How Can You Get Rid of Standing Water Under a Mobile Home?

Pools of stagnant water under the crawl space in your mobile home can be an unpleasant sight and a health hazard.

The water can form mud and make your home inaccessible.

Puddles of water too can be a lucrative breeding ground for mosquitoes depending on where you live.

Therefore, it is beneficial to get rid of stagnant water near your home.

So, How Can You Get Rid of Standing Water Under a Mobile Home?

There are many ways of doing so. First, you can remove the skirting if it is trapping water under your home. Alternatively, you can use a sump pump to remove the water quickly. Digging small trenches to drain the water is another viable option depending on the terrain where your mobile home sits.

To best address, the issue of standing water, let’s first consider the sources of still water underneath your mobile home.

Three Causes Of Stagnant Water Under Your Mobile Home

1. Leaky Pipes

If the pipes were not properly installed, they tend to leak water under your home which will accumulate over time.

2. Sloping Site

If the mobile home has has been installed on a sloping site without site preparation, rainwater will be draining towards your home. From then, it will stagnate underneath.

3. Rainy Season

Here you cannot avoid encountering standing water under your mobile home. A vapor barrier can help to alleviate this issue.

When To Fix Standing Water Under a Mobile Home

Water can stagnate in the crawl space for months or years but over time, it will damage the foundation of your building especially the wooden beams and the joists.

The best time to remedy the water problem is to do it during dry months.

If you, do it during the rainy season, the continued buildup of water will hamper the work.

How To Get Rid of Standing Water Under Your Mobile Home

Fixing the water stagnation problem may seem simple and easy to understand, but it is a labor-intensive activity.

It would be wise to hire a professional to do the work.

Part of the mitigation process will be difficult for you to do if you are not an expert.

For instance, to install a GFCI outlet. If it is not in place already, you will have to hire an electrician to install it first in the crawl space for the sump pump.

You will also have to be familiar with the building codes in your area unless you fall into problems with the authorities. You will also need authorization from regulators or a professional.

Also, if you lack the agility to maneuver the crawl space, it will be difficult to do the job yourself.

Most crawl spaces are only 2-3 feet high. You will also need a lot of energy to carry bagged drain rock into the crawl space.

The access door into the crawl space may be too small for you to pass or may be located in inconvenient spaces such as the bathroom.

Problems Caused by Standing Water Under the Home

Several serious issues are caused by water stagnation under your mobile home.

Some are health-related while others are structural building related.

Structural Issues

Standing water will affect the foundation layer in your mobile home.

The floor will start tilting in towards the slanting position and this will cause instability in your home.

The resulting moisture will lower the durability of the wooden surface by initiating early wood decay.

This will cause corrosion on metallic surfaces.


Stagnant water under your home forms a nice breeding ground for mold and mildew.

When the temperature rises, water will turn into vapor making the entire crawl space extremely humid.

Molds will grow rapidly under these conditions, which will cause damage to your home.


Water stagnation under your mobile home is a serious problem that can affect it’s structure.

You should address it ASAP.

It is advisable to seek professional assistance from companies that specialize in water mitigation problems if you do not have the required skills.