Do You Need A Dresser If You Have A Walk-In Closet? (Five Reasons)

Dressers are classic furniture pieces. They have been in use for many decades.

People still use them today to hold small bulky items that cannot be folded.

Items that cannot be hung can be comfortably stored in a dresser for easy retrieval.

But, Do You Need A Dresser If You Have A Walk-In Closet?

Yes. The need for a dresser in your home is timeless. There will always be something to be put in a dresser that a closet cannot accommodate. The question of whether you can have a dresser with the closet also depends largely on the space available in the room. If your space is large enough to install the two pieces of furniture, then it is not a problem having both.

In this article, we will cover some of the coolest reasons why you need a dresser in your room among other facts. Keep reading.

Five Reasons Why You May Need a Dresser in the Bedroom

Dressers are suited to the bedroom area chiefly for access among several other reasons.

You can be having a closet or a cabinet and still have a dresser in your bedroom.

That is if you have enough space for all this furniture.

1. Additional Storage Facility For Household Items

Typically, dressers are designed for the storage of clothes.

Household items like office supplies, toys, electronics, and other stuff can be stored comfortably in a dresser.

Just make sure that everything is organized for easy access as you would do for drawers and closets.

The deal is to get everything in its place.

You will hate to have haphazardly placed items in your dresser.

So, in a nutshell, a dresser can offer a surplus space for the storage of household items.

Instead of storing blankets in the laundry area, for instance, you can choose to put them in the dresser.

2. A Dresser Provides Extra Surface Space

Did you know that the bedroom is one of the most suitable spaces to do some first-class decorations?

You can display stuff like family photos,  house plants, candles and your books.

All these decorations require a substantial surface space to be displayed where everyone can see.

3. A Dresser Creates A Cozier Look And Feel In The Room

The bedroom is one of those rooms you would love to make it look and feel cozier than others.

This is where you spend your quality time while relaxing either after a meal or simply catching a nap after a busy day.

Making it feel cozy is the best way to enrich your relaxation moments.

Bringing in furniture, such as a dresser, is one of the best ways to achieve this look. You can then add on decorations.

4. A Dresser Helps To Tie Your Bedroom Together

Plenty of folks loves a bedroom that looks complete and engaged.

The completeness of the bedroom can be achieved by installing furniture such as a dresser.

If your bedroom has a large space, there will be a large distance between the bed and the wall.

To make it finished, you need a dresser.

5. It Can Be Used As Placement Point For Bedroom TV

It can be tricky to find a TV stand in the bedroom.

You need a raised platform to enhance visibility and an appropriate viewing angle.

The dresser can serve as an ideal stand for your television.

And there is more. You can use the dresser’s cabinet to put your TV’s cords.

Just be careful to allow some space for the aeration of the gadget.

How to Shop For an Ideal Bedroom Dresser

It is not easy to find the right dresser for your rooms. In this section of the article, we will take you through what you need to look at when searching for a suitable dresser:

1. Check The Dresser For Appropriate Measurements

When it comes to measurements, you must have the size of your room in mind.

It would be a bad idea to take a huge dresser if you have a small space in your designated room.

You want to have invested in a dresser that will fit into the available space without becoming an obstacle.

The drawers of the dresser should also be relative to their size so that when they are opened, they will not consume a lot of space. They should not bang on the wall when you open them

2. Appropriate Height

When it comes to choosing the appropriate height of the dresser, preferences vary from one person to another.

Some people would love a petite drawer for cute looks.

Others will want a large drawer. Just make sure that it’s large enough.

3. Appeal

Remember your dresser is a decoration in itself.

So, pick it wisely.

If possible, try to make it fit into the existing color theme in your rooms.

What Is The Best Dresser To Be Able To Store Different Items?

A wide variety of dressers are perfect  for small items like socks, gloves, stockings, and ties.

Look for a drawer that has two top shallow drawers.

The bottom drawers can be large enough to accommodate larger items. If you want to store things like comforters in the dresser, for instance, this bottom closet would be ideal

Which Is the Best Dresser for Walk-In Closets?

If you have enough space and wants to add more walk-in closet, then you should invest in a dresser with a walk-in closet.

Such a compartment can hold your glasses, underwear, scarves, and much more stuff like these.

One cool thing about these models of dressers is that they are spacious and stylish.

The top of such dressers can be used to store small and precious items such as hair care, lotions, and jewelry.

Which Is The Best Dresser For Classic Closet Organizers?

This is a pick for professional closet organizers.

If you fall in this category, then you should consider acquiring a dresser with large drawer sets. Smaller sets are designed around the larger ones to give space for the storage of petite items.

For such types of dressers, clothes and items are stored on the large side.

Tiny objects on the other hand are stored in the pocket drawers that are designed on the dresser.

Which Is the Best Dresser for Kid’s Room?

Your kid’s room is one of the rooms that requires enough storage.

Such dressers should be cute-looking and lovely. Kids love impressive stuff.

Also, they should have easy-to-open drawers so that your kids can access whatever they need without struggling. Toys and other small items belonging to kids can be stored in these dressers.

Wrapping Up

Dressers can work well in the presence of walk-in cabinets.

You are free to have both. Space is the determining factor here.

If there’s no enough space, you may consider having one and leaving the other out. The idea is for you to get enough storage space.