Is It a Good Idea to Wallpaper the Nursery? (THREE BENEFITS)

The nursery is an important room in your house. Besides hosting your baby, it plays a huge role in their development.

Since your baby will spend a lot of time in this room, it should support their comfort and well-being.

Learn more about nursery wallpapers in this guide.

So, Is It a Good Idea to Wallpaper the Nursery?

It depends. Some people prefer wallpapers on their walls, while others are comfortable with just painting. But aside from the decorative aspect, wallpaper offers several other benefits to your child. 

What Are the Benefits of Having a Wallpaper in the Nursery?

Having wallpaper in the nursery adds a color pop to the space.

So, it quickly changes the room from dull to lively and fun.

Some colors like green promote calmness, making them suitable for a fussy baby.

Additionally, wallpapers create texture in the nursery giving it character.

Therefore, you can use it to remove blandness in a room.

Another advantage of wallpaper is that it gives the space personality.

Guests can easily tell the design you were going for when you use wallpapers in the room.

You can evoke feelings of joy, awe, calmness, and confidence.

Let us now expand on the benefits you get from using wallpapers.

1. Stimulates Baby’s Eyes

According to research, babies’ eyes are stimulated when they see geometric shapes and patterns.

For this reason, many parents love contrasting striped patterns to the wallpaper’s geometric patterns and shape.

This provides an excellent way of stimulating a baby’s eyes.

Although many people will opt for bold colors when choosing wallpaper for the nursery, black and white are the best colors to choose.

But, you can still add some pops of red to your B&W mixture to offer more mental and visual stimulation.

2. Various Designs

You have various designs to choose from when working with wallpaper.

Manufacturers provide them in various colors, styles, and patterns to choose from.

For instance, you can opt for pain, geometric, botanical, patterned, striped, or textured wallpaper.

You can even choose murals to accent your walls.

Additionally, since the world is moving from gender-specific colors, wallpapers have proven to be great products.

You can pick something that speaks to your child without making them feel forced to meet your expectations.

What’s more, executing wallpaper designs is simple.

You only need to decide on the style that complements your home and have it installed on the walls.

3. A Chemical Free Décor

Previously, painting nursery walls was an acceptable method of decorating the room.

But, it was discovered that many paints have volatile organic compounds (VOC), which are harmful.

For this reason, many people moved from wall painting to using wallpapers.

These come in a chemical-free option that allows you to keep the nursery safe for your child.

You can easily clean and sanitize them, which has made many parents feel secure about installing them in the nursery.

The Two Types of Wallpaper to Use in the Nursery

Now wallpapers come in various styles and designs.

Thankfully, choosing one for the nursery isn’t as hard as it sounds.

The main thing to consider is whether the material is friendly to your baby’s health. Here are some popular wallpaper options to install in the nursery-

1. Paper Wallpaper

It’s an environmentally friendly and safe option.

However, please ensure that your selected option doesn’t contain harmful dyes.

Paper wallpaper comes in various colors and are easy to install, but can be easily damaged.

2. Non Woven Wallpaper

If you choose this type of wallpaper for the nursery, please ensure that it has a perforated outer layer. Non-woven wallpapers are affordable, easy to clean, maintain and install, and allow walls to breathe.

But the top of their cover is vinyl and is dangerous if your child ingests it.

Other wallpaper types you can find in the market are

  • vinyl-coated
  • 3D
  • photo
  • liquid
  • textile.

Design Tips on Using Nursery Wallpapers

You can use wallpaper for several design functions. For example, you can use it as the nursery’s focal point or brighten up a room.

Wallpapers are easy to remove. So, if you want to change the design, you can easily do so without redoing the entire room.

Here are some installation tips:

1. Install Wallpaper on the Ceiling

Many of us think that wallpapers should only go on walls. It makes sense since they have a “wall” in their name.

But, you can use them on the ceiling as well.

Remember that your child spends most of their time looking at the ceiling.

So you may make it interesting for your baby.

If the room is already big, consider installing dark colors on the ceiling wallpaper to create a cozy feeling in the room.

A ceiling wallpaper is an excellent idea if you want to divert attention to furniture in the furniture.

However, choose soft colors that complement the room’s décor instead of competing with it.

2. Accent Wall

Wallpapers come in different patterns, so you can easily get what you’re looking for.

However, sometimes your favorite pattern may look overwhelming when installing it in the whole room.

In that case, you can decide to place it on an accent wall.

You don’t need to cover the entire wall from floor to ceiling.

Decide on a small area that is eye level and install your wallpaper on it.

Additionally, you can divide the room using wallpaper.

For instance, you can use a bright pattern as a background for a playpen or changing table.

Or you can choose a wallpaper with blue boats to create the illusion of a sea.

3. Decals and Posters

You don’t have to repeat designs with wallpapers.

Consider using decals and posters in the room.

Many people put together smaller decals that match their theme.

You can create a mini zoo or even enticing forests with decals and posters.