Is It Weird To Have A Coffee Maker In Your Bedroom?

Creating and curating the perfect home involves making your space work for you and your family’s lifestyle, not following a design book.

If you are a serious coffee drinker who is never fully awake until you’ve had a cup of freshly-brewed, hot coffee, you may want to set up a coffee station in your bedroom.

So, Is It Weird To Have A Coffee Maker In Your Bedroom?

NO. While having a coffee maker in the master bedroom was historically considered a luxury, many people are now welcoming the idea of having a coffee bar in their bedrooms. A coffee maker in the bedroom can save you a trip to the kitchen. It is all about convenience.

Having a coffee maker in your bedroom is just part of turning your space into your dream space. Actually, some homeowners make the extra mile and add a super small sink and a tiny refrigerator in their bedrooms.

If you have just moved in and are contemplating the idea of having a coffee maker in the kitchen, this post will discuss everything you need to know about adding a coffee bar into your home.

A Programmable Coffee Maker In Your Bedroom

Most of us aren’t awake until we have a cup of coffee, and many won’t function properly without one.

This should be no surprise considering that many people drink something hot to stimulate their senses, which prepares them for the day.

Even better, freshly-brewed, hot coffee has a captivating taste that never wavers.

If you love drinking coffee and have just moved in, you should consider bringing a coffee maker to your bedroom.

While this may seem like an advanced luxury, there is nothing wrong with living in the lap of luxury in your own bedroom.

What’s more, there is no right or wrong way to build a coffee station in your bedroom, meaning you can set up anything that impresses you and is fit for your lifestyle.

Whether you have a small, cozy bedroom or a whole suite, you can easily build an in-room coffee station tailored to your needs, space, and budget.

Modern coffee makers are designed to make it easy to brew coffee.

Having such a useful machine in your bedroom can be super convenient, especially if you spend a lot of home time in there or are always craving coffee in bed.

A coffee bar in your bedroom will save you trips to the kitchen.

Most recent coffee machines have bean grinders, offering a surefire way for a morning caffeine fix.

Programmable coffee makers also make one of the best alarm clocks ever.

You just need to set your espresso machine a few minutes before the time you need to be up, and the gentle escalating sounds of percolation are sure to wake you.

The most exciting thing is that the tasty latte gives you a reason to get out of bed.

To ensure that everything you need to make coffee is on hand, you can take it to the next level with a super small sink and small refrigerators into the space.

That way, you will have milk, cream, water, and every other element you need to make coffee on hand.

Building A Coffee Station In Your Bedroom

Having a morning kitchen in your bedroom is a great idea, as long as it works for you.

Thankfully, setting up an in-room coffee station is not hard.

Whether you’re building a mini-bar or repurposing a bedside table, you will find it easy to curate a coffee station tailored to your needs.

First off, find a little nook in your bedroom where you will set up your coffee station.

You don’t need a lot of space for this, just enough for a small bistro table.

If your bedroom is tiny or fully packed, don’t worry, as you can repurpose a nightstand or use a vintage drinks trolley, whichever works for you.

If your bedroom is a whole suite, you can transform one of the corners into a more or less all-day bar with a tiny refrigerator, small sink, and cabinets.

Once you have the space, the next thing to bring is the actual coffee maker.

The simplest in-room coffee station will have a coffee maker, dedicated space for a few mugs, saucers, spoons, and sugar and jars of coffee.

Besides all that goes onto the table, you will really need a plug for the coffee maker.

Homeowners with enough space and budget to set up a coffee bar can consider cabinets complete with power.

With cabinets, you could have enough space to squeeze a bottle of your favorite wine.

Importantly, whether you’re dedicating a nook to your coffee station or repurposing a small bedside table, make sure to make your coffee station attractive and convenient.

The idea is to be sensitive with your current design so you can build a coffee station that integrates with your space.

Once you set up the station, you will certainly enjoy the ease or convenience of making coffee from your bedroom.

Three Coffee Maker Bedroom Enhancement Ideas

If you are already in love with the idea of bringing a coffee maker to your bedroom, you may want to know what else you can do to elevate the experience.

This is very important if you are that coffee drinker who can’t just drink your coffee black.

Further, unless you can use the same mug repeatedly, you will need to clean the coffee maker and your cups as well.

Be creative and get to have fun with these ideas. Most of them are inspired by convenience in motels.

1. Get A Compact Fridge For The Morning Kitchen In The Bedroom

If your bedroom is spacious and your budget permits you, consider installing a small refrigerator next to your bedroom coffee station.

There are compact models out there, so you are sure to find something fancy and good for your bedroom design.

Your bedroom is a space to retreat and, with a refrigerator, you will not only have a place to keep milk for that morning cup but also space to store wine, beer, and more.

2. Install A Small Sink

A sink in the bedroom sounds crazy, but it will love the convenience of having one.

If you are to fully commit to a coffee bar, installing a sink can make all the difference as you will have a convenient place to do the cleanup after having a cup of coffee.

3. Build Tiny Cabinets

A sink and cabinets go hand in hand. If you really welcome the idea of having a morning kitchen in your bedroom, why not build cabinets?

Homeowners with plenty of space in their bedrooms can build drawers and cabinets without making their bedrooms feel like another kitchen.

If you like the bite of fresh fruits in the morning, you can certainly add fruits to your morning kitchen. It is all about being creative and making your space work for you.


Do you have extra bedroom space that you want to make use of?

Well, having a coffee bar in your bedroom is convenient and fascinating.

Thankfully, setting up one is very simple. At the bare minimum, you need a coffee maker and a few mugs.

Hopefully, you will find this post helpful when creating a bedroom coffee station.