What Are The Pros And Cons Of Having An Opposite Gender Roommate?

Deciding where to live and who your roommates will be can be overwhelming.

Well, while there are plenty of things to consider before sharing a house with someone else, among them, one of the most important aspects is figuring out who you want to live with.

Of course, living with other people can be tough, but you want to get the best experience while cohabiting.

So, What Are The Pros And Cons Of Having An Opposite Gender Roommate?

As with any other roommate, having a roommate of the opposite gender has many benefits like sharing responsibilities, duties, and resources. For instance, you share rent and expenses, kitchen space, sometimes bathrooms, and cooking duties. Having a roommate of the opposite gender can also contribute to keeping the room tidy and clean while helping you learn how to live with different people. On the flip side, you will have to pay attention to what you wear, there will be less privacy, and probable fight over the use of shared bathrooms and toilets.

Generally, the pros and cons of having a roommate of the opposite gender depend on the man and the woman, age, and circumstances. That’s why is it imperative to agree on a few things before you can start living with a roommate of the opposite gender.

In this post, you will find the pros and cons of having a roommate of the opposite gender and things you may learn from them.

Thirteen Pros Of An Opposite Gender Roommate

Technically, a roommate is someone with whom you occupy the same room.

However, the word has evolved to desire someone with whom you share a home, separate bedrooms included.

No matter your case, here are the pros of having an opposite gender roommate.

1. Easy To Rent A Room

Generally, it tends to be easier for a woman and man to rent together because they are treated as a couple.

Even if it is for cohabiting, without any future plans of becoming a couple, the landlord is more likely to consider you than when you’re with a roommate of the same gender.

Many landlords also fear letting in roommates of the same gender because it will likely result in a sudden move out due to issues like fights or quarrels.

2. Save Money On Rent And Utilities

Renting an apartment is getting more expensive these days.

When living with a roommate, irrespective of gender, you will enjoy the luxury of splitting rent, utility costs, and other major purchases.

Depending on your budget, you will be more likely to afford a nicer, larger apartment that you couldn’t if you were living by yourself.

One caveat, though, before embarking on the journey together, agree with your roommate about the shared costs. This is handy should any of you opt to move out on their own.

3. Sharing The Chores

A lot of activities go into keeping a house clean and well-maintained.

This means it can be difficult to keep up with all household chores, especially when you have a lot of other things to do.

That said, another benefit of having a roommate is that you can split some of the chores.

Beyond sharing tasks, you could find a roommate, say a lady, with a nervous habit of taking on some house chores like cleaning.

In this case, your roommate will clean the house even when it doesn’t look messy.

If you share the same kitchen, you can also split culinary tasks.

4. Safety

Having a roommate of the opposite gender feels safer, particularly for women.

Considering that the biggest concern for a woman living alone or with their fellow women is being a target of burglars, robbers, stalkers, and knicker bandits, a woman with a male roommate will always feel more secure.

For women, sharing rooms or homes with a man can also reduce the possibility of being a target of a sex crime.

5. Communication

First off, having an opposite gender roommate brings a sense of relief, knowing that there won’t be any random guys or ladies in your apartment.

What’s more, because there are less emotions flying in a house where the opposite gender cohabit, you will even find it easier to speak out your feelings.

If you happen to be close friends, you can introduce relationship topics and get handy advice from the other gender’s point of view.

6. Friendship

Living by yourself can be quite lonely and, depending on your perception, having roommates of your gender can be sometimes boring.

If you are a roommate of the opposite gender with whom you relate healthily, then you will have someone that you can talk to and do activities with.

You can count yourself lucky if you and your roommate share many mutual friends as you won’t feel isolated when they visit.

7. Furniture Sharing

If you are renting for the first time, purchasing all essential furniture and kitchen supplies can be really expensive.

However, if you are moving in with a roommate, it means you will pool resources and furnish your apartment easily.

Again, as with any other shared high-ticket items, agree upon ownership first.

8. Widens Your Social Network

Let’s say your roommate, and you are enrolled in different programs at different universities or working in different companies.

The roommate can help you link to a wider social group and access various activities.

9. Convenience

A roommate can be something like a “life assistant”.

For instance, if you are away for an extended period, your roommate may water your plants, take in your mail, and even feed your pets.

In the long, you will save money on things that you would have otherwise hired someone to do.

10. House Keys

A roommate will help you access the house if you have lost your keys.

11. Extra Alarm Clock

Roommates of the opposite gender tend to be more caring and will wake you up if you’re asleep and they know you’re getting late.

12. Perspective

An opposite gender roommate can be a good mirror for your life.

13. See How The Other Half Lives

You get to learn how to live with people of the opposite sex.

Two Cons Of Having An Opposite Gender Roommate

One thing that comes with having an opposite gender roommate: you get to see their inners lying around or probably seeing each other in undergarments or just a towel.

As long as you are cohabiting, here are the cons.

1. You Might Not Get Along

That’s why it is advisable you be careful when choosing a roommate.

Because you are cohabiting, not married, it is a good idea to consider choosing someone else if you are likely to be romantically attracted to your roommate.

2. Little To No Privacy

If you are sharing the same room with the opposite gender, you will apparently have little to no privacy.

The privacy you are giving away increases if you have nearly identical daily schedules.


After reading this far, you might feel that having an opposite gender roommate is simple or hard for you.

The thing is, sharing space with someone of the opposite gender is not for everyone.

To enjoy life and comfortably cohabit, you need to be easy-going, big-hearted, have decent vitality, and, most importantly, understand and respect others’ perspectives and values.