How Much Does It Cost To Replace Windows In A Mobile Home?

How Much Does It Cost To Replace Windows In A Mobile Home?

Windows are great installations in a mobile home.

They allow light into the building.

They also let in the air hence aerating the room and creating serene conditions.

It is, therefore, important to make sure that they are in proper condition.

Any problem in them should be attended to immediately. This can be a total replacement.

So, How Much Does It Cost To Replace Windows In A Mobile Home?

The cost of mobile home window replacement varies depending on several factors. The size and type of window you choose for a replacement are two main factors. So if you are wondering how you can buy and replace windows in your mobile home, this article I tailored for you. We have also added other ideas including how you can install and get an expert to do a window replacement for your mobile home.

Why Is It Necessary To Do A Replacement Of Mobile Home Windows?

A replacement of your mobile home windows is a tough task.

It is a huge renovation project, requiring time, attention, and considerable financial input.

That is why you need to weigh between doing the entire replacement and renovating the old ones.

But if they are too old to renovate, a replacement is inevitable.

Besides, the aim is to make your mobile home impressive and appealing. So, such fixtures are worth doing.

Here are the reasons why a window replacement is necessary:

1. Out-Dated Windows

Modernization brings with it new developments even in the building industry.

This may prompt you to carry out a replacement of your mobile home windows.

2. Considerable Damage on the Existing Windows

This could be from unprecedented damage from nature, pets, or children joking around your home. if the damage is primary, you might want to replace the window entirely.

3. Massive Water Leakages

Water can pose great damage, not only to your windows and sidings but the entire room.

So any sign of an extensive leak calls for a window replacement.

4. Too Much Rusting

Excessive rusting on the windows eventually causes them to break down.

A replacement is the only choice in such circumstances.

This is common in salty areas near the sea. It is also dependent on the type of metal used to make them.

5. The Need for Energy Efficient Windows

Energy efficiency is a great concern in modern homes.

So, in some cases, you realize that your windows are letting in just too much cold; you might want to upgrade them to the level of efficiency suited for you.

That means a replacement is equally inevitable.

6. Malfunctions on the Existing Windows

This could be due to the failure of the windows to close and open. In such cases, a replacement is mandatory.

7. Rattles During Windy And Rainy Weather

This might not be a serious case to demand a replacement. But if the rattling is persistent and creates a horrible nuisance, you might consider doing a replacement.

Should You Hire A Professional To Do A Mobile Home Window Replacement?

Mobile home window replacement is a delicate procedure.

Unless you have enough expertise in executing it, you cannot use the trial and error method.

Or you might risk losing the whole materials bought for the renovation task.

It is, therefore, a prudent idea to look for qualified personnel to carry out the installation for you.

Adding on top of the required material directly translates to a higher cost.

If you are experienced, however, you can do it all by yourself. It cuts down the overall costs of installations.

As we mentioned earlier, this is an intricate procedure and it equally needs some heightened levels of attention.

Removal of the old one and fixation of the new window is not a walk in the park.

How Much Does It Cost To Do A Mobile Home Window Replacement?

One advantage of most mobile home windows is that they are less expensive as compared to their counterparts in permanent homes.

A vinyl framed window, for instance, goes for about $200-$500 in the market. It depends on how you have chosen to purchase it and the unavoidable delivery fees.

Such windows when shopped online will require you to add about $60 or even more for shipping charges. It is your choice to select a pocket-friendly delivery method.

What Considerations Should You Make When Replacing Mobile Home Windows?

1. The Design and Style of the Window

Currently, great changes have taken place in window designs and styles.

Looks and feels do vary and the right one for you is your best taste.

It goes without saying that the placement of new windows in your mobile home can have a great change in its appearance.

2. The Size Of The Window

You need to ask yourself whether you need a window that is smaller or larger than the one you have in place.

If you find out that the old one is too big, you might want to purchase a new one.

It is important to note that a change in size will require you to have additional material for any extension made. You will also require additional tools for special procedures.

3. Consider The Style Of The Previous Installation

The previous installation method directly affects the next replacement. Was it lap-sided mounting or flush mounting?

The direction and placement of key fixtures like screws largely affect the next replacement.

All these factors must be accounted for to achieve a precise replacement of your windows.

4. Opening Style

This has everything to do with space.

It is the major reason why most modern mobile homeowners would prefer to have shims.

Or if you need a larger window, you must be careful to ensure that the opening style remains as efficient as possible.

5. Legal Requirements

Mobile homes are built under stringent requirements depending on their location and the laws in place.

Such requirements may mandate certain window placements and they should be met.

Bedroom windows, for instance, are often required to be sizable enough in case of an emergency such as a fire outbreak.

How Can You Replace Mobile Home Windows? What Are The Steps?

The first step in window replacement is assembling the required tools and materials.

If you are acquiring them for the first time, you need to extend your budget to accommodate such important tools.

That will mean your expenses will escalate.

Tools Required

  • Screws
  • Tape measure
  • Drill
  • Square/level
  • Putty tape

More tools might be needed to handle the task properly. To be on the safer side, it is important to ask the vendor what you might need for a mobile home window replacement.

Important Steps

1. Take The Windows Measurements

You need to take the measurements of the window to be replaced before everything else.

It will help you know the exact size to be installed and the materials you require for the replacement.

2. Remove The Siding

This is the material that your window is mounted to.

You need to be sure that the screws you are driving in are firm enough.

3. Remove The Old Window

Carefully remove the old window to pave way for the new installation.

This involves unscrewing some sections that had been fastened in place.

4. Clear The Old Tape And Apply New Ones

You can remove the old tape by scraping them off. Next, apply new tape around the frame.

If you had experienced leaks in the previous window, you need to identify the exact part and add more tape to seal it completely.

5. Install Your New Window

Carefully replace the window in the frame and fasten it in place using screws.

You can also use nails.

Afterward, seal every part of the edges of the window to the frames to keep off any moisture from getting into the building.

Final Words

Mobile home window replacement can be an easy task if you have the right materials and expertise.

The cost of this replacement is entirely dependent on the type of materials you invest in and the person hired for the job.

Where you are capable of doing the job, the cost is consequently lowered. Just be sure to do the job right to avoid any future messes.


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