Is It Better To Have A Double Oven Or Two Single Ovens?

When renovating or remodeling your kitchen, one of the first decisions you will need to make is whether to have two single ovens or one double oven (wall ovens or electric ranges).

Of course, this subjects you to a dilemma.

All the same, keeping in mind that remodeling your manufactured home kitchen increases its overall value, you must go with one option.

Should You Have One Double Oven Or Multiple Single Ovens?

Whether two single ovens or a double oven, the choice ultimately depends on your  living space. However, there are many reasons any homeowner would opt for two (or more) single ovens. From customized cooking to time-saving, having multiple ovens makes life in the culinary atmosphere a lot easier.

Are You Planning To Renovate Your Kitchen

Or, are you just designing a completely new kitchen in your mobile home?

Think of flavorsome homemade pizzas and hearty winter roasts; the humble oven is an unsung kitchen hero that produces great dishes every time.

With that said, don’t you see it is worthy of taking the plunge on the extra appliance?

Of course, unlike with a double oven, where you will be stuck without an oven if it fails, with two single ovens, you will continue enjoying your goodies if something goes wrong with one of your cookers.

On the other hand, a double oven allows you to simultaneously cook different foods that need to be prepared at the same temperature. Interestingly, double ovens are also an attractive upgrade for your manufactured home.

Are you still confused about whether to go with two single ovens or a double oven? In this article, you will find all you need to know about ovens to help make an informed decision and buy oven(s) that is utterly life-changing. Keep reading!

One Double Oven VS Two Separate Single Ovens

If you’re embarking on a kitchen renovation or planning a new kitchen, you will apparently contemplate installing a double oven or two separate single ovens.

Double ovens fit in aesthetically and require relatively smaller space than two separate single ovens. Single ovens are great for practicality – they heat up quickly and are more efficient, making them an ideal option if you frequently use ovens.

Without being biased, let’s face the truth. As one of the most important rooms, kitchens are workplaces, not showrooms, and practicality should rule.

When deciding, many manufactured homeowners will consider workflow, storage, and ease of cleaning to know what appliances suit them best. 

A double oven is an excellent choice if you have limited space.

They are incredibly versatile; therefore, making them a better option if you want to feed crowds from a smaller kitchen space.

Unfortunately, double ovens are decreasing in popularity, so you are less likely to get new models with smart features on the market.

If you have a strict work schedule, plenty of mouths to feed in your family, or enjoy hosting dinner parties frequently, two single ovens could be the only solution you need.

Although two single ovens eat up more space than a double oven, they will serve you greatly.

Thankfully, single ovens can be installed at an optimal height, excellent for ergonomics. Although they come with one oven to cook, they have enough space to prepare virtually any meal.

The newest single ovens include smart features that allow you to connect with your phone so that you can control them remotely.

Some models may include a storage drawer at the bottom, allowing you to keep trays and other cooking accessories within proximity.

If your decision favors two single ovens, you can buy from different brands, say a Neff oven and a Bosch one.

The only backside of having single ovens is that you cannot use the oven and grill simultaneously. However, with two ovens, this doesn’t need to worry you because you can cook in one oven as you grill in the other.

Six Reasons To Go The Two Single Oven Route

More and more homeowners are installing two separate single ovens instead of one large double oven. In actual fact, they create a double oven, right?

So, why two single ovens instead of one double oven? 

1. Saving Time

We are in a fast-paced world where time is extremely precious and invaluable.

If you live a busy life or just want to create more free time, it is imperative to have two single ovens in your kitchen.

With two ovens, you will have a great time throughout the year.

You can prepare different foods with differing cooking requirements simultaneously.

For instance, you can prepare the main meal in one oven while desserts are getting ready in the other oven.

2. Single Ovens Heat Up Quickly And Save Energy

Single ovens heat up quickly, allowing you to start preparing your meals shortly.

Unless you’re cooking for many people, it seems like a waste of energy and time waiting for significantly large space to attain desired temperatures.

3. You Can Feed Large Groups At The Same Time

Ever wondered why most people with large families or fond of hosting crowds on weekends have two or more single ovens?

With multiple ovens, you will not feed your guests in staggered shifts.

You can have everyone seated to eat with others, which is undoubtedly exciting.

4. Unbeaten Versatility And Customized Cooking

Single ovens are designed with enough space to prepare most meals with no significant hassle.

With two single ovens, you can use different modes in each oven to customize meal preparation.

Excitingly, most ovens come with smart features allowing you to customize cooking remotely with your smartphone.

5. Single Ovens Enhance Accessibility And Affordability

Mostly, single ovens are installed side-by-side; therefore, becoming very accessible.

No matter what configuration you desire, you can install your two ovens separately to make them incredibly accessible.

Because many homeowners are opting for two single ovens over one sizable double oven, there is stiff competition in the market, forcing manufacturers to lower the prices.

This makes them affordable.

6. Single ovens are readily available

Nothing can be further than the truth. Double ovens are decreasing in popularity, paving the way for single ovens with better features.

Therefore, one of the reasons you might consider installing two single ovens in your manufactured home kitchen is because they are readily available.

Indeed, single ovens are increasingly becoming popular and cost-effective, making them an excellent option for average consumers.

Interestingly, larger double oven models are not being released (sorry if you like the dual oven models).

Three More Pros

When debating on the pros and cons of having multiple single ovens, we cannot ignore the most obvious things.

  • You will have smaller space to clean.
  • You will say goodbye to the hassle of cleaning a considerably big cavity after every meal preparation.
  • Besides, you can use the same oven for your daily cooking and spare the other for dinner parties. Your second oven can save you when the other stops working.

Three Reasons To Go The Double Oven Route

If you need the flexibility of two ovens but have limited space, a double oven might be your favorite.

You will enjoy having roomy cooking space plus an option to use the oven and grill at the same time.

Besides being reliable for cooking tender and flavorsome meals, double ovens serve an aesthetic purpose.

Although you may opt to use one oven, you will likely have to wash the entire cavity every time you cook.

This is because preparing some recipes like roasts will inevitably splatter, necessitating cleaning the whole appliance.

With that said, here are some reasons you may want to install a double oven.

1. Limited kitchen space

Although double ovens are not compact, they fit in smaller space compared to two single ovens.

The only dark side of it is that once your oven malfunctions, you’re stuck without an oven. If you can sacrifice extra space to install two single ovens, it is worth it.

2. Ample cooking space

Even with a small kitchen space, you will have enough cooking space to feed a large family or hungry crowd if you get a larger double oven.

Double ovens feature multiple shelves for hassle-free bulk baking.

3. Impressive visual impact

Who doesn’t like beautiful things?

Although kitchens are not showrooms, you need an oven that can make a visual statement.

Thankfully, a double oven adds a dash of elegance to your manufactured home.

Bottom Line

Whether to buy a double oven or two single ovens, the decision ultimately depends on you.

Before buying, consider your cooking needs, kitchen space, and personal preferences.