Is It Rude To Hang Up On Telemarketers? (Five Ways To Deal With Them)

Plenty of people finds it very boring to pick up calls from strange callers.

Telemarketers are trained to make consistent and relentless calls until they have convinced potential clients to make purchases.

Sometimes, you are not even interested in such strange calls and you may simply want to hang upon them.

But, Is It Rude To Hang Up On Telemarketers?

It is not a good idea to hang up on telemarketers. It is their work to try their best to reach you. So, even if you hang up, they are always convinced they can reach you someday. You want to talk to them and tell them you are not interested in what they have to offer. This way, you will satisfy them with your answer and they may never come back.

Keep reading this article to master important tips on why you should not hang up on telemarketers.

How Do Telemarketers Get To You?

1. The Collect Data From Your Activity And History

Telemarketing firms do not operate the same way. However, their calls follow a similar pattern.

On average telemarketers get turned down at the rate of 98%. As a result of such terrible odds, they will always try their very best to get to you. So, they can be boring.

Every telemarketer has their passwords and usernames.

Whenever they set out to gather information, such details remained linked to them.

The lead telemarketer will display such relevant information to you whenever they call you.

Different telemarketing firms have different ways of reaching their potential clients.

Telemarketers can review your whole history including subscriptions, donations, and ticket purchases you have made in the past.

Sometimes, they can even get your notes.

This is how they master and potentially predict your next moves.

From then, they can ascertain how you will make the next purchases.

That is where they grab an opportunity to present themselves to you via telemarketing calls. In other words, they happen to have your phone number and details at hand.

2. They Add Your Information In Their Records For Easy Access

Once they have gathered this relevant information about you, they add them to your lead profile.

Other details include your email address, your objections to the products you have bought in the past, and the best time to call you.

Telemarketers are often turned down by many people.

As a result, they have to target an ideal time to reach you. So, perhaps you should be careful not to mention anything to a telemarketer.

Unless you want that to be added onto your telemarketer lead profile.

3. They Make Relentless And Spirited Calls

After a spirited call, the telemarketer may not reach you. Maybe because you have rejected their calls or rather because they called when you were off.

They, therefore, mark you as a ‘no answered’.

Consequently, the system will automatically, program your number to be called a few days later on.

This can take about 12 hours after they have made a call depending on the company’s lead pool and jam.

If you are currently experiencing such campaigns, it is a good idea to receive these calls than to let the telemarketers keep calling you.

4. Strong Persuasive Powers

If the telemarketer makes it to reach you on the call, they will try their very best to sell to you during this first call.

Telemarketers usually apply a lot of convincing power to persuade you to make a purchase.

They have a goal not to let the customer go until they have done all that it takes to make them buy their commodities.

They will keep you on the phone as long as they can until they have finally persuaded you.

What Happens If You Do Not Make A Purchase During The First Call?

Well, if you do not buy what they have to offer during the first call, they do not go away.

Instead, they use the information you provided during the call to create better suggestions for you.

So, expect them to come back after a while with better offers tailored just for you.

That is the resilience instilled in the telemarketers. They will just be back on time.

So, everything you say in the first call is logged in the ‘call backs’ records for retrieval and review.

It proves easier to sell to a call back than selling to a completely new customer.

After all, they had already developed a good rapport with you in the first place.

It is also less likely to offend a call back as compared to making a completely new venture into someone’s privacy.

Establishing a good reputation with the client is crucial to making a sale. So the telemarketer has to be very patient with the clients.

What Etiquettes Should You Apply When Dealing With Telemarketers?

Telemarketers have nurtured the art of patience and resilience very well.

As a result of their consistent push, plenty of customers may simply get bored with them.

And there is more!

Because the industry is laden with scammers, people tend to hang up on anyone trying to intrude on their privacy.

It is, therefore, a requisite to understand how to deal with telemarketers morally.

You want to avoid mistakes that can lead to endless calls.

Here are 5 simple things you must avoid when dealing with telemarketers:

1. Do Not Hang Up On The Phone Immediately

If you hang up on the phone as soon as they call you, rest assured they will keep pushing.

As we mentioned in the preceding section, they will classify you as a ‘no answer’ customer. So, they will make sure that they call you back until they have had a conversation with you.

To avoid all these endless calls, perhaps you should consider simply answering them. It is worth doing.

2. Do Not Engage With The Telemarketer In Any Way

It is good to master the art of communication well. If you talk just too much, you create an impression.

You are giving them false hope that you are interested in their offers.

So, unless you want to buy from them, which may be a good thing to do, simply do not do too much of the talking.

Also, do not bother asking too many questions if you know you are not going to buy anything from them in the end.

Again, do not try to explain why you did not show interest in the product.

They will use these data for a comeback. So whatever you say is recorded to be used as bait in the next call. Finally, do not be too easy to show human traits like empathy.

Simply say no if you are not interested.

3. Do Not Get Angry At The Telemarketer

This is the job they are assigned to do. Their computers algorithms chose you.

Screaming and ranting at them is not a good idea at all. They will still make a call after they have delivered a report about you.

Unless the telemarketers choose to be rude, simply speak to them with some manners and etiquette.

4. Do Not Hang Up Without Ending And Explanation

Telemarketers will still make a follow-up if you vanish away in the mid of the conversation. They will assume you get disconnected. There is every chance they will call you back.

5. Try To End The Conversation With A Conclusive Remark

Do not let them have anything to call you back for next time. Telemarketers will always interpret your answers as an opportunity to get back to you in time. So resist on a no.

Final Words

Telemarketers have their ways of convincing customers to buy from them.

They are willing to go any length with potential customers until they have cornered them to make a purchase.

If you are not okay with what they have to offer, hanging up on them or simply screaming at them is not the solution.

There are better ways to sop their interruption. Hopefully, this article has helped you master those tips.