How To Buy A Kitchen Range Hood For A Mobile Home

How To Buy A Kitchen Range Hood For A Mobile Home – Shopping Guide

A mobile home may not enjoy plenty of space that a permanent one can have. It is thus easier to maintain fresh air in permanent homes. For you who have just moved into a mobile, your kitchen will require to have a range hood in order to lead smoke out of your house. Although it may not be as large as that one of a permanent home, there is no doubt that you will demand to have one. There is a wide range of range hoods in the market for you to choose from.

Before you do that, it will be very wise to consider the type of cooking stove or any other heating mechanism in the house. This is to avoid buying an inappropriate one. This article aims to provide you with some of the types of range hoods together examples of those available in the market. This will enlighten you on how to buy a kitchen range hood for a mobile home. But do you really need it? If yes then here are some of the things you should look at before opting selecting the one to buy.

Features of the best range hood

1. Has a good air recirculation system that eliminates smoke, bad smells and steam from the kitchen.
2. Must have an additionally lighting because most kitchen main lights get blocked by the users when cooking.
3. Has a high cubic feet per minute rating as that will be a sign of effectiveness.
4. Should be easy to install.
5. Should be suitable to your kitchen design.
6. Little noise production as no one wants to spoil the ears while cooking.

After looking at some of the things you may consider, it will be more viable if you get to understand some of the best available types of range hoods to choose from. This article looks at the different respective categories with their features. One thing you should know is that the choice made should highly depend on how effective it is in enhancing kitchen ventilation.

Range Hood Types

1) Ductless types

This type expels air without being connected directly to the outside. It re-circulates air to create that cool fresh atmosphere in the kitchen. A good example is the Broan 413004 Economy 30-Inch ductless range hood. Anybody interested in this can easily find it on It is currently available for about $70 and comes with the following features.


• Has a double speed rocker fan together with light control.
• Comes with a ductless filter which is very handy in ductless filtration systems to help remove odors, smoke and reliving the kitchen from the heat n eliminating the steam.
• Has a cooktop lighting which with a lighting power of 75 watts.
• Is space oriented as because of its 30 by 17 by 6 inch width to depth to height dimensions.


• Easy to clean as it is made of stainless steel which cannot detach like most types made of plastic grilles.
• The light bulb uses little energy.
• Uses little space thus one can easily find somewhere to hang utensils behind the range.
• It is attractive and ads to the beauty of the kitchen.
• Easy to install.


• As you would expect most fans, it produces some noise which may be quite irritating.
• The bulb light may be annoying and blinding due to the fact that it was not recessed within the fan.


It is one the easiest appliances to install. You only need to hang under your cabinet appropriately, do respective connections and it will be up for use. Nearly no struggle for you to cut or join pieces together to get it up and running.

2) Vented types

These ones require access to the outside of the house to be able to supply fresh air by releasing bad smells and smoke directly outside. It is the most effective thus preferred by most people. It is mostly installed if the stove is nearer to the outside wall. A good example is the Whirlpool 0 30 inch Externally Vented Range Hood – stainless still which can be found on


• Has a 300 CFM which removes smoke at a faster speed.
• Has a triple speed fan which can be adjusted according to exhaust needs.
• Has a cooktop fluorescent lighting to provide visibility in to the stove.
• A damper to prevent recirculation of smoke back to the kitchen.


• Highly effective in eliminating odors and smoke.
• The optional chimney can be very effective for high ceilings.
• Easy to control with the availability of push buttons.
• Easy to clean as it is made of steel.


• It is difficult to install as one has to strictly follow the manual or hire an expert for the job.
• A good number of customers are coming to complain about the price which is averagely at $550 though shipment is free.


It is highly recommended that you get an expert for this. This is because such people have the proper knowledge and tools to cut hole in your ceiling or wall through which the duct will pass. Opting to do this by yourself is risky as you may end up destroying the appliance or even the kitchen. You can choose to the duct straight into the upper cabinet then cut it through the roof or lead it the eave. One tip in doing this is to avoid leaving the end in an enclosed place. Make sure it goes outside.

3) Convertible Range Hoods

This type can be easily used with ductless and vented models.

A good and recent type of this is the Frigidaire-30 inch Convertible Range Hood. It is made of stainless steel. For a person who wants to buy or reach the providers check on .


• A double speed fan to blow smells and smoke out.
• A rocker button controls.
• A dishwasher-safe filter made of aluminium.
• A unique convertible exhaust duct that makes one select on if to re-circulate air in the kitchen or eliminate it through the duct the outside.


• Very efficient and suitable to different needs as one can choose on the mode of ventilation to apply.
• Adds on the attractiveness of your kitchen.
• The stainless material makes it easy to clean.
• Easy to operate and can be fitted with electronic controls.


Expensive as one is forced to dish out more than $430 to get it.


They come with user manuals that can be followed, though it is advisable to hire a specialist to install it. The good thing with it is that it has a 12 months warranty. Some providers will provide free installation services to link it perfectly in your home.

Finally, knowing how to buy a kitchen range hood for your mobile home is very crucial. The most important thing is to always go for that which meets your needs but comes at an affordable cost. This will ensure that smoke, smells and even steam out of your kitchen. How comfortable it suits your kitchen design is also very vital. Be wise and opt for the best suitable type.

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