first step would be to prepare your work area. You’ll need to pull up the existing carpet in readiness for a new floor.

Cut it out

When you’re cutting along the crossbeams, do it in a careful manner so that you don’t weaken them. If you aren’t that handy with the saw, just cut up the crossbeam and pull out all the nails or tap the particle board apart from the nails, then pull them out. They can fairly break apart using your hammer.

You have to expose the crossbeams on all the four sides that you are going to replace–that’s for maximum support. Failing to screw the board into all the cross beams could result in nails pulling up underneath your weight. It’s called the old broken diving board effect. You can now apply the new piece of plywood onto the 4 sides to give your floor the durability it deserves. Then just pull out the nails from the cross beams.

Laying down the new mobile home floor

Because you’ve removed the entire sheet of particle board, your job is as easy as laying down your new sheet of plywood. If it’s a small area you are working on, then you’ll need to take measurements of where you’ll lay down your new sheet of plywood. Once your plywood is in place, use a screwdriver to secure it onto the crossbeams. This gives it a firm grip on the crossbeam. Your job is done.

Even though there are many types of flooring available today, it’s important that you make the choice that’s affordable and durable as well.

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