Is It Tacky To Hang The US Flag Outside Your House Year Round?

The American flag is a representative symbol of the citizen’s patriotism to the nation.

For these reasons, you should fly the stars and stripes on the US flag with pride and full respect.

While proudly flying the flag, it is important to consider the regulations that dictate how to handle it.

So, Is It Tacky To Hang The US Flag Outside Your House Year Round?

Well, flying the US flag at home is acceptable, but you need to be very keen to avoid doing it against the stated laws. It is a symbol of patriotism to the nation and thus should not be considered tacky if it is done within the stated regulations.

Many regulations guide how to handle the American Old Glory via its flag.

If you have recently bought a flag and wish to fly it in your home but are unsure how to do it lawfully, this article may help you.

Keep reading to find out the stipulated rules for flying the US flag and how to fly it.

Can You Display The US Flag Everyday?

The American flag is an emblem of national unity and can be used by any citizen who wants to show patriotism to the Nation.

This flag can be flown absolutely every day. However, there are certain dates that are a must.

The dates include all federal holidays and other significant dates for the country’s special events.

There are some days when you will also have to display the flag half post when there is a presidential order.

This is usually done when the country is mourning a prominent person.

While it is right to display the flag every day, it is also recommended that the flag should be lowered at sunset.

For homeowners who find it hard to lower the flag every day, they have an option of illuminating that flag so that every passerby can see the flag even in darkness.

If you have illuminated a flag and protected it against bad weather, you can comfortably fly it all year round without fear of damaging it.

Five Places Where The Flag Can Be Displayed At Home

If you wish to show patriotism by hanging the flag in your home but do not know where to put it, you can consider one of these spots in a home.

1. Flagpole

You can hang the flag on a pole and suspend the pole on the porch. Similarly, you can get a vertical pole where you hang the flag.

You can move this pole at different locations in a home but make sure the flag can be easily seen from where the pole is placed.

2. Wall

If you wish to see the flag close to your home, you can put it on the outer wall.

Make sure you display the flag vertically and in the right position.

Make sure you also hang it correctly without letting it touch the ground. You can also place your flag inside a frame and hang it on your exterior wall near the door.

3. Framed Indoors

If you want to protect the flag indoors, you can put the flag in an elegant frame.

Hang the frame on the wall in the living room to a point where everyone will see it when sited inside the house.

The framed flag can act as your main center of decoration in the house.

You can also hang medals of family members who diligently served the state.

4. Balcony

If your house has a balcony, you have the best place to put a flag.

Since the balcony is elevated, it will be exposed and visible from a great distance.

Drivers along your street can see a flag placed on the balcony several meters away.

You can also use the flag on the balcony as a landmark whenever you give directions to friends or relatives visiting you.

Choose the best flag mounting kit so that the flag is not carried away by strong winds.

5. Walkway

If you are a beauty enthusiast, you can have small flags aligned along your walkway.

You can place the flags on small poles and support them along the sides of your walkway or stick them on each side.

Give the flags adequate spacing from each other so each flag will be separately identified.

Thirteen US Flag Display Rules And Regulations

To fly the American stripes and stars without disrespecting them or violating rules, consider the following basics.

  1. For a stationary flag that is placed outside a home, it should be raised at dawn and lowered at dusk. If you wish to keep it flying at night, you should find proper ways of illuminating it with dedicated lights.
  2. If you have the flag attached to your home, you should project it horizontally at a defined angle from the balcony or front of the house.
  3. Always make sure the flag is in an upright position. However, when the country is in extreme distress and needs help, it is allowed to fly the flag upside down.
  4. If your flag is not made from all-weather material, you need to take it inside during inclement weather. Note that extreme weather conditions like storms and hail can damage an all-weather flag; therefore, it will be best if you train yourself to always remove the flag outside during bad weather.
  5. Always do so when there is a presidential order to display the flag at half-staff. For a movable flag, first, raise it to the top before you pull it downwards. When lowering it in the evening, you should also return it to the top before lowering it completely. For fixed flags, you can add a black ribbon at the top to signify mourning.
  6. If you are displaying several flags at your home, the USA flag should be displayed at the top above the other flags or on the observer’s left.
  7. Do not put other marks, designs, or figures on the original American flag.
  8. While lowering the flag from its post, it should not touch the ground, floor water, or anything below it.
  9. Protect the flag from any substance that can tear or damage it.
  10. Appropriately dispose of the damaged or the flags that have no longer been used. The most appropriate way to dispose of them is by burning them.
  11. When moving the flag, make sure it is a lot and free. Avoid transporting the flag horizontally or flat.
  12. Do not use the American flag for clothing, bedding, or decorative elements on any part of your house.
  13. Avoid using the American flag as a vessel for holding or carrying any items inside or outside the house.


Hanging the US flag at home is an acceptable practice by law.

However, you should always follow the set regulations for hanging the flag.

If you have decided to buy a flag to hang at home, consider the above regulations to ensure you are not doing it incorrectly.