What Kind Of Flooring Can You Put In A Mobile Home? (Five Types Explained)

The flooring of your mobile is the ultimate foundation of interior design.

There is a myriad of things to consider before installing floorings for mobile homes.

They need to be lightweight and presentable at the same time. And the market is flooded with types of floorings options.

So, What Kind Of Flooring Can You Put In A Mobile Home?

Well, there is a long list of floorings options available for mobile homes. Ranging from tiles, wooden and fabric carpets, the list of flooring options is long. Each option has its own merits and downsides. You need to make a proper decision on the type of floorings you need for your home. You want to maintain quality at an affordable price and ensure that you install floorings that are fit for mobile homes.

The Five Best Flooring Options for Mobile Homes

1. Tiles

Tiles remain to be one of the most preferred flooring options for modern homes. They can equally be installed on floors of mobile homes.

They give great appeal and design. You can install tiles virtually in any room of your mobile home.

You should not, however, put them on the marriage lines between one compartment and room to the other.

Potential cracks can develop in such parts and ruin the entire job. Such key points require prior subflooring.

Tiles form an ideal flooring material for the kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry areas of your mobile home.

If you are carrying on with a renovation of the mobile home, you have to clear all the old flooring away.

The previous subflooring material should also be removed. If they are still good enough, they may be repaired for damages.

Proceed to lay down the backer board, lay your tiles and ground it.

Tile installation is an intricate and equally tedious procedure that requires a lot of attention.

The results are always overwhelming. It is worth doing.

Be careful to choose lightweight tiles for your mobile homes. You can always get these brands from a store near you.

The suppliers will advise you on the right tiles with less weight for mobile homes.

The Three Types of Tiles for Mobile Homes

A. Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are made from clay and feldspar.

During firing, color is added using glaze.

Terracotta is also another brand of clay tiles.

Ceramic tiles are available in a wide array of finishes including gloss, matte, and high gloss.

B. Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain is a type of ceramic tile.

It has a unique mineral known as kaolin, which gives the tiles their density and strength.

You can install these on spots where you expect to have large traffic or heavy items.

C. Stone Tiles

Many naturally occurring stones can be used to make stone tiles.

Granite, sandstone, marble, and slate are some of these rocks.

It is advisable to purchase all that you will need during the construction at one time.

It is also a good idea to get stone tiles with the same seam and cut.

You want to achieve a great appeal on your floorings and identical tiles are all that you need to make it possible.

To curb possible installation cracks and breakages, you need to allow a 10 percent allowance.

2. Carpets

Carpets can be a great flooring option for mobile homes.

Owing to their lightweight, they are one of the most preferred options. They can still be laid after subfloors like wood.

Well, as it turns out, it seems there is more than just color when it comes to making q choice on the ideal carpeting for your flooring.

Durability and quality are other two factors you must never overlook. You want to install long-lasting floorings without any compromise on quality.

When making a budget for your carpets, do not forget to include paddings.

Also, it is strongly recommended that you get a professional to accomplish this crucial installation task.

Today, most suppliers offer installation services at a subsidized fee. You should grab such opportunities and upgrade your life.

How Can You Determine The Quality Of Carpets?

The quality of a carpet is chiefly determined by the material or fabric from which it is made from.

The twisting on the back is also another thing to tell whether you are buying a legit carpet or not.

Most people miss the point by simply ascertaining the quality of the carpet based on the thickness.

How Can You Determine The Durability Of The Carpet?

Durability is an important feature of a good carpet. Remember such installations are usually expensive. You require something that will last long.

A carpet’s durability is its ability to withstand large weights and how fast it mats down.

Areas with high traffic in your mobile home like hallways should be equipped with formidable and highly durable carpets.

Such areas also require darker or medium colors to mask dirt.

How Can You Determine the Quality of the Carpet?

The quality of carpets is determined by the material it is made of.

You can try to pull out the fibers and see whether it is strong enough.

Keep a close look to ensure that the fibers are firmly and closely knit together.

You expect a high-quality carpet to be denser and stronger. A good quality carpet will not wear down so fast.

3. Laminate Flooring

Laminate floorings are gaining popularity in the building industry.

And it seems they are a good choice for mobile homes.

Gone are the days when you had to stick to a limited color choice and variety. These days, laminate floorings have been designed in a wide range of styles and appeals.

The fact that they are available at a very cheap price makes them an ideal choice.

Besides, they are very easy to clean. They are ideal for bathrooms, laundry, and kitchen areas.

However, you need to check the material’s thickness to ascertain its capabilities and strength.

Thin laminate floorings are known to tear off when exposed to pressure. So go for a thicker one. It will last longer.

4. Wood Flooring

Wood flooring is becoming one of the most favorite floorings for mobile homes.

They give your rooms a natural feel. They are also lightweight making them ideal for mobile homes.

Wood floorings are available in a wide range of varieties.

The cost depends on the type of wood you choose and the size of the rooms.

They are fairly easy to clean. They are equally durable. Once installed, you can be assured to use them for many years without requiring a replacement.

5. Vinyl Tiles

This is one of the cheapest flooring materials. They are usually bought in rolls.

All you need to do is to unroll them during installation, cut them to the desired sizes, and fix them in place.

Perimeter cuts are usually very difficult to cut to precise sizes.

You may want to have a professional fix them.

A slight mess can lead to horrible results. So do not give room to any irregularities in the cuts.

Final Words

Floorings for mobile homes give your home a great design.

You should never overlook the color choices. Just as you would love to create color themes blending in together, your floorings should fit in as well.

Go for durable materials and get a professional to fix them in place for you.

If you are a good DIYer, you can do it by yourself. But if you still doubt your skills, do not risk spoiling the integrity of your work.