Should You Lock Your Backyard Gate? (SIX REASONS)

The backyard gate may lead into the garden, walkway, or any other space at the rear of your home.

Unlike front gates which almost always feature a locking system, backyard gates are usually lockless unless the circumstance demands otherwise.

But, Should You Lock Your Backyard Gate?

“YES.” It would help if you locked your backyard gate.

But there’s more to it:

1. A Locked Gate Is Necessary If You Want to Prevent Theft of Your Property

The backyard is a great storage area for certain items, some of which might be pricey enough to require extra protection from thieves.

Lawn equipment, vehicles, gardening tools, and outdoor furnishings are valuables you’d do anything to keep safe.

Without a locked gate, an opportunistic passerby or thief can sneak in and make away with them.

Thieves aren’t the only ones looking to steal valuables from your homestead.

Burglars would easily utilize an unlocked backyard gate to break into the home.

It is more serious than you might think. In 2021 alone, the U.S. burglary rate was 271.1 incidences per 100,000 Americans.

Figures suggest that homes in the south are at a higher risk, especially those in New Mexico and Oklahoma, where the rate was 648.8 and 613.3, respectively, at the end of the same year.

The average value of property stolen in American homes was $2,926 in 2020.

2. Do It for Liability Reasons

Consider yourself lucky if no one has ever sneaked into your yard to enjoy the amenities in your absence.

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Some people don’t respect boundaries and may get in to play on the trampoline, soak in your hot tub, or swim in your pool.

Such intrusions don’t just pose a danger to your property but also bring liability issues.

For example, if your neighbor’s kids sneak in and damage the tools or drown in your pool, your insurance company may not cover the costs depending on the circumstances.

A locked backyard gate is a must-have for a homeowner’s policy from some insurance companies.

Some backyard items may carry a high potential to cause injury or a high cost of replacement.

Such items as lawnmowers, chainsaws, and nail guns can be dangerous if misused.

Spas and pools are costly to maintain. Such items as swing sets, trampolines, treehouses, and outdoor grills cost a fortune to replace.

Therefore, some insurance companies require their clients to install a decent backyard gate and lock it.

3. Vandals Can Be a Headache Too

Not every homestead invader is there to steal.

Wayward kids from the neighborhood, marauding gangs, and other destructive elements may come to deface the surfaces and ruin things.

Arson is the worst form of vandalism. Fires can spread quickly to raze down the home.

4. Marauding Wild Animals Are Likely to Get in Via the Backyard – They Aren’t Welcome Either

Wild animals in your backyard can upset both your pets and small children.

Raccoons, Coyotes, and Cougars are known to attack small children and pets and may carry diseases such as rabies.

Nesting or frightened animals may get aggressive while protecting their young or food.

Wild animals can also be a sanitation problem.

While you can keep most of these animals away by removing food sources that attract them, the best approach would be to lock the gate.

Dropped fecal matter and pieces of carcasses may alter the smell of the space.

5. Expected Guests Use the Front Gate; Unexpected Ones Prefer the Backyard Gate

You don’t want just anyone to show up uninvited.

One of the best ways to regulate entry into your homestead is to keep your backyard gate locked.

6. Pets Should Stay Behind the Fence for Safety Reasons, but That’s Only Possible with Locked Gates

Horses, Cats, and Dogs spend much time in their confinement zones and wouldn’t waste a chance to leave the homestead.

They won’t seek your consent to sneak out through the backyard gate out of curiosity or boredom.

A locked gate helps keep them inside until you are around to take them out for a stroll.

Some dog breeds can be smart enough to push the gate open unless you lock it with a padlock.

Once they are out, you can’t be sure they’ll return safely if they can find their way home.

Outside Motion Sensor Alarms Are Perfect for Backyard Security

The best thing about motion alarms is that they can operate wirelessly and inform you of movements wherever you are.

If your fence or gate is short and you can’t install higher replacements, you can do away with them completely, especially the gate, and install the sensor instead.

However, installing a new backyard sensor system can be slightly higher than fence or gate replacement costs.


An unguarded backyard is a risk for the home and the valuables stored in the backyard.

No one wants a porous backyard that lets in marauders and intruders.

A locked gate keeps your pets away from wild animals and burglars.

However, you don’t need it if you are always home and can install a motion sensor alarm.