Is It Ok to Leave the Garage Door Partially Open? (6 Reasons – No!)

Have you any idea that your garage door can be very unsafe?

You need to master proper precautions as a guarantor of maximum security for your home.

So, Is It Ok to Leave the Garage Door Partially Open?

It is not a good idea to leave your garage door partially open unattended because it can allow entry by insects and destructive animals. It can also pose danger to anyone or kids moving around.

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Six Reasons Why You Should Not Keep Your Garage Door Unattended

1. Potential Stress On the Door

Spring tension is one of the forces that can damage parts and structures like door garages.

If they are fully closed or open, the spring tension is minimized and possible damage is ruled out. But leaving the garage door is not a good idea.

Unless it is attended, the garage door should be closed to prevent entry by unwelcomed guests.

Some folks open the garage door a few inches.

What they fail t realize is that they are adding strain on the door which reduces their lifespan.

2. To Prevent Entry by Animals and Insects

Let’s face it, some animals and insects are entry destructive to structures.

The noise they can make in your garage can very annoying. For insects, an infestation can take place quickly.

Animals like rodents, on the other hand, make homes for themselves where they live and reproduce.

The damage they can cause to structures is unimaginable.

Birds can also find homes in your garage if you keep it open.

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Even though they are less destructive, they can make a lot of unpleasant noise and cause a disturbance.
Worse, they can invite predators who are dangerous to the lives of people in the home.

3. There Are Other Options to Cool Your Garage

One of the main reasons why people keep their garage open is to cool it.

But because this can cause more harm than good, it is a prudent idea to resort to better ways.

So, if bringing garage temperatures under control is an issue in your home, you should invest in proper ventilation in your garage.

These include the addition of ducts, fans, and security windows that are designed specifically to help in the regulation of temperatures.

Also, you can decide to insulate your door for maximum cooling of the garage without the need to open it.

4. To Prevent Theft

The garage, is no doubt, a place where we store a lot of expensive items and tools.

Your car itself is housed in the garage.

Leaving the garage door open is a great temptation to thieves who might make away with your goods.

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5. To Prevent Potential Home Invasion

Your garage can easily become a spot for launching a home invasion if you leave it open.

So, you do not just risk losing your property, but equally, put your life and that of other occupants in the room in grave danger.

And when it comes to criminal invasions, even quiet residential areas can be victims.

It is, therefore, a good idea to ensure that your garage is always locked to block ways for access into the building by intruders.

6. To Prevent a Possible Hijacking of the Auto Opener

If you have installed an automatic opener in addition to the garage door, you must ensure that it is closed when no one is in there.

Would-be thieves can hijack the system so they can open them whenever they like without your knowledge.
Even if the door is partially opened, they can gain entry to the building and threaten your life. Let alone make away with your precious items.

Six Garage Door Safety Tips

Mastering garage door safety tips is a prerequisite to ensuring maximum security of not only your property by also that of the occupants of the room.

Otherwise, the garage can be extremely unsafe since it can become an entryway for thieves and destructive animals.

Here are 6 safety tips for your garage. They have a long way with ensuring maximum home security and the integrity of the garage door itself.

1. Do Not Allow Your Kids to Play with The Garage Door Remote

It is kids’ nature to be playful. But they should never be allowed to tamper with sensitive parts of the building like the garage door remote.

Your remote is not a toy and no one should play with it.

You need to explain to them why they cannot access the garage door remote and why it is risky to fool around with it.

2. Inspect Your Garage Door at Least Once a Month

You do not want to imagine the gravity of the risk that a damaged garage door poses in your home.

Wooden doors, for instance, can rot from the inside without your knowledge.

Other materials can equally crack unnoticed. If they are not evaluated properly, they can break down at any moment or maybe in the middle of the night.

A visual inspection is, therefore, recommended on your garage door. An inspection allows you to identify any flaws in the door.

If you find any problem with it, you should correct it immediately.

3. Read Your Garage Door Manual Apprehensively

Everything comes with a manual which happens to be an ultimate guide to how a particular thing works.

Your garage door is no exception.

So, make sure that you are acquainted with how it works. Different garage door manuals are available for different doors.

If you recently installed a new one, your manual should be the ultimate guide to its operation.

4. Know-How to Use Your Garage Door Emergency Release

One of the best ways to combat an unprecedented danger is to prepare for it.

Your garage door emergency release can be very helpful in the event of an unpredictable scenario in the home.

Usually, the emergency release is designed with a red handle, some can vary depending on the models, hanging inside the garage.

To unlock the door in the event of an emergency, you need to pull it and your door will open for safe evacuation.

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5. Invest in A High-Security Garage Door Opener

Your garage door should be formidable enough to prevent possible entry by burglars.

As a result, it is important to add high-security openers.

Modern smart garage door openers are uniquely designed to add tighter security to your garage door.

Just to mention that you can open and close it anywhere.

So, if you are away from home and worried that you did not close your garage door, a single press of the button reassures you.

6. Never Go Under a Moving Garage Door

Be it your kids or anyone around you, no one should go under a moving garage door.

Even when it is opening, everyone should keep off. If some parts of the garage are damaged, it could fall on anyone under it leading to serious injuries.

Plenty of sensors that can detect any flaw in the door is currently available.

You should invest in such sensors to guarantee maximum security and safety for anyone operating or around the garage door.

Final Words

Your garage door should be smart, highly formidable, and strong.

You need to make sure that it is closed to ensure security. It is a danger to keep it open.