Can You Move A Detached Garage From One Place To Another?

A garage is one of the essential structures in a home.

If you are moving into a new home, you may want to carry old home structures that you probably loved most.

But, before doing so, you want to determine if it is possible to move the structure and the costs that you will incur.

Can A Detached Garage Be Relocated To Another Neighborhood?

The simplest answer is yes! You can easily move a detached garage from one place to another without tampering with other structures on your compound. All you need is to make proper preparations concerning how and where you want to move your garage.

Generally, it is not an easy process, and even if you are a savvy DIYer, you will still need help from someone. Otherwise, it is advisable to contact qualified personnel or a company to help you out.

This article will discuss more on moving a detached garage, including factors to consider before moving.

How Do You Go About Moving A Detached Garage?

A detached garage is usually placed several yards or feet away from your house.

In most cases, it is put in the empty backyard space and is considered safer than the attached garage.

When it comes to moving, moving a detached garage is quite cheap and easy to move, whether on the same land or to another home elsewhere.

However, it requires a lot of preparation and can be labor-intensive.

Depending on your situation, you can contact friends and relatives to help you pack the garage.

Otherwise, you can contact a nearby reputable relocation company if you need to move faster.

If you are dealing with a company, you need to ask them about the cost of relocation, packaging service, and how much it costs. This will help you prepare adequately in terms of finance.

Inspecting the garage before moving it is also an essential part of planning.

Doing an inspection helps ensure your safety and that of those helping you transport the garage.

When you hire a contractor to transport the garage, ask them first to check if the garage is in good condition to be transported or not.

The inspection will help determine if the rooftop, doors, and walls are in good condition, so they don’t fall off while being transported.

Further, check with the state regulation and determine if you need permits before relocating a detached garage.

The permits may differ depending on the state and municipality, so please do not assume the regulation you find on your municipality website because it can land you or your transporters into trouble.

Follow These Steps To Lift And Move Your Garage Safely

1. Reinforce The Garage

Using a hammer and nails, attach large boards and beams on each of the walls, windows, and roofs.

2. Clear The Pathway

If any structure along your pathway may hinder the ease of moving the garage, you should move it out of the way.

3. Lift It Up

Put iron rails under the garage on every side and corner, then lift simultaneously.

4. Place It On Wheel

After lifting the structure on rails, you can now place it on the wheeled beam that is on a truck. Once done, you are now set to start moving your garage.

You may also consider these few tips to help you move the garage safely and faster.

  • Use the simplest equipment available.
  • Prepare and make available all materials and equipment you will require
  • Prepare the new destination
  • Make wide tunnels on each side to enable the wide rails to go underneath the garage.

Five Considerations Prior To Moving A Detached Garage

Before you move a garage to a new location, you need to consider some factors that may affect the whole process and avoid harming yourself, those around you, and even making losses.

Some of these factors include;

1. State Regulations

Each state has well-outlined rules and regulations concerning structuring and restructuring a home and transporting certain structures.

The regulations vary from one state to another; therefore, you should not assume that if you follow one state’s regulations, you will be safe with the other.

If you want to move a garage from one state to another, you will need to consider the regulations of both states and ensure you abide by them.

However, if you are relocating within the same state, you will only need the regulations of that individual state.

2. Size And Location

Identify the size of your garage and the location where you want to place the garage.

You will need to ensure the new space is adequate for the garage to fit.

The location should also be more pleasing to you than the initial one.

Remember, the size and location of a garage may affect the price and effort required to move the garage.

3. Labor

The labor required to move a garage is a critical factor. It is clear that you cannot move a whole garage with one man’s effort.

You will obviously seek help or rather hire a relocating firm.

Knowing the effort needed to move a garage will help you prepare financially or inform those you wish to have their help.

4. Equipment

The equipment used to move the garage should be sourced in time.

If you do not have all the required equipment, you will need to organize how to access them.

It is much easier to hire a company to help you move the garage because they will come with their equipment.

On the other hand, if you are doing it yourself, considering the size and weight of a garage will help determine how many tools you need.

5. Cost

A few factors will determine how much you need to move a garage.

If you opt to get friends and relatives to help you, you will obviously spend less than hiring a relocation company.

However, if you can’t find the required equipment for DIY, you have just one option: hire qualified personnel who will work with their equipment.

Identify the factors and calculate the exact cost so you can source enough funds.

Do You Need Planning Permission To Move A Garage?

In some circumstances, yes. You will need planning permission to move a garage to an entirely new home.

However, if you are moving it within the same home, you may not necessarily need to be permitted to do so.

Moving a garage internally is not a hard task and will require no permissions.

To add on, you will be moving a detached garage; therefore, you won’t interfere with any other building on the compound.

It is advisable for you first to reach the local planning authorities and discuss your plans of moving a garage.

This will assure you of working while abiding by the property laws of your locality.

No rules are regulating how you handle your property in a home in some states.

However, most states have regulations on the extent to which you can modify a home.

Contacting the local planning authority regarding your decision to move home is actually a good idea.


Moving a detached garage is by no means a simple project.

After weighing all the reasons why you want to move a garage, the most critical question is how to move it.

Consider all the factors that may affect the entire moving process and the necessary permits you need to acquire.

Hopefully, this article will help you to move your garage safely.