Should You Feed Your Contractor? (FIVE FOODS)

Contractors serve a significant role in home construction and repair.

It is, therefore, the job owner’s to handle contractors with goodwill and utmost care.

This motivates contractors to work harder and deliver high-quality work. In most cases, a contractor given a favorable working environment may not fail.

In this regard, Should You Feed Your Contractor?

It is quite complex to answer because it depends on an individual’s sense of humanity and care. While feeding your contractor might seem like a good practice for love and care, it comes with a few added costs on your budget. However, if you have no problem with spending a few dollars to feed your contractor, you can offer some snacks or even prepare a whole meal.

It is also important to note that your contractor and the laborers are trained not to expect food, water, snacks, or any other food substance from the person they are working for.

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So, do not wait for them to ask for food; you can give them freely and at your will.

However, it is important to keep the energy of your workers high so they can work effectively. It also helps keep their brains active, so they avoid making mistakes.

But what can you feed a contractor? This post will help you correctly feed your contractor and give them enough energy while working.

Five Foods You Can Provide To Your Contractor

When at the construction site, your contractor burns a lot of energy and will need frequent replacements throughout the working days.

To add on the main meal, contractors and laborers will need a few minutes off work for snacking.

If you have no hotels or eateries near your home, you can plan to feed the workers at a small cost or even free.

You can also choose to offer some snacks as a way of being courteous and caring. Serve the following, and your workers will be grateful.

1. Nuts

Nuts have been confirmed to be very nutritious over the years.

They are among the best snacks with high calories and fat compared to most snacks.

Therefore it is wise to have nuts when working on projects that need high energy, which is sourced from burning calories.

Your workers need to frequently replenish their energy reserves without spending a lot of time feeding.

Offering nuts to contractors is a better way to give them adequate nutrients and enough proteins to help keep up with their body’s energy needs for the entire working day.

Offer the nuts in the morning before they start work or some minutes after lunch when the body feels exhausted and sluggish.

Apparently, a small nut intake will help you regain energy and make the brain more active.

2. Whole Grains

Whole grains like oatmeal have complex carbohydrates which do not burn out as quickly as the common carbohydrates found in most foods.

Whole grains take time to digest, thus ensuring your stomach is full even after long hours of active work.

Serve your contractor with whole grains for breakfast or mid-morning after working for some time.

Apart from oatmeal, you can serve them with cloves of entire-grain toast, peanuts, or groundnuts. These will provide consistent energy to push the contractor for long hours without feeling hungry or exhausted.

3. Vegetables And Fruits

Contractors burn a lot of carbs while working and will always need to replenish.

Therefore, they are less concerned about the meals designed to cut out carbs because their activity already does.

The body should also be supplied with adequate starch and sugars to boost energy when needed. This energy is to keep your contactor up on momentum.

Additionally, fruits and vegetables supply the body with the necessary vitamin needs. Luckily, you can always add fruits or vegetables to a main meal and brighten its flavor.

Another advantage of serving fruits is that they are, in most cases, always ready to be done, and there is no need to prepare them as long as they are ripe.

Fruits like bananas, oranges, apples, and berries are washed and served.

Have your contractor pick some for himself and others for the laborers so that they can add energy to keep working.

For vegetables, just little veggies are added to a meal, and everything will be fine.

Too many veggies mean too much fiber, which can distract your body’s concentration as the vegetables digest.

4. Cheese

Cheese is another well-known meal that supplies a body with high calories and fat.

The extra fat and calories are just what the body of a manual laborer or contractor needs.

Cheese is also rich in calcium, vitamin D, and other essential nutrients.

It also supplies the body with a lot of protein that can help add nutrient weight to your light snack breakfast. It can also be consumed as a mid-morning snack or after lunch.

Some cheese can stay in better condition outside the fridge for several hours, while others may require that you carry a cooler to the construction site.

Also, be careful when choosing the type of cheese so that you only use those which are designed for elderly and mature people. (Of course, your contractor can’t be a child).

5. Eggs

Eggs are a good supplier of protein and fat to the bo, and they are an excellent addition to any meal, whether breakfast, lunch, or supper.

If you have a good supply of eggs, you can serve your contractor several boiled eggs with nuts or fruits.

This is a way to ensure your contractor has more protein in the diet to keep him active and energized.

One good thing about eggs is that they won’t make you feel full for the rest of the day, but they take longer to digest and have great nutritional benefits.

In the long run, your contractor will be more likely to feel satisfied with less desire to have extra food.

Generally, serving your contra Tor with about three or four eggs in the morning can be just enough to keep him active through the day as he oversees work being done perfectly.


Contractors need the right food to get enough energy to push them through the day as they work to ensure that the assignment at hand is perfectly done.

If you feed the contractor and maybe the laborers, ensure you give them the right food to supply them with adequate energy to continue working.

Consider the above foods to serve your workers, but remember, their work code and ethics limit them from expecting anything like food and drinks from the work owner.