How Do You Keep Stray Cats From Under Your Mobile Home?

Stray cats are not always the best visitors you can have in your mobile home, especially when they get underground.

Once they get under your home, they become a nuisance to you and your pets.

For this reason, homeowners will strive to seek any possible means that can drive away such stray cats.

Hence, How Do You Keep Stray Cats From Under Your Mobile Home?

Actually, the most effective way to drive cats away from your mobile home is by manually driving them away and then sealing up the entry spaces around the home. You can use wood, wire mesh, lattice, or any other material to close up all open spaces leading to your home underground. You can also apply cat repellent chemicals to scare the cats from getting close to your home.

This article covers stray and feral cats, why they visit your home, and ways of driving them away.

What Is The Difference Between Feral And Stray Cats?

Many people find it hard to differentiate between stray and feral cats.

Even though both cats may be me to your home, a stray cat is a domesticated cat that has lost its way back home and accidentally gets to your home.

In most cases, stray cats have artificial marks on their bodies that you can use to find the cat owner. Stray cats are also loitering around the neighborhood seeking food.

Feel cats are wild cats and can be dangerous at times.

The cats are either too shy or aggressive and may not withstand eye contact with human beings.

Such cats may not adapt to the human environment even when you decide to keep them. Once you notice a feral cat in your home, put efforts to permanently send it away.

Why Do Cats Come To Your Home?

If you have had several instances of story cats visiting your home, then you must be wondering why they visit your home.

Some of the reasons why new cats will keep visiting your home are:

1. The Cat Is Seeking Safety

If the cat is well-groomed, it might be lost and seek its owner and safety because it feels unsafe away from human beings.

2. Search For Food

Some cats will visit to get something to feed on. When it fails to hunt down a small animal, and its owners are yet to feed it, it will not starve but go to a nearby home and try its luck on food and drink to quench its thirst.

If you leave food remains and water outside your home, nearby hungry cats seeking food will obviously come there to feed.

3. Abandoned Cats

Some homeowners tend to abandon their cats due to misbehaving or just developing a bad attitude towards cats.

They end up chasing the cats or abandoning them. An abandoned cat will move from place to place, seeking shelter and food.

It might end up finding your home a good habitat and choosing to stay there.

4. Curiosity

Naturally, cats are hunters and adventurous.

Their high curiosity may drive them to find out what’s in your home. They can go deeper to find out what is under your mobile home.

If you are not comfortable with stray cats around your home, you should find means of sending them out.

Seven Ways Of Eradicating Stray Cats From Your Mobile Home

There are several ways of driving stray cats from under a mobile home and the compound.

You can either employ several ways or just use one, and if it works well, you will have permanently freed your home from such annoying visitors.

1. Spray Unpleasant Odors

Cats are sensitive to small animals and do not get comfortable with certain odors.

Spraying your home with these odors makes cats fear getting close to your home.

You can mix water and vinegar and put them inside a spray bottle.

Spray the mixture around your home while keeping close attention to the places where you often spot the cats.

Be cautious when spraying because you may speak on plants and kill the plants.

You can also try spreading orange peels around your home because cats do not like the citrus smell.

You can also plant several lemon trees in your yard, and their smell will scare away cats.

2. Put Away Anything That Attracts Cats

If you are fond of leaving food open and water in easily accessible places, then be sure cats will keep visiting your home.

To send them away, keep your food safely, in places where cats will not easily reach.

Avoid leaving water spots anywhere in your compound.

If you need to dispose of leftovers, do it correctly, and you will notice a reduction in cat visits.

3. Chase The Cats Out

Once you spot a stray cat under your mobile home, you can use unpleasant sounds to send it away from the cats.

If they don’t respond to the sound, you can wait at a specific place and watch keenly to see the cat go away.

When you act unfriendly to stray cats, they will fear coming back to your home.

4. Close All Open Spaces

Walk around your home and the neighboring fence to check if you can find any open space.

Use any available material like wood, lattice, or wire mesh to cover the open spaces.

Ensure there are no cats or pets under your mobile home before covering the open spaces.

5. Use Water

Cats are known to try to avoid water by all means.

Having sprinklers around your home will help scare the cats away.

You can place the water sprinklers at strategic places in your compound.

Whenever the cats come and get hit by water, they will obviously run away.

You can use motion sensor sprayers, hoping that they function effectively.

6. Use Textures

Cats are very sensitive to whatever they step on.

You can lay textures that cats fear stepping on around your fence.

You can put sandpapers around your house or at the entry points you might have noticed around the fence.

Cats love dustbins because that is where they get food when visiting your home.

Therefore, putting textures like sandpaper, ammonium foils, and double-sided tapes will help drive the cats away by discouraging them from coming back.

7. Rear A Dog

If you are a dog lover but not interested in cats, you will feel angered by the presence of cats in your home.

You can train your dog to guard your home against animal insiders.

If you don’t have a dog yet, you can choose to buy one and train it to always drive out animals visiting your home without permission.

When cats are sent away consistently, they will avoid coming to your home.


Cats are lovely pets, but not for every person.

If you are among the group that does not like cats, you will get annoyed seeing those small animals move around in your compound.

This can be worse if you realize that the cats are getting under your mobile home.

If you wish to drive away stray cats, this article is meant for you. Hopefully, you will find it helpful.