Can You Store Power Tools in A Shed? (NINE STORAGE TIPS!)

Proper stage of tools does not only help to extend durability and effective working.

Power tools are especially very expensive and delicate.

You could wonder whether storing them in your shed is a good idea.

Given their delicate and expensive nature, power tools seemingly demand more attention.

So, Can You Store Power Tools in A Shed?

Yes. Power tools can be stored in a shed to safeguard them from theft. Power tools are expensive. You want to ensure you carry out minimum replacements and repairs to save on costs. You must accord them all the security they deserve by guaranteeing them proper storage. 

Nine Ways to Prepare Power Tools for Storage in The Shed

Tools are stored in safe places to protect them from the ravages of harsh weather and theft. It is important to prepare them for storage.

The technique of doing so depends on the nature and type of tools.

In this section, however, we have provided a comprehensive guide to help you master the appropriate manner of getting your power tools ready for storage.

1. Thoroughly Clean the Tools

Cleaning is a rule of thumb when it comes to handling and storing all tools. You must clear off all dirt your tools accumulated during the previous work.

For instance, if it is a lawn mower, you have to ensure that areas like the blades and fans are completely rid of dirt.

Cleaning dirt from your power tools is important to safeguard your tools from physical damage and helps to ward off pest infestation.

Pests like breeding in dirty storage areas where they can make their homes.

Your storage should clear any debris that could attract these unwelcomed guests. And that starts with cleaning the tools properly before storage.

2. Throw Away Broken and Defective Tools

Anything that is no longer working should be discarded. 

Unless you are planning to repair them, all defective power tools should be kept away from the shed.

Otherwise, they will occupy too much space and create loads of useless junk.

This can make the operation of the shed cumbersome.

You will bump on these useless tools if you rummage through the load trying to access those still working.

3. Spray A Protectant Spray on All Metal Parts

All power tools have more than half of their body parts made of metal. And there is no denying that these metal parts are susceptible to damage by rust.

Rust can break down your power tools and render them useless.

That is why you must spray a protective spray on all metal parts to shell them from rust attack.

This is strongly recommended when you are going to keep your power tools for a quiet long time.

4. Take Batteries Out of Your Power Tools

Most power tools have batteries that power them. If you plan to store such tools in the shed, make sure that batteries are removed.

Keeping them active in the machine ruins them.

Even if you switch them off, there is still a negligible flow of voltage that could drain them over time.

Additionally, it is advisable to charge such batteries fully before storing them SEPARATELY IN A DRY AREA OF THE SHED.

5. Sharpen the Blades, Knives, Coat, and Chains

When you buy any cutting tool, your user manual indicates that it should be sharpened before storage.

The same applies to storing power tools in the shed.

Make sure that every cutting part is sharpened before storage.

6. Coat the Cutting Parts with Oil

Once you have sharpened them, apply a coat of oil over them.

The point is to protect them from moisture that could potentially initiate destructive rusting.

7. Lubricate Moving Parts of Your Power Tools

Be it a lawn mower, a chain saw, or any other power tool, all moving parts should be lubricated either with oil or any other suitable lubricant, depending on the type of machine.

Apart from saving them from rust, lubricants reduce friction and ensure a smooth working with the machine.

8. Empty the Remaining Gas/Fuel from Gas-Powered Tools

If you are using gas-powered tools, you must empty the fuel before you store it in the shed.

You need to hustle around for an approved gas can where you will store this fuel for future use. You can start the engine to burn excess fuel in the tool.

9. Top Up the Oil Level

Tools like power saws should be toped with oil. If the oil has been in use for a long, make sure that it is replaced before you store it in the shed.

FIVE Additional Power Tool Storage Tips

1. Store Your Power Tools in The Box

Keep the boxes in which these tools were purchased for use. Return them backing the boxes when storing them in the shed.

Boxes keep dust at bay and prevent rusting by warding off moisture. Don’t worry if you cannot find these boxes. Other options are always available.

Canvases, cotton bags, and other suitable covers can be obtained in a store near you.

Make sure you invest in waterproof boxes that are uniquely designed for the storage of power tools.

Usually, these storage units are water permeable and breathable to ensure maximum protection of your tools

2. Hang Your Power Tools on Pegboards to Save On Space

It is common to find power tools hanging on pegboards in most sheds.

This is important if you already have piles of other things stored in the shed. It is a great way of saving on space and allowing ease when you need them.

3. Insulate and Ventilate Your Shed

Power tools should be stored in an insulated and well-ventilated shed.

Typically, most sheds do not come with insulation.

You can use a dehumidifier to rid the shed of moisture.

4. Store Smaller Power Tools in Plastic Bins

Smaller power tools can be stored in small plastic bins, which offer extra protection.

One good thing about these bins is that they are easy to carry around, making them even more convenient for storing small tools.

5. Label Boxes

Labeling boxes where you store your power tools will help you avoid confusion.

Make a list of everything you stored in certain bags to help you easily access them when the need arises.

Wrapping It Up

It is safe to store power tools in the shed. Provided you have prepared the shed well by insulating, ventilating, and cleaning it, you can safely store your power tools in the shed for future use.

Take all the necessary precautions by preparing the tools for storage, as pointed out in this guide.

Do not just hang and keep them anyhow in the shed. Make sure that everything is safe in place.