Is It Better To Have A Dual Or Single Blade Lawn Mower?

Nothing beats the beauty of a well-mowed lawn with green well-packed grasses.

The appearance of your mowed lawn can be determined by the type of mower you use.

Whether you choose a ride-on mower or a push-on mower, it is important to consider the condition and type of the mowing blades before you use it.

If you’re a first-time lawn owner or typically want to buy a mower for the first time, you may be wondering….

Is It Better To Have A Dual Or Single Blade Lawn Mower?

Well, owning a lawn mower depends on several factors that can help you choose the best. While a dual-blade mower is known to cut grass faster and uniformly, a single-blade mower takes quite a bit more time to clear the same-sized lawn. Additionally, a dual-blade mower has a clutch that propels the mower when engaged, while a single-blade mower must be manually propelled. When considering the cut width, a double-blade mower still wins over a single-blade mower. Generally, if you can meet the price limits, it is better to have a dual-blade mower than a single-blade mower.

To be sure with the mower you buy, always consider all the features and how effective they will be to your lawn.

This post will cover some factors to consider when purchasing a mower and the difference between the dual and single blade mowers to help you choose the best.

Single Blade Or Dual Blade: Which Is Better?

A single-blade mower has a small cutting width compared to a dual-blade mower.

If you have a more extensive lawn, it is better to mow with a dual blade mower and save time. Single blade mowers can function better when used on small lawns.

Apart from the number of blades, here are the differences in functionality between the two mowers.

1. Cutting Width

A single-blade mower has a small cutting width. It can cut a swath of grass measuring approximately 22 inches wide.

Using it on a large grass lawn can take a whole day before you finish mowing.

On the other hand, a dual-blade mower has a 36-inch cutting width; therefore, it covers almost five times the area single blade mower cuts in one pass.

It saves more time while helping the user to work on larger lawns without fatigue.

2. Engine

A dual-blade mower requires more power to operate and thus needs a more powerful engine.

Most dual-blade mower engines have about 12-14 horsepower, while small single-blade mowers have engines with about 6 horsepower.

The higher the horsepower, the more durable a mower will be.

3. Propulsion

If you use a single-blade mower, you must manually propel it and direct it to navigate the landscape.

Conversely, a dual-blade mower is self-propelled.

It is equipped with a clutch that helps propel the machine when being used.

This contributes to an effortless and safer mowing experience with ease of navigating the lawn landscaping.

4. Durability

At its core, a double-blade mower’s engine is designed to be durable.

It has robust cutting blades, heavier construction, and most importantly, it has a powerful engine.

It can be used daily without getting damaged.

Additionally, the mower is designed to withstand rugged terrain with tough grasses, and its blades may not be affected even by the worst mowing conditions.

On the contrary, a single-blade mower is less durable because of its weak engine and inability to mow large roughed grasses continuously.

5. Blades

You will need to frequently replace the blade of a single-blade mower because it wears out very fast compared to those of a dual-blade mower that wears out very fast.

6. Grass Height

With the superior engine, ease to cut, and robust thick blades, a dual-blade mower can easily cut out long grasses without damage.

For a single-blade mower, cutting through long grasses can be difficult and may cause the engine to break down before a task is completed.

Note: A dual-blade mower is more expensive than a single-blade mower. The price increase is due to the imp[roved functionality and durability of the dual blade mower.

The differences above clearly show that the dual-blade mower is strong, fast, durable, and effective for any lawn owner. It can be considered the best choice over the single-blade mowers.

How Does The Dual Blade Mower Function

The two blades lead to more grass “bites.” cutting it into smaller pieces.

When used, the leading upper blade makes a significant cut at the front side while the lower blade cuts pieces smaller.

The grass clippings then circulate on a built-in deck with blades that continue cutting the grass into smaller pieces.

In the end, you will get the best lawn mowing results like:

1. A Beautiful And Better Looking Lawn

The dual blades produce a superior cut leaving the lawn smooth with all grasses evenly cut.

Different brands uniquely design the mower blades; thus, you should be very keen to choose the best mower brand.

2. Improved Mulching Performance

The grass clippings cut by a dual blade mower are finer and thinner to be used as mulch.

You will be sure they will not clamp on an area where you have used them as mulch.

3. Better Bagging Performance

When bagging the grass clippings, a medium-sized bag can accommodate more tinny grass clippings than it would if those clippings were large.

With small grass clippings, you are sure that the emptying frequency will reduce.

Five Lawn Mower Shopping Considerations

Owning a lawn is one simple thing, but maintaining it is another.

You will have to invest more in lawn maintenance practices; at some crucial point, you will have to own a lawn mower.

Before you purchase the mowing equipment, consider the following factors.

1. Lawn Size

The size of your lawn will help you determine the right mower for your lawn.

Definitely, not all mowers are designed to work on large lawns. Some are meant to work on small yards with relatively short grasses. You should consider buying a more powerful mower if you have a large lawn.

2. Cost

The efficiency of all its features determines the cost of a lawn mower.

Before considering its design, always check on how the mower auctions before you commit payments.

You can always start with the cheaper mowers before you upgrade to those with advanced functionality.

3. Grass Types

Identifying the exact type of grass growing in your yard will help you choose the best mower.

For instance, Bermuda grass should be cut lower than Fescues grass, which appears more beautiful when cut higher.

You will have to use different mowers on each type of grass for effective results.

4. Mower Brand

There are several companies that major in machinery development and selling.

Choosing the best brand can assure you that you are buying the best mowing machine.

Also, ensure that the brands you buy have service centers near your residential town.

5. Safety And Ease Of Use

Recent lawn mowers have uniquely advanced safety features and operational tools that enhance their efficiency and effectiveness.

Always choose a mower with safety and ease-to-use features that can benefit you and your lawn.


Owning a lawn mower is a great step in lawn maintenance.

When planning to purchase one, always consider the above purchase tips and any other tips you may think of.

When faced with a situation where you have to choose between the dual-blade mower and the single-blade mower, always go for the dual-blade mower.

Even though it is quite expensive, it is more durable and efficient.

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